Triple Temptations: Mated To The Hot Triad Kings
Triple Temptations: Mated To The Hot Triad Kings
Author: Favy

Temptations Prologue

"We shouldn't be doing this. Surely, this is a mistake!" Once more, to no avail, Astrid tries to wriggle free of his hold.

He traces his fingers along Astrid's soggy underwear, and she squeaks a tiny pant. He questions, his lips curving into a conceited smile, "You claim not to want this, then, why are you so wet?"

"I—" Astrid bites her lip, unable to find the words to articulate her conflicting emotions.

"I warned you that defying me only increases my desire for you!" He firmly grasps Astrid's drenched cunt, sheathed by the delicate fabric of her lace underwear, and thus eliciting a soft moan from her lips.

"Gosh, you are soaking wet, Mate!" He clings to Astrid's engorged vagina once more, enkindling a tsunami-like wave of energy up her spine.

"God! Please stop!" Astrid jerks her head backwards, moaning at his repeated grasping of her pussy. She was excessively sexed up, and she loathed herself for it. 

How could she possibly resist his advances when he was tantalizingly groping her sex-hungry pussy so expertly? God, she wanted him so much!

She abhors herself for being so enamored by him and for having such intense lust for him. Despite her repeated denials, her pussy still ached to be filled by his cock.

"I need you inside of me!" She cries out, fed up with repressing her desires for him.

He teases her throbbing core with his slow, methodical strokes as he rubs the tip of his manhood along her drippy entrance before ultimately diving deep into her warm embrace.

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