Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

By:  Samantha Doyle  Updated just now
Language: English
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Thea doesn't believe she has magical powers or a destiny to save the werewolf race. She wants to be Beta to her future Alphas, identical triplets Alaric, Conri, and Kai, but they want her as their Luna. While they wait to shift for proof they're mates, they must prepare to fight a growing evil that's wiping out werewolf packs, suspects Thea is goddess gifted, and wants to take her power. As enemies pile up, Thea must embrace her fate to protect the people she loves. * * * * * This is not a story about characters abusing and hurting each other then somehow ending up together. Rather, the main characters treat each other well and support each other, fighting enemies side by side together. * * * This is an 18+ Reverse Harem story with adult themes and situations. * * * List of books (in order) in this series: Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 1 * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 2 * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 3 * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 4 * * * Hope and Fate - The Alpha Stoll Alpha Ledger m/m romance spin-off (ongoing) * * * Alpha of New Dawn (coming soon)

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Thea shoulders the mission of saving the werewolf race and is born with magical power under the arrangement of the Moon Goddess. She just wishes to be Beta to support the Alpha of her pack. However, triplet alphas all want her to be their Luna and they all expected to be proved whom Thea belongs to on earth. Before that, they need to fight against the evil who wants to take the power from thea. Thea also needs to try her best to protect her people. More details are in Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

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254 Chapters
Ch 1 Involuntary
They smelled her arousal. There was no doubt the future Alphas knew she wanted them, and that was forbidden. Thea, the Beta's daughter, trained every morning with identical triplets Alaric, Conri, and Kai, the future Alphas of their pack, New Dawn. This morning, Thea was about to pin Kai when Conri and Alaric grabbed her arms from behind and held her tight. "Come on, Kai," Alaric said. "We've evened out the fight for you." "What the hell?" Thea said. She tried to free her arms from their grasp, her ponytail of chestnut hair whipping back and forth. "You didn't sense us behind you?" Conri said. "I thought you were watching, not plotting." She continued to struggle against their grip. "It's not fair. Boys get strength and muscles when they hit puberty. Girls get boobs. Useless!" Kai's crystal blue eyes went to her chest and darkened. "I don't think boobs are useless," he said. "You three keep getting bigger and stronger." Thea's turquoise eyes raked over Kai's tall, broad, thic
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Ch 2 You'll Never Find Out
Thea sprinted to school. She couldn’t risk running into the triplets back at the pack house. She went to the girls’ locker room to shower. What was wrong with her? She had never gotten aroused while training before. She was always professional. She saved that for her alone time. Yes, ever since the triplets hit puberty, they were getting more muscular, and they could actually pin her now, and yes, she secretly liked it. Keyword being secret. She wanted her future Alphas to get more powerful. She also wanted them on top of her. That was the real reason they were sometimes able to pin her. She let them. They weren’t supposed to know any of that. No one was. She was supposed to be the next Beta. Their Beta. She couldn’t complicate that relationship by fawning over them. A Beta couldn’t be in love with her Alphas. She’d never get the position if she acted like a lovesick puppy around them or if she smelled of arousal whenever they were near. Once the triplets found their mates, the Lun
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Ch 3 Apothecary
School was awkward. They had all but one class together, and Thea did her best to avoid or ignore the triplets all day. Everyone could tell something was wrong. Typically, they were inseparable. Kai usually had his arm draped over her shoulders. Alaric always offered her his arm when they walked because she often didn’t pay attention to where she was going. Conri held onto the hem of her shirt to keep her close. Today, she ignored them, left each class as the bell rang, didn’t walk with them anywhere, and made sure there was plenty of space between them. Thea was usually good-natured and happy, but she spent the day subdued. Instead of eating lunch at their usual table, she went to the library to be alone and think. Could she be blamed for being attracted to the triplets? Everyone wanted them. They were Alphas. They exuded power and sexiness: tall, dark hair, crystal blue eyes, beautiful chiseled faces, strong jaws, defined cheekbones, broad shoulders, muscles for days. They were go
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Ch 4 Always You, Only You
Alaric was still holding Thea when she woke up. "You ready for early morning training?" Alaric's voice, rough with sleep, rumbled through her body, waking her up in the sweetest way. She wished she could wake up like this every morning. Then his words registered. "I don't want to go today. I can't." She needed a day off. Maybe a week. A year. However long it took to figure out what was going on with her. "Thea, you can, and there's no reason not to." "Please don't make me—" "Thea, you're coming. I'll see you outside in fifteen, okay?" She knew she had to obey him. "Yes, Alpha." "Hey, that's not—I don't mean it like that," Alaric said. "You know you can say no to us, right? Thea, please. I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything you don't want to." "Then why are you making me go train?" "Because you love training. I'm not going to let you throw it away over a misunderstanding. Come on. This isn't like you. Where's my fearless Thea?" "Back on the training field w
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Ch 5 Betting Pool
The triplets and Thea went to their rooms to shower and change.  As soon as she was alone, Thea freaked out. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. Maybe she dreamed it. It wouldn’t be the first time.   The triplets were waiting for her when she left her room. They were all showered and in fresh clothes. Thea admired the view for a moment. The way their jeans hung from their hips. The way their T-shirts stretched across their broad, muscular chests. The way their identical faces lit up when they saw her. She could always tell who was who, but their hair was the only thing most people could use to tell them apart. With his long crew cut freshly styled, Alaric leaned in for a quick kiss. She blushed, and he took her hand. It wasn’t a dream. Conri ran hi
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Ch 6 All Three?
After school, the triplets and Thea went out to the field to lead pack training. They split into four different groups and ran drills. When they came back together for conditioning, the triplets hugged and kissed Thea, ignoring everyone else on the field.“Woah,” one of the junior boys said. “Is this a new part of training?” He pulled his girlfriend to him and kissed her. Other people started making comments and asking questions. “Are they finally together?” “What does this mean?”Kai reluctantly let her go but grabbed her hand. Conri had his hand around her waist, and Alaric held her other hand.“Thea’s ours,” the triplets said in unison. She blushed. “And we’re hers. Anything you want to add?” They looked at her. She shook her head
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Ch 7 Talent Show
Morning training turned into a makeout session. They made it out to the field, but Kai took her to the ground, and they didn’t do any training after that. “We may as well have just stayed in bed,” Thea said. Another day at school, people still whispered. Thea loved the feeling of the triplets holding and kissing her, but she was terrified it wouldn’t last. She didn’t want to let herself fall in love with them just to have them ripped away. After the final bell, the triplets surrounded her at her locker and tried to make out with her. “I have to go to dress rehearsal for the Talent Show,” she said, pushing them away. They pouted. “I’ll see you later.” She ran off before they could stop her. Thea met up with all the senior girls from her pack. They were doing a number together. Thea always went out of her way to befriend and include everyone in her pack. She made sure no one felt left out. She always said, “these are the people who will stand next to you in war. Make sure you tr
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Ch 8 After Party
Kai slid Thea off his shoulder, caught her legs, and wrapped them around his waist. Conri tossed the red jumpsuit into Thea’s closet, then lifted her T-shirt off her. The triplets breathed in her growing arousal. Kai’s hands dug into her waist. Her fingers slid into his hair and pulled him closer. She pressed her lips against his, directing his movements with her hands in his hair, tongues battling for dominance. Impatient, Alaric wrapped his hands around Thea’s waist and pulled her off Kai. He gently tossed her on her bed, climbed over her, kissed her, then hooked his fingers inside the top of her track pants. He pulled them off, along with her shoes, leaving her in her nude-colored rhinestone-covered pants. “Let us look at you without other prying eyes,” he said. She leaned up on her elbows and crossed her legs at her ankles. That earned three growls. She smiled. “What?” “Uncross,” Kai said. His usual messy pompadour was extra messy. Thea bit her lip, knowing she had made it l
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Ch 9 What’s One More Alpha?
The following day, the triplets tried to respect Thea’s boundaries, so they trained in the morning without trying to kiss her. Once they were at school, they couldn’t keep their hands off her. Before first period they were making out—two on her neck, one on her mouth. Six hands on her body, rubbing their scents on her. Their Alpha blood made them need to show everyone she belonged to them, especially after last night’s Talent Show. “We’re going to be late,” she said, pushing them away. She retrieved the books she needed from her locker, then let them each take a hand, Conri with his hand on her hip. They heard snippets of conversations throughout the day coming in and out of classes. Everyone was talking about the Talent Show. Specifically about Thea and he
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Ch 10 Take Care of Her
The triplets took Thea to Dr. Boman, the pack doctor, in the west wing of the pack house. He was a kind but serious middle-aged wolf with short brown hair and brown eyes. He relocated her shoulder and put her arm in a sling.“You’ll need to wear this for a few days to immobilize the area so it can heal,” Dr. Boman said. “Stay close to them. You’ll heal faster.” Being close to your mate helped you heal faster. Did everyone think they were mates? “You’ll heal faster once you shift, but since that’s still a few months away, you have to take it easy. You have a concussion. Head injuries are serious. No training until I say so. No strenuous activity.” He looked at the triplets. “Future Alphas, did you hear that? No strenuous activity. That mean
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