Chapter 17 - Should love be blind

Level up my game? Suho thought. There’s no competition to start with. He declared to himself positively, chest out and stomach in. He had thoughtfully chosen his outfit for the day, a green polo Lacoste shirt, and blue jeans his aunt gave him on his birthday. Not his usual jersey and baggy jeans get-up he frequently put on. It’s for Hana, he mumbled. From that momentous day in the Winter of 1996, he realized she was the one for him.

The bus halted in front of E-world Amusement Park. Not a lot of people were on the site.

Although he knew Baekhina could have possibly even reserved the entire park if she wished. That’s how rich and powerful her family was. Without a doubt, they can buy the entire place if she chose to.

“Don’t you think it’s odd how Baekhina would waste money on Hana?” Kwanghee asked.

“I know. I’ve been pondering about it since the last time we met them. Something’s fishy. Can you smell it?”

“You bet. I can.”

“That’s why I’m here to make sure Hana doesn’t go through
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