Chapter 16 - Anything for you

Alone in the dark Suho count to three. If he lets them pass, they’ll let him be.

“He must be sleeping,” said a male voice whispering behind the door.

“I’m sure he’s exhausted,” said another. “Let’s go.”

Suho lay dead-tired on the bed in his grandma’s house in Jungang-dong. It was September 27, 1996. His whole body sore from the 5-hour travel to their hometown next to the sea from Daegu.

Laying lifeless on the double-decker bed, he closed his eyes, recounting the day that was. Since he’s sharing the room with the rest of his cousins, he might doze off before them. Otherwise, he’d find a large eye bag under his eyes the following morning while one of his cousins snored in sleep like a horn echoing into the night.

He closed his eyes, pretending to sleep so his cousins won’t bother him. It might have done the trick because after knocking twice and calling his name, they never returned.

Going home for the holiday was something Suho looked forward to every year. First, because of the food.
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