Two Enemies or Two Lovers!?

Two Enemies or Two Lovers!?

By:  Akshita Sharma  Completed
Language: English
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Our elders always advice us to stay from our enemies but what will if they themselves arranged the marriage with your enemy. Same happened with Krisha and Abeer. Abeer is an IAS officer with good looks , sense of humor and little bit of aggression. On the other hand Krisha is a lawyer with full of sarcasm and beauty a perfect combination. She is confident lady. The question is how did they become enemies? And will they able survive in this arrange marriage. Or it will turned out into complete disaster?

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Modern Gamer
fabulous story
2022-01-12 23:56:32
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shanaya mohit
amazing story
2022-01-07 23:24:23
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Suman Mishra
awesome story
2021-10-22 02:38:59
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interesting so far, next please... Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-15 20:53:07
72 Chapters
Ch-1 When will you give importance to your marriage?
A girl is right now standing in front of mirror , checking herself if she is perfectly ready or not . She is wearing a white shirt and a skin tight black pants . After applying a little bit of make up and making a ponytail of her long and beautiful hair .   She heard a voice "Krisha come have your breakfast otherwise you will be late for your office " this voice is of her mother . "Yes mom coming " krisha replied as she knew that if she will not hurry then she might got late. After checking last time herself in the mirror that she is dressed formal . She grabbed her black coat and bag , she left her room.   She went to living room where her whole family is sitting on dinning table and having their breakfast ; her father , mother , big brother and sister in law .    She take her sit next to her brother . She greet everyone with a smile "good morning everyone" everyone greet her back.    Afte
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Ch-2 From where you get this attitude?
After avoiding her family successful Krisha open the open the door of her car and sit while placing all the things on passenger sit . She start the engine and push the peddle of accelerator, as soon as the car was running on the main road.   Within one hour she reached the court. She park the car in parking lot and step out of car . She saw a girl nearly age of 21 is coming towards her . Now she is standing in front of Krisha "good morning mam."    "Good morning Aditi" Aditi is assistant and intern of Krisha.    "Am I late?" Krisha asked to Aditi. "No , mam 20 minutes are still left" Aditi replied with a smile as usual. "Okay, can you do me a favour ? Bring two sandwich from canteen." She asked Aditi , as she had not done her breakfast properly because of that stupid topic and she need lot of energy today.   "Sure mam, give me five minutes" by saying this she left . When Aditi left Krisha t
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Ch-3 What nonsense are you talking
A man with full concentration is reading a file right now. He is wearing a shirt of grey colour and a black trouser , it showing his perfect body . He had folded the sleeves of shirt upto his elbows . His facial features are so perfect , with a straight nose , sharp eyes and a perfect jaw line. Suddenly his phone phone rang , which is placed on the table. He looked at his phone's screen and his lips curled into smile. By taking the phone in his hands , he answer, and said in sweet voice," hello, Anjali , I missed you so much . I am not able to call to you from last few days but not even you called me . Forget it, now it doesn't matter as you have called me . Tell me how are you?" He said all this in excitement and in breathe . He didn't give chance to second party to speak anything.  They both are in a relationship since they were in college. "Hello, Abeer listen I am waiting for you in cafe which is near to your house . Can you come here right now ?" Anjali ask
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Ch-4 I think, you are right
He drove  to his best friend's apartment, Aakash . He wanted to share about his break up and he needs moral support . Abeer and Aakash are bestfriends since , they were in kindergarten. They are just like brothers .  Aakash is an IPS officer . He is smart and handsome . After few seconds Aakash open the door and let Abeer in his apartment. The time in the clock right now is 9 p.m. Abeer had already informed his mom that he will not able to come home tonight because of work, he lied to his mom again. At first she got angry on Abeer but he managed to make her understand but again she reminded him about the photo of the girl. They both sit and Abeer told everything happened to Aakash . Aakash said while laughing,"Bro , seriously? Spark ? Have you checked that , the boy is carrying stones or not?" Abeer frowned and asked"why?" Aakash who was still laughing on his own jokes," for that spark ."  "She actually made you fool and spark was h
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Ch-5 Because you sleep like a log
She came up with a plan , put her phone near her ear and while walking towards her father's room she said loudly so that they can listen"Thanks man, I owe you one . Yes , I am coming with my father ASAP. Ok bye ." She already entered the room and as she wanted they all had listen her conversation and everybody right now starting at her like she is ghost. She hang up the phone said ,"dad, woke up? Good, we are going to hospital ,get ready." She said.    "Aren't you asleep? And why hospital?" Her father asked .   " Dad , how can I sleep , when you are not fine ? And we are going hospital because you are not well." Krisha said with caring expressions.    " I am perfectly fine now . Don't worry about me ." Her father said it as fast as he can .    "Dad , my friend is a cardiologist , so I called him ,I told him about your condition and he said that you need some check ups and according to
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Ch-6 We will see the photo first
Krisha was not able to sleep whole night , she was just twisting and turning in her bed, as she was hurt and sad. She was worried about her future because of that promise which she has given to her family. She don't know what to do in this situation. She don't know whom she is going to marry. Will she able to live her life happily after her marriage? What if that boy and his family turned out into monsters? This is what she was thinking about whole night.  Krisha leave for her office early in the morning without meeting her family . She messaged , her best friends that ,"let's have dinner together , I need to tell you something important." Including Krisha ,they are four girls . They are best friend's since their high school . Shreya , Anshika ,and Amayra. Shreya is a neurologist . Amayra  is a beautician and Anshika is an interior designer. They all are beautiful , intelligent and indepe
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Ch-7 How dare you to throw my bag?
Next morning   Amayra is helping Krisha to get her ready for engagement,as she is a beautician. After few minutes, Amayra said," check out yourself in the mirror ." Krisha looked at her image on the mirror . She is looking like a fairy . She wearing baby pink coloured saree and white coloured off shoulder blouse , her hair were little curled and open. Make up was simple which is showing her facial features perfectly. Saree showing her prefect figure.   She smiled at Amayra and said ,"You did a great job as usual." As Krisha appraised her , she said,"I know , I am great no need to mention." She said ,while patting her own shoulder with proud.   "Yes , Krisha don't appraise her . Otherwise she will reached to the seventh cloud." Anshika said while teasing Amayra . Shreya also entered the room with Anshika.   Amayra frowned at anshika and said ," look at her she is looking so pretty because of me."she s
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Ch-8 Sir your fiance is here.
After exchanging the ring everyone Congratulate both of them. They had there lunch together. Krisha tried her best so that she can talk to him but in vain. Someone always come to disturb them. So, she decided that she'll talk to him on another time privately as this matter has gone too far now they are God damn engaged now.    ****   Next day   Right now Krisha and her friends are at Amayra's parlour . Krisha told everything about her and Abeer.Three of them don't know about Abeer ,as Krisha changed the school in 10th standard and they become friends in another school.    When she told about her and Abeer, at first they got shocked. Shreya said,"Why don't you want to marry him? I mean whatever happened is in the past. Now you both are grown up ...." Krisha interrupted her"because we are not compatible. We will fight with eachother for whole life and I don't want to marry him that's
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Ch-9 You are blaming me for this situation?
Anjali was shocked because , they broke up few days ago only and he already got engaged . She was not expecting this from him but she was not in a situation to say anything to him because she already knew what she had done.    Krisha said in low voice but it was audible to her,"Hello." "Hi ,ok I will not disturb you both. I gotta go.bye" by saying that she left.   Abeer looked at Krisha asked her "You were saying something? Continue." Krisha said by looking at "When I will speak the truth you will regret , what you just said to your college mate."    Abeer was totally confused by her words he don't know why she is talking like this so he asked,"Why will I regret?" "Because at the day of engagement , was not the first time we meet." Krisha said.   "We met before?" Abeer asked with raised eyebrows . "You still couldn't recognize me? You are still a dumb." Krisha asked in disbelief. "If you do
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Ch-10 Rules
After thinking for a while Aakash said," I have an idea." Abeer looked at him with expectations and said,"Speak"    "You just go far away from here. If you not here ,then  how can wedding happen." Aakash said in excitement.   Abeer frowned at him and said," don't you think by this plan my parents get hurt, and I don't want it."    "Yah! True " Aakash said it in dissatisfaction .   "I have an another idea." Aakash added . "Go for it" This time Abeer said it simply without any expectations.   "What if you say that you are a gay?" Aakash said . "What!?? Are you mad or what ? Don't tell me you use these type of ideas for your criminals?" Abeer said in frustration. This man is really crazy.   "No , I use different methods for them." Aakash said.   "Then, I think these weird and dumb ideas are only for me . Right?" Abeer said whi
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