The Great Goblin Emperor

The Great Goblin Emperor

By:  AnOrdinaryCitizen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Azalias, an earthling transmigrated to an alternative universe, where humans don't exist. He transmigrated in time of an unique situation that he thought he was dreaming and had done a blunder. Which lead to our journey to be the Emperor of hundred Races.

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16 Chapters
Ch 1: Prologue
As the gust of wind blew the window curtains, an alluring figure was glimpsing amidst the fluttering curtains laying on a rocking chair at the balcony. Anger, self-pitying, worries, sadness, these various types of emotions were playing from time to time on her delicate milky Indian contrast face. These emotions were adding another extra layer of beauty to her face. If she was born in the medieval era, she might become another Helen and the cause of the destruction of numerous cities and kingdoms. Yet, it seemed this world-destroying beauty was waiting for someone eagerly. She was frequently dialing an average-looking Indian man on her communication device. Sometimes she was dialing a few other people too. Probably they were that average-looking man's colleagues, friends, or relatives. But no one was answering her calls. And every time she heard a car sound, she would stand up and look down on the street from the balcony to see if that person returned or not.
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Ch 2: Demoness
Azalias stood up but hesitated, should he go to her or not. Taking a deep breath, mustering up the courage, he strode to the kitchen. Seeing his bravery, she was amused.Assuring that she was not getting angry at his presence, he cheekily slid her behind and wrapped her waist with his arms with great courage."You know, I am still very angry with you." She said with a stern tone but didn't struggle away from him.He became more courageous, leaned a bit more on her back, and kissed her shoulder, and said with a low guilty voice, "Sorry, Lil fairy. I am extremely sorry. I promise I will make it up to you.""Huh! Like I believe!" She dramatically rolled her eyes. "You promised so many times! But I never got those makeup dates, ever!""This time, I will surely make it up to you." He embraced her tightly and kissed her rosy red cheek, which became red previously from anger."Oh yeah? I heard someone said the same line last time too. Let me rememb
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Ch 3: The Endless Corridor
The ghost lady continued smashing the door for a long time with her all might. Yet the weak door was still standing mightily. It's worth pondering how it could endure all battering till the end and didn't shatter into pieces. After a long time, suddenly, the crazy attacks on the door stopped, and everything became peaceful. Only Azalias's heart-pounding sound was floating in the air. A few minutes later, he turned back, leaned on the door, sat on the floor. His body became limp. He was already exhausted, and now this drained out every ounce of stamina he had left. Slowly, his eyes became drowsy. He could see with the fuzzy sight that the opposite wall of the bathroom was expanding backward. The sturdy, tiled floor was turning into a bloody pool, and he was drowning deep. He woke up from drowning suffocations and began searching for a way out. The previous tiny bathroom had already turned into an endless corridor with numerous red doors on its two wall
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Ch 4: Only Left Memories
The goblin toddler looked at his eyes and told in a stern voice, "You don't belong here. Go away." The moment the goblin kid spoke, Azalias felt an enormous force struck his body. He flew away through the red door and crashed into the corridor wall. This time the corridor was dry. But soon, blood flew out of bloody red doors and filled it. Along with the blood pool, the ghost lady also reappeared again, looking more aggressive and frenzied. On top of that, the goblin toddler also joined with the ghost lady. Both of them frenziedly attacked Azalias. The ghost lady clawed toward his abdomen, and the goblin toddler targetted his head. His survival instinct kicked in and dodged the ghost lady's claw. Then kicking the wall behind him flew toward the goblin toddler and gave a flying punch to its face. Just as he thought, he succeeded in punching. It opened its mouth and bared its sharp teeth on his fist. The ghost lady flew toward hi
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Ch 5: An Amazing Dream (1/2) [18+]
What was happening? Why were there people in his room? His heart began pounding furiously. Many possibilities struck in his head. Hurriedly, he jumped off the bed, nearly tripping to the ground. Somehow managing the balance, he sprinted toward the door. Alas! The door was gone. He thought probably in the slumberous state, has mistaken the door direction. He looked around, and there was no door on this side of the wall. Then the door must be on the other walls. And there were two intruders in his room. Before he could plan something, a soft figure embraced him from behind. Two warm, soft flesh pressed on his back. This feeling, ah! He knew very well what it is. It must be those two dream peaks, which every guy earnestly wished to climb and conquer. No guy did want to left the marking on the tower of their endless endeavor. He was also among those endeavorers. So how could he miss this rare chance! It didn't matter that it was with a sudden intr
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Ch 6: An Amazing Dream (2/2) [18+]
As he saw the most fascinated scene ever, he stood up and walked toward the voice like a puppet. He saw a world toppling beauty bound by chains on two wooden pillars and was wringing her curvy figure in a very flirty way. Her two abundant apples were inciting for a wild bite, and the two pink grapes wanted to be sucked dry. The curvy valley was hoping to get a new inhabitant, and the little black forest's honey cave was wanting to release the nectar fountain. He had seen many pornstars, models, the enchanting actresses in nude scenes in movies. But all of them would shallow in front of her beauty, charm, captivity, elegance, bewitchment. He thought those two elven girls were The Bewitching Queen. Then this captive elven girl would be The Bewitching Goddess. The captive elven girl looked at him with enticement, half-opening her dreamy eyes, which were pleading sexual intimacy to him. Azalias was in a daze, and unknowingly his heated-up bird tur
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Ch 7: Enemies at the door
[Note: Elmahnean means Moon Elves people. Filuna Means 'Daughter of the Moon". Eladrin is a joint court that rules the whole elven race. Three high-class elf races formed it jointly.]After enjoying all the girls and devouring their heavenly taste throughout the whole night over, again and again, he became tired and eventually passed out in the end.Bang! Bang!Someone was banging the door loudly as if he/she was about to smash it down any second. Azalias woke up frightened, believing that he was again in his own home, and he became very irritated, "Who the fuck is there? What do you want this early morning?""Crown prince!" A worried creased voice shouted from outside, and then instantly it decreased in volumes and said in an apologized tone, "Apologies, your highness. But there is bad news.""Crown prince?" Azalias raised both eyebrows in a daze, not believing what he just heard. Someone was pranking him in the morning? Who the fuck had suc
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Ch 8: First Fight
"Oh! Your highness, was lodging here last night? And here I was searching for you in the whole city in vain!" A cheerful voice came out from the stairs.One by one, around 30 elven people came up to the second floor. Seeing them, Avery became dignified and hurriedly closed the door that was Azalias's behind."Oh? Am I that popular with you guys to search for me through the whole city?" Azalias knew their remark was sarcastic, and he was thinking in his heart, "Fuck! I am really fucked up now! What should I do now? Whose place I took in this fucking transmigration system?"He was troubled in his heart, but he composed himself soon. He thought, 'Well, I am a crowned prince. I don't understand what a goblin prince was doing with elves. But I am going to act mightily as a crowned prince and get away from here quickly. Then will think thoroughly what the fuck is going on!'"Hehehe, Your Highness. I am your biggest fan. An unintelligent goblin evolved int
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Ch 9: Destroy it
Hearing Azalias's arrogant challenge Ausar's blood started to boil, he stepped forward again, looked at Azalias's eyes, and said furiously, "Yes. We dare. Do you dare to stop us, the eladrin royal guards?""Ehh!!" Azalias were stunned by this retaliation, and black lines appeared on his forehead. He thought himself, 'Is this Eladrin is more powerful than my current status? What the hell is this Eladrin? Ah, whatever, everything is fucked up now. Calm down man, Calm down.'"Hehehe... Please calm down, your highness. We have come with a search warrant, and to be correct, it's not your room. It's Nodara's Heaven Castle's guest room which was booked in the name of a businessman called Rivery." Seeing the situation in which direction was going on, Reselor stepped in with a merry smile and shook his hand, and a paper page came into existence.No one understood why Reselor stepped in, as everyone here knew that he was the enemy of Azalias, aka the crown prince Oron. Ye
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Ch 10: God of Death
Although everyone was on guard, Ausar was in a rage. He was the mighty leader of the guards of Eladrin, and the Eladrin Chief assigned him to take care of the future concubine of The Young Eladrin Chief. But here he was pushed by a puny crown prince! It was utter humiliation to his status, to the Eladrin guards.He didn't speak a word again and simply walked to Azalias and stood face to face, stretched his head over the shoulder of Azalias, and saw the bare back of the princess who was lying in the bed. His eyes lost colors, he panicked, what he feared the most had happened. When The Eladrin Chief would know, he would skin him alive."You... you... you... bastard. What have you done?" Ausar pointed his finger at Azalias and staggered backward, his whole body was shaking from immense fear and uncontrollable rage toward Azalias."You... You bastard, I will kill you today." Ausar shook his sleeves and six golden-colored magical rings appeared around him. One ring w
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