Under The Seeing Moon

Under The Seeing Moon

By:  Flint Argus Claymore  Ongoing
Language: English
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Fenrir Jenkins, a city boy who decided to live in the woods, gets hunted by a group of men. When the moon peered above the clouds, he transforms into the very being he hunted for sport. He meets a girl who got lost in the forest and takes her into his home. In a sudden tragic turn of events, he accidentally takes the life out of her. After the incident, the monster within him took over. A mysterious man guides him back into his human form. Fenrir decides to leave the forest. Then he finds a girl who looks similar to his previous lover and he follows her into the city. What awaits him there? Will he be able to break the curse or will he lose his humanity forever?

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35 Chapters
The moon peered behind the embrace of the clouds. Murders squawked hauntingly behind the comfort of leaves, screaming terrors of the night. I know it is them, it must be them! My heart ran a quarter mile away from me, but my legs failed to reach the distance. I stopped when I saw my only escape. I dropped below the depths of the once reflection of the sky, only for it to become the sister of Nyx under the shining moon.I held my breath. Sh
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Bones bathed in crimson littered the place. Flies buzzed above my head as I walked towards the nearest water. I ended up looking at my reflection. Tiny scratches and pointed teeth reflected from it. What was it that took over me last night?I looked above the clouds and screamed at the top of my lungs. This can’t be happening! Somebody, please tell me this is just a dream. Somebody, please wake me up. Won’t somebody... please. I can’t live my life like this.My body slumped by the side of the clear lake, staring miles deep within it. Sud
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“You thought you are safe with that little girl under your wing?” he let out a throaty laugh. “Stop tickling my bones, silly boy.”“What do you want from me,” the burning urge receded.“I came here to warn you. Once the ray of moonlight touches your skin, the inevitable will overcome you.”“What can I do to stop this?”
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When I came to, I would always have my hands covered in red. I wondered when the castle would send more people in search of their own. I feared that my house would crumble to dust one day. We were lucky that the house still stood steadily on its feet.I would wash away the crimson that showered my body every night before I got home. Eventually, I got used to the taste of blood—that bitter, but rich liquid comparable to drinking some cheap wine. Bodies of various wild animals slumped bare above my feet.I lost track of time and that became a common s
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Blinding signs in various shades of color blinked in different rhythms. The darkened tall structures rose infinitely towards the starless night. They had yellow spots of light beaming out from every floor. A handful of trees branched out from the concrete streets.As my eyes wandered around this majestic place, the white convertible vanished out of my sight. Then hysterical laughing and loud slapping sounded so close. In a split second, I slid myself through one of the darkest areas sandwiched between two bricked structures.“Dang, that chick sped o
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I kicked the panel until it gave way. The heaviness of the cold air filled my head. I inspected the whites, making sure of my sanity. As if crossing the street, my head constantly turned from left to right. Finally, I reached the white door to freedom.It led me to the open dark sky looming over the parked cars. The moon was not yet in sight, but a group of clouds huddled together to form a thick line. I stood there for who knows how long, but no hair populated my bare skin. Fine drops of rain evaporated upon contact.My attention turned to the blazing re
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At the flash of lightning, his mouth opened, “Before we begin, I ask you this. How does crimson taste like?”“Uhh, bitter?”“Exactly. I remember clearly the day when I had my first blood. But no blood was tastier than burning blood exhausted from the pursuit. It is when the richness of it reaches its peak.”“How did you tame it?”
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The clouds cleared the next day. I pulled the violet curtain of my room, blocking the light of night. At least, it kept the beast at bay, but the constant crave for blood plagued my mind. Pork’s blood was the closest I could get, but I wasn’t enough to satisfy me.I constantly reminded myself of what I did to Florice. The image of the girl I saw in that convertible circulated along with it. Countless questions outweighed my hunger. I hoped to meet her again someday. Maybe then will the questions be answered.Dad entrusted me with the groceries
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           “Good morning Crimson Stone,” a man in tight, grayish white suit sternly looked at the screen of our flat TV, “Six months have passed, but the police have found no leads to the untimely death of two boys a few months ago.”            The camera panned to the sharply dressed woman, “Another incident happened at the small town of Crimson Stone during the week. The residents feared of a possible crazy man on the loose or worse, another Tyrone Netherwell incident.”
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            Another round of shots roared beyond the trees. My grizzly opponent reverted from our locked hold and sped off behind me. Harrowing laughs followed the echoes of grunting animals.            “Nobody hunts like Tyrone! I will get to you, beast, so say your measly prayers,” the man screamed above his lungs.        &
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