Under Vampire Rule

Under Vampire Rule

By:  Sasha L  Completed
Language: English
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For hundreds of years, witches have been a sub species to the vampire race, used as slaves to do the bidding of the undead creatures; but when one witch catches the eye of the vampire Prince, all that could change. The very way the world was run will be erupted into chaos, throwing off the balance that so many had died to protect. When Luna is ripped from her bed in the night, she knew her time had come, that she would pay for her father’s mistake; her world would crumble around her when her mother is killed by the prince and she is taken into his custody. A slave. But that is what all witches should expect, what they are born into. It is the way it had been for hundreds of years, Vampires were the hierarchy of the world, though not that the mortals knew that; and perhaps they never would. The undead creatures liked to feast on the unknowing, on those they could control, dis-guarding the corpses when they had finished. Luna is taken to A city one hundred and seventy feet under the streets of Paris, there she would have to learn how to be a good slave as those around her all believed that witches and warlocks deserved to be there, that they were a lesser species and needed to be controlled. But when the young witch reveals her power, all that was about to change. A mind link had never been formed between a witch and a vampire before, no one thought it possible, but when Luna makes it into Silas’ mind something happens; something that would change the course of their destiny and the fate of all those around them. With rebellion and chaos only around the corner, how will anyone survive?

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Engaging read
2022-04-05 05:01:12
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Allie Tucker
I loved this book. will there be another book after this one? I would love to read more about Luna and Silas
2022-03-31 20:35:14
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Lady Aquamarine
Nice story! I hope there will be a sequel!
2022-03-07 19:51:38
user avatar
Great book! Will there be a second book comming?
2021-12-31 18:40:59
72 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Mom no!” I screamed as the masked men ripped me from my bed, the carpet burning my skin as they dragged me across the floor.“Luna... I'm sorry.” She whispered, sobbing into a piece of tattered tissue.The masked men lifted me from the ground, the larger one throwing me over his shoulder, his green eyes piercing through me, even in the dark room; the only light coming from a small lamp in the corner. My heart thumped recklessly within my chest, unable to contain the fear that I felt.What was going on? Why didn’t my mother stop them? I thrashed my entire form against the stranger, hoping that he would let go, that he would allow me to get to my mother one last time, ask her myself what was going on. Yet, his grip only tightened as he excited the room, my mother standing completely still in the corner, blocked by a dark figure wearing a suit, though I couldn’t get a better look, nor could I hear what he was saying over the sou
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Chapter 2
The second vampire descended the stairs and came to where we were stood by the front door, his voice less terrifying than the green-eyed creature. “Stop scaring the girl, she is young and afraid; of course, she will ask for her mother.”“She must learn her place; her traitorous father is the reason we are here.” Said the green eyes being as he took a step back, roughly patting me on the shoulder.I noticed that the second creature had eyes the shade of fire; three colours rolled into one. “That may be so, but the girl is afraid. I am sure that you can spare her this once.”“Who are you to tell me what to do! I only answer to my king!” Bellowed the first vampire, squaring up to the other creature as he growled; challenging them.“I wouldn’t challenge me if I were you.” Warned the fiery eyed creature.How could he be so calm? The green eyed man was far superior in size and muscle, how
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Chapter 3
I did as he commanded without hesitation, using the front door to aid me as my legs began to shake and bend at the knee, my fear making it increasing difficult to obey; all I wanted to do was run. I wanted to get as far away as I possibly could, hide and hope that no one finds me.But that just wasn’t possible, my father had tried to run, he had tried to take me and mother with him, but we were caught at the border of Scotland, we never made it to the free tribes and he was foolish to think we would. He had tried to fight them off when they came, he had been rebellious until his last breath, never once showing fear; though I knew that he had been afraid. I could sense it. Since then, my mother had been placed onto a list, a donor list. She had to give them her blood regularly, and use her ability to read a mortal’s mind to aid them whenever they asked, never really having a choice.We are one of the rare families that are owned directly by the crown
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Chapter 4
I followed the prince to the limo whilst staring back at the house we had never chosen, the house was given by them to make sure we couldn’t leave; we weren't allowed anything that would give us a social standing among the mortals. We were made to look poor and isolated; the human neighbours would have already been told that we were criminals, that we weren't to be approached. Though, this only happens to the families who try and run, try and escape their fate, not all witches must live as we did. Under constant watch. Some got to live a normal life, only being called upon when they were needed, it all depended on what power you were born with.I looked up at Silas who stood above six foot, watching as he opened the car door, indicating that I should get in, and I almost obeyed...“Luna!” My mother screamed in a panic from the front door; her brown eyes coated in terror. “Luna run!”I pulled my arm from the grip of the vampi
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Chapter 5
Silas recovered quickly, his fiery eyes alight with fury; his long brown hair tattered and knotted as he lifted my mother from the ground. He growled, quickly snapping her neck as he sunk his fangs into her wrist, draining her of the essence witches carry within their blood at the moment they die. An essence that will make a vampire stronger, give him abilities he otherwise wouldn’t have, my mother’s blood was like mine, it was special in a way only they could use, it would allow certain pure breeds of vampires to walk in the daylight, to reside amongst the living.I screamed, dropping to my knees, the cold winter air chilling me, making it difficult to breathe as I could do nothing but tremble; I was a failure. I couldn’t save her. I should have listened, I should have run, maybe then she would still be alive.I could have taken her with me, we could have gotten to the border, we could have finally had a life worth living. But I didn’t,
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Chapter 6
Silas Bancroft slid into the car beside me, quickly shutting the door and tapping the roof, indicating to the driver that we were ready to go; though where we were going, I didn’t know. Perhaps he was taking me to the king, or to his own city that resided under the streets of Paris, whichever it was; I would be trapped underground for the rest of my life, however long that may be.I shifted nervously beside him, my heart racing recklessly as I opened my eyes, keeping them locked onto my bare feet. What would happen once we reached our destination? What did Prince Bancroft want with me?I turned to look up at my owner, wondering if it was because of my powers, because I could destroy vampires with the rays of the sun; or was it that I could shapeshift? Both were rare gifts, something that not many received; nor were they something that you lived to talk about once the hierarchy found out.Though, I was still a young witch I knew most of what magic was banne
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Chapter 7
I stirred slightly, the road suddenly rougher than what I was used to, but my mind refused to comprehend where I was, or what was happening; still partially asleep.I turned onto my side, curling up into a tight ball as I took a deep breath, attempting to come around and fully wake. I shivered, not entirely sure what was going on around me, voices and shouting coming from somewhere far off in the distance. I slowly began to remember all that had happened the night before, Prince Silas Bancroft coming to my home and killing my mother and taking me into his care, and whilst he wasn’t completely vicious, I didn’t trust him.A witch should never trust a vampire, especially one that could command an entire army to hunt you down should you decide to run. I pealed open my eyes, the blacked-out windows preventing me from seeing exactly where we were, or even where we might be. I blinked against the harsh lighting the limo, my heart beginning to race as my e
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Chapter 8
I tried to look anywhere else, somewhere there weren't as many people, but that seemed impossible as they surrounded us on all sides, their eyes glowing against the torches that they held. I briefly closed my eyes, taking in a calming breath as the prince grabbed my wrist, dragging me towards him. What would happen now? Why were there so many vampires around? Where had he taken me?I glanced around in apprehension, not knowing what was going to happen, or if I would live to see another day. I knew that they could all hear my heart racing, and that only made it worse, they all knew that I was afraid, that I wouldn’t be able to control myself or my power should this continue. Just behind the crowd to the left was a large building, deciding that I should concentrate on something other than my demise, I watched it, taking in every detail. The castle had eleven massively round towers, all connected to the large dark grey stone walls, the chunky building behind them e
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Chapter 9
I took a step back as a figure emerged from the crowd, though I could not move far a Silas still held my wrist tightly in his grasp, ensuring that I would stay by his side. The figure stepped into the light, allowing me to get a closer look at him as he approached, his hand hovering over his sheathed weapon. A long sword. He had eyes the darkest shade of maroon I had ever seen, his short wavy hair a beautiful blonde; perfectly neat and clean. He towered over me as he stepped towards the prince, standing at about five-foot-nine.“Ah. Ezio Caprotti. What a pleasure it is to see you.” Silas smiled warmly, something I hadn't seen before, not from a vampire.Ezio smiled back, his shoulder bones visible through his white buttoned shirt, his black trousers clinging to his skin. He had a very rough demeanour about him, his sharp nose and stubble quite intimidating; or maybe it was simply the fact that he would be able to kill me with a single wave of his hand. Eith
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Chapter 10
“Berus.” Silas called into the crowd, waiting as a dark figure emerged from the crowd, a black aura surrounding him.I lifted my head slightly so that I could see him, this large cloak covering a hunched frame, a large, bony hand holding onto an oak staff which was twisted up towards the heavens, an elegantly placed crystal ball attached to the top, the oak curling around it. His face was covered partially by his wavy silver hair, his amethyst eyes shining through, promising me a world of pain should I take even a single step out of line. His dark blue cloak was tattered and old, the colour fading ever so slightly, his skin sagging and wrinkled. I knew of this warlock, I knew that he was a necromancer, that he could raise other witches and mortals form the dead. He had a dangerous gift, one that many feared much like mine, I had thought they all lived in the tribes of Scotland, but clearly, I had been misinformed.He turned to look down at me just before he
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