Underestimated Mate

Underestimated Mate

By:  ꧁❦︎HAVVA❦︎꧂  Ongoing
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Zannicus Zer Zor-ester~Omega (Prime) A young wolf who's background was unknown, a young wolf who's the only one in his pack that has striking orange eyes (almost red) He shifted earlier than the other wolves but kept it a secret and pretended to be a human. Only two of his best friends knew his true identity. He was left as a baby in the borders of the pack. Ronan Ver Solas Soon-to-be-alpha of the Mist moon pack. He and his friends along with the the rest of the pack torments Zannicus because they thought he was a human or his wolf didn't come out. They beat him for every single thing he does wrong, but he still stays strong. He doesn't get easily intimidated by them though. Whenever he talks back or fights back, they find themselves backing down or somehow submitting, even the alpha himself, and they don't know why. Zannicus thought his parents didn't want him. But he's not just any normal werewolf or a mere omega.There's more. But.......What happens if they push him too far? Why does one of the councilmen members always visit their pack? What if there's more to Zannicus' history than they thought? What happens if Ronan and Zannicus happens to be mates? What happens if the young man they knew suddenly became one of the most feared ranks of wolves? What happens if Ronan finds himself falling for Zannicus? Will Zannicus accept? or reject? Will he forgive him and the pack? Their pack seems to be a magnet for rogues, but one day, what happens if they were outnumbered? Will he save them? He was belittled. He was abused. Never judge a book by its cover. You never know what they are capable of.

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91 Chapters
•~Chapter 1~•
ZANNICUS' POV: I groaned, waking up to the shrill sound of my alarm. 'Sweet fiddlesticks, I hate mornings.' I flapped my arm around looking for the dang thing and shut it up by throwing it into the drawer of my bedside table but not before catching a glimpse of the time. Groggily, I sat up, my hair no doubt be looking like a bird's nest. "5:40? Again?" I set my alarm for five twenty but why is it that I always wake up twenty minutes after? 'Ugh, whatever.' Stretching one last time, I drag myself out of bed and trudged to my cramped bathroom, pausing to glance at my cracked mirror and assess my current state: a black and a busted lip that has yet to heal from last night's events. They still hurt. Slowly taking my shirt off, the bruises on my back, stomach and sides no longer hurt and were just beginning to fade into purple-ish blobs. "All this because I was late in serving the pack's dinner last night." I rolled my eyes and divested myself the rest of my clothes and did my morni
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•~Chapter 2~•
RONAN'S POV:I opened my eyes only to close them against the assault of the lights that peered through my window.'Stupid sun.'I'm not a morning person and maybe like half of the Earth's population probably aren't either. Why would you ever want to wake up so early and leave the comfort of your bed? But I do have a healthy respect for those people who have the strength and manage to wake up before their alarms blare their eras off.I was about to return to my slumber when I smelled bacon.'Hm~' Zannicus must be done cooking. I gotta say, his food are the best, second to my mom of course.Of course, I'd never tell him that or anyone. I hate the guy and I don't even know why. I bullied him since we were children because of what my dad said to me; "He's filthy, an omega and gay! So don't you dare try and befriend him or associate with him in anyway as he is beneath you! Put him in his place whenever he speaks or do things out of turn."And that's what I did. My friends and I would tormen
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•~Chapter 3~•
After everything that happened this morning, I was glad the room was empty when I came back downstairs. Usually there would be a few stragglers or some skipping their morning runs for an extra hour of rest.'Huh. They must've gone training then.'I was on my way to the living room to start cleaning after finishing in the kitchen only to find Alpha Ryder standing in the middle.Gritting my teeth, I bowed slightly while clenching my fists to stop myself from hurling a fire spear at him. He was strangely quiet so I chanced a glance but jerked back in surprise upon seeing him standing right in front of me.But in one swift movement, too fast even for me, he grabbed me by the neck and hoisted me up. I gasped, scratching at his hand as I couldn't breathe in hopes to release me or even loosen his grip but to no avail. I was on the verge of passing out when he finally decided to let go.I landed with a harsh thud while I coughed and greedily sucked in the air, 'I'm sure a bruise will form in a
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•~Chapter 4~•
The sound of ringing filled my ears as I slowly rouse awake. I blink, a bit disoriented just as different sounds popped back into my ears. I moved to stand but the searing pain that shot through my body caused me to yelp. Memories of what happened filtered quickly into my head.'Dylan and his band of pachyderms.'I groaned and made another attempt to stand by holding on to the armrest of the couch and succeeded after my third try. I sighed, blinking away the dark spots scattered in my vision and upon glancing down, I saw something, dark red on the carpet. It was blood. My blood.Grunting, I limped all the way to my room, taking a bit longer as I gently trudge down the stairs, taking extra care on my right angle, 'I think one of them deliberately stepped on it.'I pushed the door open and close it behind me, silent Lee grateful that Theo and the others were sent to a nearby town to purchase something alpha ordered him to. I limped towards my bathroom, using the sink as my leverage to
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•~Chapter 5~•
ZANNICUS' POV:I woke up right before my alarm went off. I'd set it yesterday to 4:30 because, well, since it's Ronan's birthday and I have a lot to do.The Luna has entrusted me with everything: decorations, food, venue and the like. I rolled out of bed, stretching with a few winces here and there before dashing to my bathroom. I was right when I said that the pain will subside the next day.I managed to catch a glimpse of my bruises and was pleased that majority have healed, just the ones on my sides were left but they are fading.I was busy rubbing a towel on my hair when a knock reverberated through my room. With a small whiff, I knew it who it was as I crossed the room in four strides and smiled upon seeing Seth.'Looks like he's about to go jogging.'He greeted me with one of his sweet smiles, "Morning Zannicus!""Good morning to you too Beta," Seth pouted which made my lips twitch."Aww, come on Zannie. It's just Seth when we're alone."I chuckled, shaking my head as he grinned,
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•~Chapter 6~•
RONAN'S POV: Groaning and mentally cursing at my wolf as I woke up for the fifth time from his incessant whimpering and whining about something. I tried to get some sleep but it's no use. With a frustrated groan, I sat up reached for my phone to look at time, "3:58?! Are you serious?!" Great. I only slept for 3 hours, I sighed, "Might as well go for a run." Slowly, I rolled off the bed and headed to my bathroom at the pace of a snail and did my business. After brushing my teeth and splashing water in my face, I dried myself off and went back to my bedroom and then I changed into black shorts and white shirt. After tying the laces of my black Nike shoes. I opened the door and peeled out into the hallway, glancing both left and right then as carefully and quietly as I coul, closed the door and tiptoed down the stairs. While walking through the living room, a faint smell of blood invaded my senses. I searched the source of the smell only to end up in the living room from yesterday
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•~Chapter 7~•
RONAN'S POV:I had no idea how long I've been running but when I returned, the sun was already setting. I spent the whole day in the forest. After my run rage, I rested by a river and I guess I fell asleep. Just before entering the house, I ran behind a tree and changed into the clothes already left there.While I was walking towards the house, I noticed that there was almost no one here. Aside from the pack members that were doing some last minute training on the left side of the house and the omegas in the living room and kitchen, everything was quiet but the houses outside though were lit up."Hello Alpha," The omegas greeted to which I returned with a nod. I walked past the living room heading straight for the stairs when I remembered something. I walked back to the living room and found the carpet cleaned and there were no signs of blood nor lingering scent.'That's good. I wonder how he is. Wait, no.' I released a frustrated sigh before resuming my journey to my room. As soon as
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•~Chapter 8~•
A wave of pain passed through me slowly, as if it was grating on my skin and the inside of my body. I made sure my face was void of any emotion as Ronan spoke once more, "I can't believe the Moon Goddess paired me with someone like you. I would never have you as my mate, someone who couldn't even protect himself I CAN'T TRUST to protect a pack. You're NOTHING." He spat while I remained unfazed by his words and I guess my silence irritated him, "Speak Omega! Or have you lost your tongue?" He smirked. 'That's it? I expected more.' I smacked my lips, sighing as I placed the glass down on the table, "Finally." Roman frowned, startled, "What do you mean 'finally'?" I grinned happily and spoke with clarity, "I, Zannicus Zer Zor-ester, ACCEPT your rejection as your mate and Luna of this pack." Not only did I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my chest, power coursed easily through me and laced every word I spoke. Smiling, I returned to my task of pouring drinks as if nothing happene
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•~Chapter 9~•
SETH: I arrived at the party the same time Ronan entered. Instead of greeting him, I went and stood under a tree. I'm still mad at him for talking about Zannicus that way. I just don't get it. Zannicus was discovered inside the borders by a patrol when he was a baby. The patrol was shocked but immediately brought newborn Zannicus to Alpha Ryder. However, the moment And Alpha saw the baby, something flashed in our Alpha's eyes but the patrol couldn't decipher what look it was. When Zannie was 7, he was immediately put to work. No one was allowed to converse with him, go near him, look at him or anything at all! Except Theo and the other resident omegas. Why does everyone hate him? Because if Alpha hates him, everyone should too? Because an Alpha's word is to be obeyed and whoever dare question him, they'll be punished? Ryder hates Zannie a lot. He avoided him like a plague or it's as if Zannie killed his cat or something. As a kid, Zannie was often subjected to verbal abuse, Ryd
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•~Chapter 10~•
While he was talking, I pulled out the kit, foregoing my slippers, we rushed upstairs and led me to the living room where human Seth was settled on the couch, his whole body doused in blood. I watched, horror-struck, as blood trickled down the couch and onto the floor. I rushed towards him dropping to my knees and checked for a pulse, sighing in relief when I sensed one but it was faint. I rid him of his shirt and winced at the long, deep claw marks littered all over his torso, back and face. I began to work and called one of the guys to help me. Once I was able to stop the bleeding, I wiped off the remaining blood using a clean, white towel with Francis and Isaac aiding me in washing Seth's wounds. Afterwards, I began stitching him up. I looked up from the silence to find them watching me, "Are any of you hurt?" I noted Francis looked torn up despite having no visible signs of physical injuries. "No, we're fine," They answered in unison. I nodded and directed my attention back to
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