Unexpected Attraction

Unexpected Attraction

By:  Cc Lopez  Ongoing
Language: English
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A young woman, on the brink of death, has her life eternally changed forever. Sloan refuses to play the victim and becomes a strong Bounty Hunter who only needs to count on herself for survival. Her mission is to take down the scum of the earth, in hopes to save an innocent victim from sharing in her trauma. She enjoys her life of solitude, but what happens when she has a run-in with a soon to be Alpha while she's after a murderer? Will they tear each other apart or will Sloan find herself part of something she never imagined? Copyright ©2021 by Cc Lopez. All rights reserved.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
(words in Prentiss is the translation) It’s 1922 in Aalst, Belgium. I just turned eighteen only days ago, and I am enjoying the freedoms of being an adult. After having a night with my friends, I walk home in the fresh night air. As I turn onto the street to my family home, I hear some noise in the bushes. I turn to check it out. “Hallo? Is daar iemand?” (Hello? Is someone there?) I caution, my eyes widen with fear. I pick up my walking pace when two men step out from the bush, stopping me. My eyes dart around, looking for someone to help, but I am all alone. “Hey, beautiful,” One of the men says with wondering eyes. I look at the men, confused. “Ben je verdwaald?” (Are you lost?) I ask, looking at them. “Sorry ik spreek geen Engels” (I’m sorry I do not speak English) I try to explain. “She is a local. She doesn’t understand us,” The man says, while the other man steps towards me. I back away slowly. “Wat wil je?” (What do you want?) I ask, looking between the two men as my hands t
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Chapter 2
I Straddle the stranger throwing punches. “You let that killer getaway, and now he has killed again,” I hiss, throwing a punch towards his face, but he catches it with his hand. “STOP!” He shouts, shoving me off him. “You have 5 seconds to tell me how you found me and why you are here?!” I snap, glaring at him. “Well, for starters, I’m a wolf so I can follow your scent genius, and I am here because I want to help you catch this guy,” He answers, standing from the floor. “Not just no, but hell no! I work alone,” I declare. “I am helping you. That 15-year-old girl was from my pack.” He announces not able to look me in the eyes, my expression softens and sigh. “Fine, you can come along, but I make the calls. I tell him sternly. He nods in agreement. I hold my hand out, “I’m Sloan” He hesitates for a moment then grabs it fir
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Chapter 3
Maverick has his toned body pressed against mine. He brings his hand to cup my face, and it’s like a switch turned on in my head, and I realized what I was doing. I swat his hand away and shove him off me.“What the hell!” I hiss and stand, gripping my towel. “I’m sorry,” He says with an expression of hurt. I turn to go back to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I put my clothes on and brushing my teeth. Once I finish, I come out, and Maverick is gone. I look around the room, confused. I am about to go out the door to see where he went when my phone pings to let me know I have a text. I walk to my bag and grab it. Daniel: “Hey, sweetie, I have some bad news. Drake has kidnapped a young girl so far. We think she is still alive, but we need to find him.”Sloan: “where is his last location?”Daniel: “The girl was taken from Albany this afternoon.”
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Chapter 4
I find myself staring at a man’s chest. I can smell the leather from his jacket. I bring my eyes up to see him staring down at me with a not so lovely expression. He snatches me up by my throat. “You’re pretty,” He smiles. I swing my foot nailing him right in the groin. He drops me. I land on my feet, not giving him the time to regain his composure. I flip my body, bringing a kick right to his chin, knocking him flat on his back. Not taking him long to get up. He rushes, leaping onto me. We both go flying off the balcony, hitting the ground. A cloud of dust surrounds us. He stands quick, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me towards the entrance. “The boss will like you.” He grins. I start swinging, but my arms are too short of reaching his body. Before he gets the entrance, he is tackled to the ground letting go of his grasp on my hair, and I am pushed away from them. Standing quickly, I run over to see
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Chapter 5
Maverick has his arms wrapped around my waist tight, holding me close to his sculpted chest and his lips connect to mine, and it’s like a burst of energy surges through me. Not once in all my centuries of being on this earth have I ever kissed a man willingly. ‘Sloan, what the hell are you doing? he is a wolf,’ My conscience screams. Pulling away abruptly, I stare at Maverick with confusion and narrow my eyes. “What the fuck was that?” I hiss, backing away. He reaches out to me. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” He says apologetically. I slap his hand away. “Don’t touch me,” I say in a harsh tone, turning to open my door when he grabs my wrist. ‘I have had enough of this wolf. I don’t know what he expects from me. We are enemies,’ I think as I spun around and sucker-punched him in the jaw with all my vamp power, knocking him off my porch. &ldquo
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Chapter 6
This chapter will have another language (Translation between) The phone falls to the floor, Shattering into tiny fragments. My tears fall heavy down my cheeks as I fall to my knees. “NO! PLEASE! WHY?” I scream, pleading for my mother as I cry my eye’s out. Sitting on the floor with my head between my knees. The tears have dried and all that I’m left with is a puffy red face. I raise my head to look around at all the pictures of my family. I stop at a photo of Ezra and me. Losing him was the hardest and most difficult time in my life. It even beats being left for dead. Finally, I stand to my feet, leaning against the wall for support. I feel the anger rise in me. It engulfs my whole body taking over. I sprint for the photos on the wall and rip them off, tossing them into the nearest wall, breaking the glass. I pick up the coffee table, flipping it over. I lift the couch one-handed
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Chapter 7
This chapter will have another language (Translation between) Watching my father walk away, panic sets in, and I start to pace back and forth in the hall, rambling to myself. “Ik ben iedereen kwijt. Dit is allemaal mijn schuld.” (I have lost everyone. This is all my fault.) I repeat over and over again as Maverick’s strong arms stop me. “Sloan, I think you need some rest,” he states pulling me towards the stairs, and I follow in a daze. He opens the door to a large corner room. I walk in, looking around, and I stop on a photo of Maverick and another man. I look over at him. “Who is this?” I ask, showing it to him. He walks over to me, placing his hand on the small of my back. “That is my brother Devon” he replies. I set it back down on the mantel. I walk over to the bed, taking a seat. “Who sleeps here?” I ask, glancing ar
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Chapter 8
The entire table stands quickly. Duke and Zara look frantic around as the guards and other trainees prepare for a fight. Maverick turns to me with worried eyes. “Sloan, stay here with my mother. I have to help the pack get to my brother.” He commands in a deep tone placing his hand on my shoulder. I swipe his hand away with a glare. “I am not a damsel in distress. I am going after them too,” I hiss as my lip twitches with anger. Maverick looks at me for a moment before Zara chimes in. “Sweetie, we don’t fight with the men. You must leave this to them.” She declared, grabbing my hand. I turn to her, lifting a brow. “I don’t depend on men to take care of me. I am a fighter, not someone’s property,” I retort, and Zara is taken back by my response. She looks at Maverick. “You were right. She is feisty” She laughs, looking back at me. “As you wish. I like your spunk and no fear you will be perfect for thi
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Chapter 9
As Maverick helps Devon to the packhouse, I am face to face with the one person I thought meant well but turned out to be the complete opposite. “Well, hello, Quinn. It has been some time since we last had the pleasure of your company, but I can see why being busy with wolves and all,” She hissed, displeased with my alliance with the Russo family. I smirk at her irritation. “Aww, have I hurt your feeling Luella?” I snap back. Her smile reappears. “If you think you could ever hurt my feelings, you’re sadly mistaken. Do you remember I have no soul, But I see you might be getting
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Chapter 10
Maverick POV“SLOAN!!” I shout in fear as I am not sure what to do for a dying vampire. I frantically pull out my cell phone from my pocket, dropping it with trembling hands. I pick it back up quickly to see Sloan's blood smeared all over the screen from my hands. I shook the thoughts from my mind an
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