Unhinged:Taming Dante

Unhinged:Taming Dante

By:  Vaiironica   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Dante" His breezy baritone swept across the carriage sending me to a jolt. "The name's Dante" He added as if to reassure me. I was on my way to an unknown Pack, it's funny how I was a Princess in my father's Palace in Arazona one day and the next, I'm being sold off to a beastial pack as a bride. I knew my place, surely, I was naive but not stupid. My life and death depended on him from the day of that horrible wedding, the moment we set off in the carriage my life was sealed with his, and the moment he looked into my eyes with the untamed, fiery and strong gaze, I feared I would lose my sanity and heart too. My heart was the border line, anything but my heart could be taken from me, I suddenly have the urge to tame him, My Alpha.

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The Melancholic and suffocating air that fanned against my pale face draining whatever energy i had on me was all it took to fuel the fear and trepidation that boiled and bubbled internally, threatening to burst out of my chest. Today was the day of my doom; the day that gathered everyone in the kingdom of Arazona. The soothing and overly calm voice of my imperial mother still rang in my ears like the music that the royal musicians where playing and it was stamped in my brain like how the dancers tapped and twirled their legs and danced to entertain us.Everything about the ceremony made me sick, the way Father smiled generously while watching the performance from his high throne or the way Mother smiled so animatedly in her finest jewelries and royal apparels, sitting so poised on her throne a little shorter than Father's. The way everyone pretended that this was a very joyous event and not my beloved parents practically leading me to the slaughter house by making a marriage allianc
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"She is the bride?" He turned away from me and to my father who rose his head. I never saw my father that reverent. Nobody noticed it, not even him, but I did. His eyes which always glistened with stubbornness and pride was now mixed with hatred, resentment, hurt ego and forced reverence. I knew that it wasn't about me, it was about him and his stupid overinflated ego.It hurt so bad.I don't know what I was expecting from him, maybe to put up a fight? I was as confused as you who read it now because I wasn't even told why I was being sent into the lion's den, but all I heard was that Royalty came with the price of servitude to the kingdom in the time of trouble and it frustrated me the more.I always wished I wasn't a royalty since I was a kid. "Yes, she is my daughter, Hazel." Father spoke benevolently with a polite face. I could hear the undertone and the knives drawn with words.I was surprised at first since I didn't see any man with grey hair, struggling with his ragged breath
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"Dante" His voice glided through the air and to my ears, startling me. We had sat in silence, half through the ride which made me extra anxious yet I knew that deep down, I was glad the scarily beautiful man hadn't spoken to me."My name, Dante" He added as if to reassure my thumping and trembling heart from thrashing around in my chest, if that was the aim, then it did the exact opposite; His voice had a compelling and autocratic feeling carried in his velvety baritone which only made my heart thrash harder and harder that I feared he would see it throbbing back and forth from across the fabric of the godforsaken wedding gown because of how he looked at me. His Presence scared me! I was married to a Monster— it was hard to live with that, no matter how resigned to fate I was I shaped my lips to produce a reply hoping it didn't go numb from fear like the rest of my body"O—" I cleared my voice as it came out shaky and cracking.I reenacted "Oh" But on a second thought it seemed too bl
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I stood before the large pack of wolves as they howled. Dante held my hand somewhat protectively and assuringly and had told me that it was only a way of paying respect to their Alpha and new Luna. I felt it was just for the Alpha though, I believed that they wouldn't like me, I was not part of them."Welcome back, Alpha and Luna." A Wolf that looked somewhat familiar had trudged forward and bowed."It's fine, Adolphus, you didn't have to make it so grand" Dante nodded. I took my time to observe the formation while appearing oblivious and nonchalant. Two wolves very intriguing wolves were at the forefront of the rest of the pack. One had a fiery black fur and the other had a clean and specky white fur with flakes of gold here and there. The one with the black fur was one who spoke in a human voice whom Dante referred to as Adolphus. Everything was so transcendental to me and I tried to quell my goosebumps and disgust mixed with fear for these weird creatures. "We seem to be scarin
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"Luna, you seemed to be curious about the carvings, weren't you?" That cool and may I say sexy feminine baritone swept across my ears, making my eyes widen like saucers. That taunting and playful tone was not to be mistaken even though it has only been a while since I met that person or thing?"White wolf?" My jaws dropped."Quite the description, don't you think?" She flashed a taunting smile."Blake" I corrected myself in embarrassment. Question marks ran amok in my head. Blake right? In Arazona , Blake is definitely a man's name."My name? It's a Unisex name" Blake rose her hand in mock surrender.If anything, I hated how she looked and spoke in an effortlessly taunting manner. "I didn't say anything" I almost rolled my eyes. Did the werewolves have a power of reading minds too?"You had it written in your eyes, Luna" She shrugged."Ohhh" That was a big hit to my ego. I mean, I always prided myself in being hard to read, even in Arazona, I was being said to be one of the hardest p
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Distant voices floated into my ears in my semi-unconscious state of sleep, I could hear the little attempts of whispers."Should we wake her up? She has been asleep for so long" A meek and feminine voice came."No, do not wake her up, she seems tired " A more mature voice came from the same direction.This confused me even more as I struggled to drag myself out of my sleep. Was it all a dream? I am still in Arizona? I wasn't married off? Relief had automatically swept into the pores of her being.It was only just another nightmare! Right?"Humans are really a burden like mother said! We have been standing here for two hours and counting! Too weak, if it were a Luna of our blood and kind then she wouldn't be sleeping at such an odd hour,hmph!" The meek voice snorted, I dared to imagine the owner of the voice had jabbed her hand on her waist in an angry pose. I really wanted to let her know that I didn't want to be there either, who wants to stay in your godforsaken pack? The girl had
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