Until she met him

Until she met him

By:  Amy Tetteh  Completed
Language: English
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Set up again by her alleged family and sent out the house without any remorse, she was left for the dead. An unfortunate situation happened and made her meet her unexpected savior. She thought her life was about to end, she thought it was all over for her with no one to turn to and no shoulder to lean on. What she didn’t anticipate was that her life was just beginning, her life is about to change either for good or bad because of him. She was just alive but until she met him, she wasn’t living. Join me on this journey of betrayal, crimes, schemes, revenge, greed, love and family. Until you meet the one for you, you won’t know how it truly feels to be love and how to love back sincerely.

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Tricia Heitz
I love this story. But if you're not going to finish what you've started. Then i'm not going to spend any more money or time to finish this story, since you not either. Please update!
2022-03-20 21:46:09
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Parwan Kaur
very nice story ..well written..please update
2022-01-29 18:32:40
247 Chapters
1. Set Up Again
Alice was awaken in the middle of the night denched in water, she gasped and sat up on the bed still a little drowsy from her sleep. She had no knowledge about what was going on, she lifted up her head and saw figures in front of her’ Am I seeing things already? Am I hallucinating?’ she asked herself as she used her little fragile fingers to rub her eyes.Her family was standing over her, getting up from the bed, she sat at the edge of bed with her attention on her family.She was surprised “ Dad, what is wrong”She got up from the bed and approached her father, shockingly her father slapped her so hard instead that she fell down on the ground with a crash.“You are a disgrace to this family, how dare you sleep with your sister’s fiancé ?”Alice didn’t know what to say because she has no idea of what was going on“But dad, what are you talking about”“See for yourself you ungrateful bitch”She saw some pictures of two couples who seems to be intimate on a bed, seeing the couples in suc
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2. Memories
Walking away from the Davison Mansion she recalled some of her childhood memories, she smiled bitterly as she remembered how sad and disappointing her childhood had been.She had never visited toy shops nor amusement parks with her parents when growing up, that privilege was left to Linda only. She was always given old toys and clothes Linda didn’t want or use anymore and most times, Linda turn to disgrace and humiliate her over them. Then she had thought it was because she was younger than Linda by a few years but now she understands it all, she was legitimate daughter and she was a mistake, the illegitimate daughter.She never had the privilege to be looked after when she falls sick by Nina, nor was she given medication or chicken soup. Although they were rich, her school fees were never paid on time nor was her text books bought for her for school, so when she was sixteen years, she got a job secretly to enable her buy her text books and her necessities without their knowledge.As s
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3. Ava
Ave jumped on the alleged thief and started hitting the thief with her sandals whilst shouting on top of her voice ,“ you good for nothing thief, ain’t you ashamed to be stealing for a living? Don’t you have a conscience?! You should be ashamed of yourself, I will not spare you today, I’m sure you are the one that stole my chocolate candy that fell down the stairs the last time.”She increased the beatings as she remembered the chocolate she losted when she wanted to drop her bag in her room before going and pick it up but alas she went there and met nothing on the floor. She was devastated that day because she had great plans for that candy before it was stolen.Alice shouted at the top of her voices as she pushed Ava off of her,”you fucking fool Ava!, it is me get off me” Alice’s scream and push got her mid way when she was about to hit her again. She paused her movement and called out to the familiar voice she heard.“Mmm-huh Alice?”.Alice glared and pushed her off completely as s
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4. Dinner Invitation
Ava was off duty on that particular sunny day so the pair decided to go out and have lots of fun like the old days. Ava wanted to cheer Alice up because she knew all she’s doing before her is pretending to be all strong and happy, but deep down she was really hurting. She also tried all she could to convinced her not to go the Davison mansion for their so called dinner but was unsuccessful.To her surprise, Alice will just smile and say “I know you are worried about me and so am I, I’m very scared for myself. I know they are going to scheme against me again but I will go because the Davison wants to see me for appearance seek. Even if I don’t regard them as my parents anymore, they still gave me shelter and food since I was a baby, and so I have to go as my last respect to them.After this, I won’t owe them anything anymore and I will remove them completely from my life. Plus I want to see nanny Syan for probably the last time”. Alice muttered with a smile on her face like she haven’t
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The hatred and dislike she saw in the eyes of the people around left her speechless, she was used to this kind of treatment from the friends of the Leej and Davison but those disgust looks from strangers left her speechless. She knew they hated her because of the things her family told them about her. On a few occasions, she happens to hear a few of those things said about her and they were not pleasant to the ears at all.“What is she doing here?”“Look at how poor she’s dressed, are you all sure that she’s a Davison?”“How can she be a Davison, look how graceful Linda is compared to her. She looks like a thug!”“I can’t believe she wanted to steal her own older sister’s fiancé! I heard her birth mother was the same as her but dead giving birth to her. The Davisons were kind enough to adopt her but alas the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”“How dare her show her face here”“That’s so ungrateful of her to attempt to bite the hands that are feeding her. I heard she works as an esco
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6. The Royals
Alice was in low spirit, she doesn’t like crying in the presence of others for the reason that she doesn’t want to appear weak before them. She was someone that hardly cried, she always bottle her pains within herself anytime she was hurt but not today. At this particular moment, with the way her heart breaking, she let her tears flow freely on their own without making a single sound as she walked slowly away from the mansion.She walked on the road dully and quietly whilst crying sliently. So concentrated on her pain and so lost in her thought, she didn’t hear the van approaching her nor did she see the macho men that came out of the van approach. All she did feel the handkerchief with the chemicals pressed on her nose numbing her senses and putting her to sleep.Inhaling just a bit was all it took her to loss consciousness, she didn’t know her juice was drugged earlier so it only took a little more of the drug to knock her off her feet.‘What a beauty she is! she’s so beautiful, her
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7. The Intimacy
He sat up and smiled down at her, he eyed her Mickey Mouse and Minnie panties and scoffed in amusement.‘How childish!, to seduce me with such a pant! I thought they usual dress up lingeries to seduce men, I don’t think this beauty over her got that memo’. He thought to himself. Her Mickey Mouse pant aroused him more in the past few minutes than all those models that tried to seduce him in lingeries. Then suddenly, all the thoughts of the pant and anything else left his mind as he concentrated on the sexiness in front of him.He moved like a flash down her body, pulling those panties off as he went and throwing them across the room. And then he set about doing things to her with his fingers and his mouth that almost lost her mind but moan and gasps out loud. She couldn’t open her eyes but felt every touch from him. He set her body on fire as intense feelings enveloped her in ecstasy.His fingers still moving rhythmically inside her, his thumb circling and pressing her cl*t, making her
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8. Disguise
“What is wrong with you?, are you out of your mind?” Alex shouted as he displaced his early anger on Jake.Jake was pointing at something on the bed whilst jumping up and down, “ Boss! Boss! Boss! there is blood on the bed sheet, oh boss, are you hurt somewhere, should I call Dr. William?”“Blood?”, Alex asked with concern.“Yes boss blood! Pure red blood!”, Jake exclaimed dramatically.Jake was panicking, Alex checked himself and didn’t see any bruises nor does it hurt anywhere. He walked to the bed and truly there was a little blood stain on the bed, thinking back to last night, he recalled how her face twisted in pain when he entered her and how tight she had been.‘So she was a virgin erhh, at least she was a chaste woman like myself. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to control myself yesterday. It seems oddly strange to me. Why was I behaving like I’ve never met a woman before in my entire existence.’ He thought to himself feeling very proud for deflowering the woman that deflowered
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9. Scheme Failure
Meanwhile in the Davison’s mansion, Linda had been throwing a fit. Her plans have been ruined and she has no idea what happened to that sister of hers on that night. What annoyed her most was that they took time to plan into details of what they want done to her and was so sure of the scheme working, only to have the entire scheme burn to ashes.Mrs Davison had been in her room dressing up to go out when a maid bulged into the room,” forgive my rude entrance madam! young mistress has been breaking things and screaming in anger since morning. We’ve been trying to console her but she got angrier and hit maid Leticia with a flower vase. Leticia bled a lot and had to be sent to first aid center before she was sent to the hospital for stitches. Ever since that altercations with her no one dares go into the room again for the fear of experiencing similar treatment. But we are afraid the young mistress will hurt herself in anger if care is not taken…..”, Maid Jane uttered everything in a rush
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10. Who Is She?
Jake had been dozing of on and off for some time now. He couldn’t understand why his boss will ask him to check the surveillance camera footage without telling him anything or what he should be looking out for. He had no idea what he was looking for but had no choice. He has carefully to go through every footage from that faithful day in hopes of finding something useful to work with.Sighing in frustration with a tired yawn, ‘I don’t think I understand boss anymore, he used to talk and say things that made so much sense but now I feel he has a coconut in place of his head. He doesn’t make sense when talking anymore and the Alexander I know wasn’t this moody. He…..’“Wait, is that three able men carrying a woman to boss suite?”, he muttered to himself in confusion. He was fully awake now.“Mmmmm-oh so this was what boss wanted me to look into, couldn’t he had just told me the time frame to work with. I had yo go through all the frontages from morning and He wanted me to do it alone.Hmm
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