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In a world where dreams collide with reality, one girl's journey to marry the man who ignited butterflies in her stomach unfolds. Aubrey, a naive and timid soul, was captivated by love at a young age, guided solely by the belief that love knows no boundaries. From the moment Evan Cooper smiled at her, Aubrey fell deeply and irrevocably in love. Little did she know that the rules of society would conspire against her, as a maid daring to love a noble member of society. However, love's flame burned fiercely within Aubrey, and her mother's manipulation would pave the path to an unconventional marriage, turning her into the maid wife of Evan Cooper, a man known for his ruthlessness cold-heartedness, and arrogance. Despite Evan's refusal to acknowledge her, Aubrey clung to her role as his wife, enduring insults and living as an outsider in her own home. But when a sinister conspiracy orchestrated by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law shatters her happiness, Aubrey is cast out, left to question her fate and contemplate a revenge she never thought she'd seek. Will Aubrey rise above the injustices inflicted upon her and reclaim her rightful place? Join her on a tumultuous journey of love, betrayal, and resilience as she seeks retribution for the atrocities committed against her.

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74 Chapters
Marriage Anniversary
"Aubrey," she exclaimed, her voice filled with both astonishment and pain, as she gingerly examined her burnt finger. Startled by a sudden shout, she had unintentionally touched the scorching hot pot while preparing breakfast for everyone. Without hesitation, she abandoned her cooking and hurriedly rushed out of the kitchen.Outside, Aubrey's gaze fell upon Grandma, Mrs. Cooper, the matriarch of the esteemed Cooper family, seated at the head of the dining table, surrounded by her kin.In an effort to present herself in the best light, Aubrey adjusted her delicate light blue floral dress and tucked her hair behind her ears. She fidgeted nervously with her fingers before mustering the courage to approach the dining table, positioning herself near Grandma's chair."Grandma," she spoke in a voice trembling with apprehension. Grandma raised her eyes momentarily before shifting her gaze to the wall clock, her face etched with bitterness."Is your breakfast ready, Aubrey?" Grandma inquired, h
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Your wife
Under the radiant noon sky, Aubrey immersed herself in her work, diligently attending to her tasks. Suddenly, the mellifluous ring of the telephone resounded through the air, instantly capturing her attention. In the household, only Aubrey and her grandmother resided, making her the sole recipient of the call.As she hurriedly reached for the phone, Aubrey's voice resonated with warmth and curiosity, "Hello?" Her gentle tone carrying a hint of anticipation."Hello, Aubrey. It's John speaking," a familiar voice emanated from the other end. John, Evan's trusted chauffeur, a person known to Aubrey."Yes, John?" Aubrey responded, her voice brimming with intrigue."Aubrey, Mr. Evan accidentally left his important meeting file at home. Could you kindly deliver it to him at the office?" John requested with a sense of urgency in his voice.Aubrey found herself hesitating, as she had never been to Evan's workplace before. Seeking guidance, she voiced her concern to John, "But John, how can I po
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Shatter Hope
Fifteen years had passed since that fateful day when Aubrey, a mere five-year-old girl, experienced a life-altering event. Clutching tightly onto her small bag of groceries, she trudged homeward with her mother, their routine trip from the store taking an unexpected turn. Out of nowhere, a stray ball struck Aubrey on the head, causing her to stumble and drop the oranges she held. Overwhelmed by the sight of the scattered fruit, tears welled up in her eyes. But in that vulnerable moment, a young boy named Evan appeared, coming to her aid. With gentle care, he picked up each orange, returning them to her one by one. As Aubrey looked up at him, her face flushed crimson, and her heart raced. From that day forward, whenever she encountered Evan, her heart fluttered, and her cheeks blushed, causing her to seek solace behind her mother's protective embrace.Now, jolted awake by the sound of Evan's car pulling into the driveway, Aubrey sat up in bed, instinctively touching her head. It was dif
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Please divorce me
A week had passed since Cassie's unexpected return. Aubrey found herself immersed in her work, trying her best to remain focused and ignore the lingering presence of Evan in her thoughts. Deep down, she knew that Evan's heart still belonged to Cassie, their high school sweetheart. Together, they had been an iconic couple, the envy of their peers. Aubrey had been in the same high school, a silent observer of their seemingly unbreakable bond.In the kitchen, Aubrey grappled with a persistent leak from the tap that had plagued her since morning. With a determined effort, she managed to temporarily fix the issue, halting the incessant flow of water. Wiping her forehead, Aubrey heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that she needed to call a plumber to address the problem properly. Leaving the kitchen, she headed towards her room to retrieve her phone.Suddenly, a thunderous shout jolted Aubrey, causing her heart to skip a beat. Rushing back to the kitchen, she was taken aback to find Evan, cla
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My wife
"What on earth is happening here? Why haven't we received our land yet?" Evan bellowed at his assistant, Alex, his frustration evident in his voice. "Director, Mr. Anderson is refusing to grant us the land," replied Alex. Evan stared at him incredulously and asked, "Why? We already signed the agreement." "Director, our rivals, the Patterson, have offered him double the amount of money we did. He is now wavering," Alex explained. Fueled by determination, Evan exclaimed, "I don't care. I want that land at any cost. Warn him that we will take legal action." Alex nodded and left the office, leaving Evan to his own thoughts. Seated in his chair, Evan rested his head on the headstand, closing his eyes. Today had been the worst day for him, with the land issue weighing heavily on his mind. Furthermore, he knew that when he returned home, he would have to confront his father.Twenty years ago, Evan was just a five-year-old boy filled with excitement as he earned the top rank in his class. He c
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Aubrey found herself standing in Evan's room, where he sat nonchalantly upon a plush chair. A perplexed expression adorned Aubrey's face as she inquired, "Why do you claim that I am your wife in front of everyone?" Her words carried a tinge of confusion, stemming from her sudden acceptance as his life partner. Evan's gaze met hers, his hands clasping a bundle of documents."Well, I haven't exactly spoken a falsehood," he retorted, a faint hint of mischief playing on his lips. Aubrey furrowed her eyebrows, puzzled by his response. Sensing her bewilderment, Evan stepped closer, extending the documents toward her. Aubrey's eyes darted to the papers in her hands, seeking answers."These are contractual agreements," Evan explained, his gaze fixed upon her. His demeanor was cool and detached, devoid of any discernible emotion. Aubrey stared back, her countenance conveying a mixture of disbelief and amusement. The question lingered in her mind: Why was he orchestrating such a charade?"If you
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DinnerThe entire Cooper family gathered around the dining table for a formal dinner, and this marked the first time Aubrey found herself seated among them, right next to Evan. As the dishes were being served, Mr. Davis Cooper, the patriarch of the family, turned his attention toward Aubrey and initiated a conversation."So, Aubrey, what do your parents do?" Mr. Davis inquired, his tone filled with genuine curiosity. Before Aubrey could respond, Evan interjected, cutting off her opportunity to answer."She's an orphan," Evan declared abruptly, not giving Aubrey a chance to speak. Aubrey's shy smile instantly vanished, replaced by a hint of discomfort. She glanced at Mr. Davis and simply nodded, not wishing to delve into the subject further. Mr. Davis, noticing the sudden change in her expression, smiled kindly at her and shifted the conversation."And where did you graduate from university?" he asked, attempting to continue the dialogue. Evan, however, seemed disinterested in the topic
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New member
Aubrey's Point of View:"Welcome, my son," Mr. Davis exclaimed when he saw a young man enter the house. I always knew he had a son with Camilla, but I didn't know he was that handsome, unlike Evan. If you look at him carefully, you can find some similarities between him and Evans, like his eyes and hair."Come in and meet our family," Mr. Davis put a hand on his son's shoulder and led him into the house. I was scared of what would happen when Evan found out about him.Mr. Davis introduced him to everyone, and he greeted everyone politely. When they came to me, Mr. Davis said, "Lucas, greet your sister-in-law." So his name is Lucas. He smiled when he looked at me, and it felt weird. He extended his hand for a handshake."Hello, my beautiful sister-in-law. It's a pity you're already married," he said nonchalantly. I knitted my eyebrows. His lips twisted, and his smile grew bigger."I am kidding. I am happy you married my brother." What a weird person he is. I shook his hand and mumbled m
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He is my end
Aubrey's POV: My heart raced as Evan's voice pierced the air. I turned swiftly, my eyes meeting his as he stood at the gate. A mix of surprise and concern washed over his features, and his gaze lingered on the place where Lucas had held my hand. Sensing his disapproval, I gently extricated my hand from Lucas's grasp and stood up, feeling a sudden need to explain. "It's not what it looks like," I began, but Evan interrupted me before I could finish my sentence. His question hung in the air, leaving me bewildered. Did he already know Lucas? "What are you doing here?" Evan's voice held a tinge of anger, directed squarely at Lucas. He didn't give me a chance to respond, cutting me off. Confusion swirled within me, unsure of how much Evan knew about Lucas's presence. "Big Brother, I'm sorry, but Dad invited me," Lucas spoke with a tinge of guilt, his voice tinged with regret. "I told you never to come in front of me," Evan shouted angrily, his words carrying a weight that resonated wit
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Nice Date
Aubrey's Pov: The aroma of the food filled the air as Lucas took a bite of the meal I had prepared. "Delicious! I'm tired of eating foreign hamburgers and crunchy fries," he groaned, expressing his satisfaction. I couldn't help but feel a sense of joy seeing that he enjoyed the food I had cooked. We all sat down for breakfast, and I noticed that Evan's temper seemed to be better than the previous night. "It's absolutely delicious, Grandma. I wish I could take the chef with me," Lucas exclaimed, his enthusiasm evident. Grandma chuckled and replied, "You can't take your sister-in-law away from your brother." As she spoke, my gaze shifted towards Evan, who was also looking at me. There was a subtle connection between us, an unspoken understanding. "Aubrey, you're incredibly talented in the kitchen. I'm envious of your skills, my dear sister," Lucas complimented me, leaving me at a loss for words. Before I could respond, Lucas turned to his mother, Camilla, and playfully remarked, "Mom,
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