It's all over

Katarina's POV:

"Fuck!" I hissed, pulling the breaks at the red light, my eyes scanning around the area, squinting them through the window. The rain was pounding down heavily on the car .

"He went to face Terry . We were not allowed to follow. It was Alex's orders, there was nothing we could do."

"Are you fucking crazy?! zhow can you just let him walk out like that? What if he something happens to him out there?!"

I recalled what happened this evening. He shouldn't have gone out there alone.

He should have taken someone .

He has to. He can't just leave me alone and run off like that.

"Fuck this!" I spat again, taking off, exceeding the speed limit over a mile but I was desperate to get there on time. David refused to tell me the place they decided to meet up but after crying  for hours  and practically going crazy, they finally reveal the place.

I made a left, shivering inside my damp clothes as the thunder bellowed down on me.  
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