Vampire's Love

It's been a year since me and Alex got together. We do have our occasional fights but none lasts more than a day.

Alex was so lovable and charming person. He and his brothers still throw parties every week despite my dislike.

Here I was getting ready for one of those dinner parties.

"Rina, I want to talk to you about something." Alex suddenly pulled me close, his lips brushing against my ears, causing a shiver down my spine.

"Yeah?" I stopped to look up and saw his face, making my eyebrows furrow together in confusion. Was something wrong?

"I-you-we- I mean can we be together...forever?" It felt like it took him forever to say that sentence."Uh, yeah? I mean, we'll be together for a very long-"

"No, Rina, I mean forever." He spoke carefully. I frowned at him in confusion as he licked his lips slowly. He was nervous. This wasn't like Alex at all.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you together...forever." He emphasized and it finally hit me l
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