The President Broken Angel (1/2)

The President Broken Angel (1/2)

By:  Hopesophine.  Completed
Language: English
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She lost her parents and two year later she was forced to run away with her cousin. She returned and was sold into marriage the day she returns. She made sure her uncle wouldn't be living off her. The papers were sign and she went off to live her new life yet what she expected from this new life was not what she received. Pain and suffering, humiliation and heartbreak, from her husband. Will she be able truly find happiness? But it seems she had forgotten about the man who gave her a ride back home the day her contract marriage began. A new home and all but that was shattered by the one person she thought should love her...

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Saphine Writes
I like where the story seems to be headed in me pov. Jhonia, you're so strong and playing weak in the eyes of others it make me feel good about the ending of the story. Dearest author, you're doing great....... In my pov ofc.... ...
2023-07-25 20:08:25
user avatar
really an amazing one keep the good work authot
2023-07-25 10:09:17
187 Chapters
Death of her parents
The car drives calmly among another car no more than 17 feet in front. The lonely road with just two cars, the wind roar in the night like an hungry animal. “Do I really have to drive to this place, with both of you?” Jhonia asked?“Yes, this is really important and you're turning.. Huh? It's past midnight you already did. Happy birthday, sweetie.” Her mother said, smiling at her.Her body turned into her seat. She smiled once again before turning away from her daughter Jhonia, return the smile at her mother then look out the window. The darkness of lonely trees moving quickly."There's a big surprise waiting for you, my Jhoni-ni. You can see Charles, he's your favourite cousin is he not?" Her father asked?The moment becomes silent and awkward. Jhonia decided to ignore her parents. She didn't seem to care about her birthday at all! “Dad? Can we turn around?” Jhonia asked?"Why?" Her father asks with curiosity.“I suddenly don't like the ide”Jhonia was cut off by the sudden hit from
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Deaths paid
Jhonia arrived home after work! "I have been worried sick!" Her uncle said, slapping her across the face. She held her face looking back at her uncle from the corner of her eyes, not a single tear within them."Where have you been, Jhonia?" He asked, reaching out for her face as if he was sorry. Jhonia stepped back from him. "Jhonia I'm"“Dave overheard you talking about selling me off into marriage to pay off my parents' deaths. He wanted me to run away. Now that I have returned the sooner the better. Shall we get this over with?” Jhonia explained to him that her cousin wanted to run away after he heard the truth, but she returned and then she asked. She walked away from him, passing his wife and went to the room under the staircase which was given to her. She picked out her clothes and went out to go upstairs for a shower. She stopped halfway up the stairs. “This money you're selling me for is to pay off my parents' deaths, make sure they're here when the money is being given,” J
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Ran away
Two years later! Jhonia is now 20 years of age. She spent her two years learning how to fight! How to sneak and take photos of other people for blackmailing work of course, for her uncle. It became a part of her, to use evidence as a way to protect and have people do as her uncle says.She was very smart and good at what she does but that wasn't enough. The day before... She met a group of men who tried to have their ways with her but failed! The present time… Another group of men shows up at her uncle Bryane's place as she is leaving out to go to her job. "Hey! Sweet thing... How are your parents?" The man with a small tattoo on his face said to her then asked her? He moved his hands to her face and she boxes it away. “Don't touch me!” She demanded. Her uncle came out and stood watching them."You little bitch!" He said to her, as two of his men held her by both arms. He was getting ready to slap her, when she lifted her foot and kicked him, he stepped back and dropped. He pu
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Jhoni-ni "Let's go!!!" He yelled and she got out of the car and walked over to him stopping herself half way. “What is happening? Why are we running away?” Jhonia asked? Her voice softened and trembled. "Let's talk in the morning... For now, let's get some rest!" Dave said to her, he walked away but she stood still. At ease but still confused! “I'm not moving a foot unless you start talking!” Jhonia said to him, Pointing at the motel and where she stood! “Not one single step!” She added! "Fine." Dave said, dropping the bags and walked back over to her. "Dad is trying to sell you into marriage so he can pay off those men claiming to be the people your parents owned!" Dave yelled out telling her everything he now knows of. He stopped half way he was so angry the veins in his neck stood out! The faint lights of the motel allow them to see each other clearly a little bit. Jhonia stood staring at him. "We are here because I don't want this for you! So both your parents are gone,
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RequestsAfter the contract was signed. Bryane received his money in cash, Jhonia was pleased. Together with Mrs. Pinnock, she left after retrieving her mother and father's journal, and the watch, she never left her sight.“How do you feel?” Mrs. Pinnock asked, and Jhonia took a deep breath and finally relaxed.“I'm fine, thank you. My parent's deaths or paid I'm free from all that! I will contact my cousin as soon as possible.” Jhonia replied and said how she feels free now she will contact her cousin soon, with a smile.“That's good. Since we're going to your new home, I would like to inform you about some important details. I will go ahead then.” Mrs. Pinnock said, then explained to Jhonia and she nodded in agreement.“I'm sure, I will adapt well!” Jhonia said, looking down at her mother's journal. She took a deep breath and relaxed her mind. “Go ahead,” Jhonia added.“1. My son is always busy, as his wife of ten years relationship, 2 years together and 8 years of marriage. My son
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he waited all this time for you
After some time Jhonia sat with mrs. Pinnock in the living room."Jhonia, This is the contract. It stood for five years. By then you and my son will be in love with each other. I will destroy this contract between both of you. You can read through it and sign it." Mrs. Pinnock said, handing Jhonia the contract."Well, then I will read through it carefully. After signing it, I will return it to you." Jhonia said to her as she puts the contract aside."If you don't mind. Please read and sign it here then give it back to me, that would be splendid." Mrs. Pinnock said, with a smile."I see. No problem." Jhonia responded to her. Jhonia began with reading the contract. After some time she placed it down on the table before them."I see you have in place that he should not as I should not cheat on each other. I hope that your son will follow the rules of this contract. Your pen please!" Jhonia said, telling she hopes her son follows the rules as well, holding her hand out for the pen."I wil
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Don't hide your face
Jhonia woke up and relaxed herself in bed a bit before she went and took her bath. After she took her shower she got dressed and went downstairs."Where is everyone?" Jhonia asked? She is looking around but it seems everyone is still asleep!"Did I wake up early?" Jhonia asks herself as she looks around after, she realized she decided to go back up to her room and check the time.It was 6 AM She then went and knocked on Mrs. Pinnock's room door, there was no answer. She went back downstairs and started baking, banking dishes. After some time the maids began waking and getting themselves ready to begin working. After checking all the rooms, including Jhonia's, she was missing. Crissian, the maid she spent the tour with, rushed into Mrs. Pinnock's room."Madam. Ms. Jhonia is gone." Crissian explained herself in a panic tone of voice."What? How is this possible?" Mrs. Pinnock asked in shockShe was getting dressed when the maid informed her. She hurriedly put on her bedroom slippers, as
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I can't say the same for your husband
Later that day, Jhonia was helping the maids clean up!"Jhonia dear, don't you think you should stop and have a few words with me?" Mrs. Pinnock called for her and asked. Jhonia then turned around even though Mrs. Pinnock was smiling she could not hide the displeased look in her eyes."Since I started it, I wanted to finish it. Mrs. Pinnock, it won't happen again." Jhonia said, drying her hands and leaving the maids to finish up on their own. She smiled and walked over to Mrs. Pinnock."At some point, you will have to let me do something. With my parents, we share everything we do, and I don't want to just sit around looking pretty." Jhonia said, explain how and what things was like with her parents before she lose them, she stood in front of Mrs. Pinnock, then she took a deep breath and Mrs. Pinnock looked at Jhonia, she raised her hand to remove the loose hair in her face but she retrieved her hand quickly."Jhonia, I know the life you have had and I also know that your uncle is a b
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But not me!
After arriving at the hotel Orean and Jhonia left the car and went into the hotel and then into the elevator, while Jhonia was busy not paying attention to what Orean is doing, he pressed the floor they were going to. The elevator ride up was completely silent. They arrive on the floor she is supposed to go with Orean's guide, and then they get off the elevator."I will stay here, waiting." Orean said when they reached the turn to Nearce room. Orean held his head down because though he warned Jhonia in his own way he wasn't sure what kind of person she really is? And this could lead to him getting fired so, he dare not meet his eyes with hers again. Jhonia walked off without a word, and because she wasn't taking notice of what Orean was doing when they were on the elevator she was unaware that they were on the top floor."Ah.." Jhonia sighs and turns the corner where she meets with a lady in heels, a red dress sticking to her body if she bends! Her rare condition would be completely e
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I didn't know
In the morning! Jhonia. Woke up and kept herself snuggled up on the couch, she has been lying there for quite some time. She decided to close her eyes and wait for Nearce to wake up! After some time. Nearce woke up and realized Jhonia is not beside him, he then remembers he left her out on the couch."Did she really sleep there?" Nearce inquiring with himself, he quickly got up and went out to see her huddled up on the spot she sat last night! He walked over to her and at that time he realized that she had removed the jacket. He walked over closer to her, as he was reaching out to touch her."Do not touch me!" Jhonia said, stating to Nearce. he was surprised because her eyes were closed. He stepped back from her and placed his hands in his pocket."Why did you sleep here? The bed is over there, where I slept am I your husband or not?" Nearce asked Jhonia? She releases her feet and places them down into her shoe. She giggles a little. It was not one you get from a pers
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