The fight

"You could have told me." I said while  pulling my hair to a side, exposing my neck.

"No." he said firmly, turning away,


"Because I am going to learn how to control and deal with it." he persisted and my eyes trailed down his shirtless body. He looks so pale, so exhausted. I hadn't even notice it till he mentioned how hungry he was.

"Can you really control yourself? You said my blood was special." It ticked me off when he brushed me away without any hesitations.

"You really don't want any?" I asked softly, purposely seducing him. His body tensed up under my touch and I am glad that I had this much affect on him.

Alex's POV:-

I flinched when her fingers brushed against my skin, causing my chest to heat up. I could hear her heartbeats way too clear and loud right now, causing my own to go wild.

"Katy, stop-" I froze when I noticed her stop to look up at me, her mouth slightly hung open.

 "You really don't want to. But you'r
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