Vampires and Vampire Hunters

Vampires and Vampire Hunters

By:  Thenightingale  Completed
Language: English
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He was a monster, brimming with red hot rage and violent tendencies. She was a hunter, full of arrogance, hate, and secrets. So, what happens when the worlds of the beautiful hunter, Katerina Drackon, and the dangerously gorgeous vampire, Haydon Veneziano clash?The words "I love you" have never been more dangerous.

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41 Chapters
1: I might have accidentally almost killed the neighbour
KATERINA I stood in the centre of the forest, surrounded by the sweet scent of fresh blossoms that littered the trees and the ground. The scent grew stronger with each step I took, as I crushed the petals on the underneath of my shoes spreading the nectar in between the grooves. I was just a few minutes away from my home, yet the journey ahead seemed endless.I soon heard the rustle of leaves in the near distance. My ears honed in on the seemingly innocent sound... and then I smelt the scent of it. The vampire who had been stalking me the entire walk home, completely unaware that I was aware of it. I had been visiting a friend when he first caught my attention. His red eyes watched me intently from afar. He was stalking me, mentally marking me as his prey. To him, I was possibly a challenge, a sport. The unsuspecting teenage hunter roaming around unprotected. But I wasn’t, and I was about to prove it.I reached behind me and pulled an a
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2: Obsessed
HAYDONThere was a strange pull I felt as my bike passed a large, metallic gate which gleamed slightly in the moonlight. It was the same pull I had been feeling for the past week, and it was the same pull that was driving me crazy and led to me being sent here in the first place. I broke suddenly and got off of my bike, my feet carrying me closer towards the intimidating mansion. At first I thought about ripping the gate from it’s hinges and then walking in. I then, however, inspecting the home more closely and realised that I recognised the gate and the mansion. How could I not, in such a dull and dreary neighbourhood. It all belonged to the famous Drackon family- One of the most influential families in the supernatural world. They were a family I would prefer not to wake up, especially since I was already not in their good books… especially since they were hunters and I was a vampire.Suddenly, a sweet, delicious scent wafted into my nose.
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3: Anticipation
KATERINAThe next day I found myself looking forward to the day ahead as I began my journey to school on foot. One of the main reasons I was happy was because I was going to school and would be away from my still very enraged , crazy mother. Let’s just say she was not prepared to forgive me anytime soon and I could say goodbye to staying out late, which I feared would soon become a major problem.The walk to school had seemed weirdly long though, as if I were walking for miles without end. As if each step were futile. Not only that, but I had developed a strange feeling. It was a feeling resembling anticipation, as though I were expecting something great and wonderful to happen. I usually only felt this way when test results were expected at school, but we hadn’t written any tests recently. Eventually, I decided to ignore the tugging feeling. In a few short long minutes, I began to see the tall, brick building covered in thick vines of ivy, ap
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4: Haydon, the new boy
KATERINAJust as I reached the next set of lockers, I froze, almost as though on instinct. My spine tingled the way it always did around unfamiliar vampires, and the scent of vampire invaded my nose, but this time ... there was something strange about it. Mixed with the sharp, pungent vampire scent was something unmistakably pleasant, almost resembling honey as well as spicy perfume. Slowly, I turned toward the lockers, totally unprepared for what stood in front me- or should I say who stood in front of me. The strangely pleasant-smelling vampire seemed to be observing me carefully as he peeked through his long, dark lashes and leaned against one of the lockers. He had a perfectly placed smug smile upon his face, and for a moment, I found myself carefully analysing him. He had a head of voluptuous and silky blond hair which was long enough to peak from the bottom of his left ear as he had tucked a few strands behind it. The rest of his hair hung in
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5: Her hatred
HAYDONKaterina stood in front of me, her face still one of confusion. Being told that I was Haydon must have really confused and upset her because within a few seconds, she turned around and wordlessly began to walk away. But I couldn’t let her leave, at least, not so soon.“Katerina!” I yelled out by accident.She froze but did not turn back. Panic began to rise in me as I realised that I had no clue what to say. Soon, however, I realised that it would have been better to just keep quiet because the next words out of my mouth were:“I hope you had fun beating up my cousin.”It was not so much the words that were the problem, but rather they way I said them. They had unintentionally come out hostile and venomous.Katerina never turned back, not even an inch. She did, however clench and unclench her fists and began stomping out, mumbling a very colourful assortment of profanities.It was then that I realised that
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6:Visit from Haydon
KATERINA I sat on my bed finishing the last of my homework. Today had been extremely long, especially since I met Haydon Veneziano. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not like the poor soul, on the contrary, there was a high chance that I absolutely hated his guts. However, there was a large part of me that actually thought: maybe this guy isn’t what all the rumours paint him out to be. He was well behaved- most of the time, and most importantly, he did not try to assault anyone thus far. Now, I wouldn’t say that meant he was in my good books, but it did make my hate for him recede slightly. Only slightly though.Then, there was the matter of his appearance. As much as I wanted to deny that Haydon was absolutely attractive, I had to admit that he was nothing short of a walking male model, oozing absolute beauty from head to toe. Again, it did not make me like him, but made me hate him just a little less.Suddenl
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7: Dangerous curiosity
HAYDON I stopped and looked at her. Her hair shone a lighter brown in the sunlight and her eyes became orbs of shimmering gold. She carefully placed her hand on her hip and pursed her lips. She looked as though she were analysing me and for a while, and her eyes proceeded to gaze at my skin." Seems like vampires are getting more immune to the sunlight?" it came out more like a question as she then stopped her analysis and returned her eyes to mine where they stayed fixed into a deep glare.I smiled at her, it seemed as though her mother was really sheltering her from the supernatural world. Almost all vampire hunters knew of our newfound vampire tricks." Tablets, injections, potions and even witch's spells can fix that problem.” I then stopped and proceeded to tease her. “Looks like mommy and daddy are keeping their little girl all innocent and away from the world of drugs”She seemed offended and
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8: Busted
KATERINAI sat in the bathtub, which was filled to the brim with warm, aromatic, water which emitted puffs of steam and fogged up the room. I was still unable to fully comprehend Haydon Veneziano and his outrageous threat. Who did he think he was? Who did he think I was? Clearly Haydon had been born into this world a privileged twit, believing he was the end all and be all. As if I actually wanted to hang around him like a little puppy. Of course I was not going to get involved with him.This, however was not what bothered me. I had picked up on the words “I don’t want you getting close to me” almost immediately, but had chosen to ignore them, because acknowledging them would have been too awkward for us both.Was Haydon afraid that I would develop feelings if I hung around him too often? Maybe such a thing had happened with other hunters or girls he had met in the past, but I knew I was certainly not one for developing a feelings for so
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9: Drunk and Vulnerable
HAYDONThe slight feeling of wooziness was slowly creeping over me as I downed my forty eighth beer- no that was no understatement. I was sitting in an abandoned warehouse with three other teenagers I had met at the liquor store. I recognised them from school, and they invited me to hang out with them. Admittedly, I did use compulsion and hypnotism to get them to invite me with them since I needed some...distraction and saw this as a perfect opportunity for some small-scale mischief. Also, I had been the one who had been able to purchase the liquor because of said compulsion so it was a given that they would invite me along.The three teenagers fell into the stereotypical “bad boy” category which suited me quite perfectly. The leader was a tall, lank boy named Dean who had messy black hair and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. He offere
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10: The Break Up
KATERINA I was walking peacefully down the street, just minding my own business when his scent caught me off guard. Why did the universe hate me?"Katerina," Haydon sang as he walked closer and closer toward me. I tightened my fingers into a fist and kept on walking, pretending not to be fazed by him, but inside I was a whirlwind of fear, irritation, and hot rage.  "Oh, Kitty Cat, don't be like that, come on talk to me!" he whined. He was now standing right next to me. His scent was lingering in the air. I sniffed it and sighed softly. Then I focused back on being angry with him.
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