Yang Yura Vs Ahn Wang

It was finally the day of the tournament to select the king of elementals.

By rules, only 10 elders and important members of each clan was allowed to enter the arena selected by the leader, Shaao Xurin.

Ahn who looked oddly clam arrived with Minhu and Jaemin. They noticed that most of their own clan members were already present.

He went straight to his dad and bowed respectfully.

"Are you ready?" His dad asked. Sungwoo's face had a neutral expression but you can see the worry clear as day in his eyes.

"Yes" Ahn simply replied.

Sungwoo was expecting a cheeky reply from his son but was pleasantly surprised to hear the confidence in simple word.

It means he wasn't over confident. Ahn was taking it with utmost importance.

"You only have to do your best. You are doing something a lot of our ancestors didn't dare to do with utmost sincerity. I am proud of you son. I can already see that you are going to be a great leader" Sungwoo sai

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