Vein on Ice Heart on Fire

Vein on Ice Heart on Fire

By:  Maryam Kabadi  Completed
Language: English
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After having a continuous nightmare of drowning in the river and trying to live her life the best of her abilities Kim Yoonji is about to loose it all. Or maybe just maybe gain it all.The story is about a 21 year old girl with firing red personality and looks of a goddess. She wants to become famous and she is hell bent on making that dream true.Inspite of having all the bad luck in the world she has the guts to smile. She can flatter the night away or if not then she will burn it down. What would happen when her ancestral gene starts getting activated and she couldnt hold her power anymore?Add a jerk playboy known as the ice prince in to the mix and you will get a nice little medium fried platter of craziness.

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197 Chapters
Loosing two girlfriends in a single day
"For being the CEO of a multimillion company, you really are not that smart, you know?" Yoonji was doubling over in laughter. Not really hiding the fact too. The drama that unfolded minutes ago was pitiful but hilarious, atleast for her.Wang Ahn was so angry, his whole face was writhing with it."What do you mean? Are you trying to insult me now?" He screamed at her in disbelief. He couldn't believe he was caught in the act and now his little secretary is having hard time breathing because of laughing hysterically at him."I think I just did" Yoonji said smugly."It was a
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Ruthless flattery
Life wasn't so unnecessarily chaotic before Yoonji met Wang Ahn. She had a comfortable life with her sister and two bestfriends Mingi and Hyun Jin. But everything started changing drastically after Wang Ahn took a notice at her. Everything became dramatic and her once semi-peaceful life became non-existent......A few months ago....At Tessa's Fashion storeTessa Fashion store was a famous fashion boutique. All the clothes were original designs which makes them exceptionally expensive. But more the money it cost the more it attracted valuable customers like celebs and rich crowd. There was always some famous fashion icon or a new model or an heir of mega rich company present trying to disguise themselves with mask or a cap.In a bright afternoon, a middle aged women known as Madam Nein was wailing and was about to lose all her composure. She couldn't believe just how incompetent helpers of such a reputed store could be. It is such a disgrace.
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Prince charming came with another new girlfriend
They found out just few minutes ago about how much madam Nein hated the colour blue when they first presented it to her.The assistant hurriedly said to avoid the further clash."Madam doesn't like the blue colour. She said it doesn't suit her" one of the assistant named Jina said to avoid further trouble.Madam looked at her in disdain for interrupting their appointment.Yoonji understood the situation that must have unfolded before she came and looked the madam with incredulous look on her face"Really? Is it true Madam Nein? I believe every colour looks good on you. You must try this one too to leave this misunderstanding behind"Madam Nein looked at the dress in disdain but she still believed in Yoonji's judgement."You are right. I should atleast try it so I won't leave with a regret" Madam said trying to gain her self-confidence.Madam went back to dressing room leaving all the assistants with stupified expression on thei
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Isn't it him?
"You are home" Said a happy voice as soon as Yoonji got home. The voice came from the kitchen was of the most important person in Yoonji's life, which was her little sister, Kim Xuri.She looked at her brightest star and said"Yes sweety. How was school?"Unlike Yoonji, her sister got the chance to study because of the sacrifice of hers and Xuri was immensely thankful for having a sister like her. She is her rock. The only person she can put her trust in."It was okay."Smelling the delicious aroma Yoonji ran to the kitchen to see her sister making dinner for them."That smells great little sis." Yoonji said taking in the delicious aroma of food.She was about to dip her hand in the curry when Xuri hit her with the spatula."Go wash up, you dirty human." Xuri said faking anger and glare in her sisters direction.Yoonji pouted and then quickly dipped her hand in the curry and ran away tasting it."Muahhahaha" Yoonj
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Baby it isn't how it looks like
 Each and every person in the small coffee shop was shocked beyond belief. Although its normal for a couple to argue and even for the cheater to get slapped, but nobody was expecting to see the melodrama in reality.Yoonji being the closest to their table was shocked herself. As she reached their table she saw murderous aura in the man's eyes. He quickly dissolved it when he saw her approaching near them and his expression was completely changed into guilt.‘Did I just imagined that’Yoonji was even more confused now as to why the man was looking at her with guilt.Suddenly he stood up while looking at Yoonji and said nervously."Baby, It isn't how it looks"Yoonji was flabbergasted for a moment. Then she turned back to see if the guy was talking to someone behind her, but there was no one.'Who the hell is he talking too and who the hell is calling ‘baby’!!!!???'
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Prophecy of Lava girl
Wang Ahn reached his duplex apartment near midnight. He was exhausted. He really had tried his working limit but the result was worth it.He grinned thinking of how he snatched the contract out of his enemy’s hand when the rivals were so sure that they are going to get it. But they should have considered with whom they are dealing with, CEO of Aqua enterprises is not an easy and forgiving enemy.Wang Ahn never backdown from a fight and never let anyone take any business deal from him. He was one of the most successful businesses men at such a young age. He was ruthless when it comes to his work.Hence the destructive move he played again Gu Chan. He can bet that Gu Chan has sold his everything on this deal to install instruments to manufacture the product in bulk amount as he was sure that it was ultimate his power move. He gave his everything and even took the risk of hiring and placing a spy in Ahn's office.Even though Ahn doesn't know who the sp
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Party Invitation
“Aren’t you going to explain yourself?”Was the question asked to Yoonji when she came back to their table, her friends were equally surprised and Xia was writhing in jealousy."What just happened?" Mingi asked in confusion.
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You shine brighter than any star
The next day when Yoongi came to work, ofcourse late as usual, the store was on another uproar. The assistants were changing the positions of the rack. Adding new outfits, changing the colour theme like a hurricane has come and disrupted their peaceful routine.She approached Mingi and asked "What happened?"
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No you evil witch. Just take the dresses and get lost
 Needless to say, the whole day went horrible with unlimited and unnecessary work. As soon as one of the employees was done with her task, Master Joon would miraculously appear and add on the pile of work like there is no tomorrow.  It went on for the whole day.At the end of the day, every one was so exhausted that they didn’t wanted to say give pleasantries or smile at each other even just for appearance sake. Devil was back and he was even worst then before.
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Are you meeting Mingi behind my back?
The rest of the evening went pretty much the same way. With Yoonji going in to every shop and then hassling with prices and coming out vicariously.She bought some material of clothing as well. Looking at different colours and fabric was like a dream to her. She also bought some lace in different pattern and stones in different shapes and sizes for making the dresses unique. She already had ample amount of threads at home. She loved doing embroidery and stitching and was good at it too.
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