Violet Delights

Violet Delights

By:  V.L. Wood  Ongoing
Language: English
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She pure, he was not. He was a creature of the night, bound by a secret set of laws and rules not known by the humans. She was the human who turned his long life upside down. She was the unsuspecting young woman, who never imagined her life would become this. She could never go back to her life the way it was before she met him. His life would never go back to the way it was before their chance encounter either, he'd broken the rules, and one day he would have to pay the price. Fate had deemed them one, but both societies were determined to never let that happen.

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Leslie Roberts
I LOVE this book!!! It is very well written, and I find myself drawn to the characters..It's a GREAT read ❤️
2021-07-07 12:37:21
6 Chapters
These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph, die like fire and powder. He scans the crowd, his familiar eyes know exactly what they're looking for, even though 'it' does not know it's being searched out avidly. The lights are dim, so it would probably be difficult to find what you were looking for in such an environment. The music blares, the blur before him is in fact the crowd moving in sync with the unharmonious music of today's youth. He holds tight to his drink above the crowd seated a few steps above the pit that held the frantic hoard, gaining strength from their energy that flowed so freely from all of them, the young usually tended to give their energy freely without even knowing what they were really giving away, more than just their essence, but their very life force. No matter how powerful the man fancied himself though, even he could not use those powers as a repellent for unwanted advances that served only as a distraction from t
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     Two years earlier...           The first year of college was under her belt and she had successfully navigated her way through the freshman year at Hudson University.  Finals were over, grades were out and she had made it, she was officially on her way to her sophormore year of her English lit major.  It wasn't a subject she was unhumorously serious about, in all reality when the time came for her to go to college she discovered she couldn't commit to any one subject for the rest of her life and be bound by a last minute descision.  She simply went with something she knew, she knew she loved books, loved to read, she was sure she would figure the rest out along the way.  The important thing was to get going, and that's what she did.           It was Friday and school was out, she was normally not a regular on the party scene, but this was a celebration that called f
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        It didn't take long for Violet to feel that lightness, the carelessness that was brought on by alcohol, the warm feeling that started in the pit of your stomach and radiated throughout your body when the liquor hit your core.  After all a weight had just been lifted off her shoulders for the next couple of months and was guaranteed to return later in the year so why not let loose while she could.  To say that school was stressful may have been an exaggerated understatement.  She supposed it was because she knew these next couple of years were the years that would decide the rest of her life and any descisions made at this time were basically life descisions.  Maybe it was the weight of the rest of her life that seemed to drop on her shoulders the day she started college.        She decided to quickly down two drinks, a little liquid courage was exactly what she needed, tonight she would tell Brandon that she
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"It's Violet right?"  He's close to her as he speaks, his hand on her all the while as though they were old friends.  Ezra watches from afar, the energy in the room suddenly having shifted as he touches her.  He felt his jaw tighten for reasons that evaded him as he watches the new man's hand planted firmly on her with no intention of moving.       "Umm yea, Brandon."        "Be my pong partner?  We got next game."        "Sure, Suze?"        Suzie's eyes were occupied, Darren finally made an appearance.  His auburn locks were hard to miss, he was tan with dark, fiery hair and bright blue eyes.  He was quite attractive, Violet might have taken an interest in him if Suzie hadn't seen him first.  Then again, they were perfect for each other so maybe not, they were both loud and friendly and at times obnoxious.  No two people were more
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        Ezra stood beside her, his face still cocked in a half smile that sent butterflies soaring through her stomach, hitting her like a punch to the gut.  Her smile met his stepping away from Brandon who was way too close to begin with, and moving closer to the stranger.  Brandon merely stared at the guy who suddenly pulled his conquest, literally from his grasp, without saying a word.        "Can I help you?"  Brandon made his presence known stepping between the two who seemed to have fallen into a trance with one another.  They're glances stuck on each other, unwavering.        "Want to step outside for some fresh air?"  The stranger spoke to her and her heart leapt at his voice.        "Yea, sure."  She moved to stand beside him, Brandon being a thing of the past until he spoke again, reminding her of his forgotten existence.   
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        Ezra was the one to break the kiss.  All the passion in the world couldn't distract him from the fury of Castor he felt radiating off of him on the other side of the wall behind them.  Castor was shouting at him in his head.  He knew this was no the way of things and Castor would make usre he didn't forget himself.        They were well fed for the night, they had sucked years off of many humans lives tonight before Violet had even made an appearance.  There was no reason to stay, except the human in his arms.  The human in his arms.  The significance of that thought and his actions hit him fully now.  To dabble with a human for any other reason than to feed was dangerous.  He knew it was dangerous, but yet she felt so right in his arms.  She felt right in a way that Driselda never could or did.  Driselda was cold and hard in his arms, where as this human he'd only just met was
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