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WARNING Please read BOOK 1 first . Book 2 is the continuation ". Don't get me wrong, okay? I am just making sure if it's really mine. I am a very busy and famous businessman. Now, if you are not so sure that that baby inside you is not mine then it will bring chaos and a big problem to my image and to my family. Get it?" D-do you really think I-I am that kind of a woman? Do y-you think that I w-would let you take my v-virginity when I h-have a boyfriend? She said in a painful tone. But he was just staring at her with his emotionless eyes. " Okay. But I want some test miss. I want to make sure that it's really mine. I want a paternity test" B-but I don't have m-money for paternity test.. "She mumbled and he heard it. He laugh sarcastically. He knew it! He then look at her with his fierce and sarcastic eyes. Yup. She is definitely like them. " You don't have money? You want me to give you some? "" I knew why you're here. And I was right. If I give you money, will you leave me alone now? Because I know that's what you need and why you're here. So tell me, how much do you need? "She looked at him in disbelief. " D-do you think I'm here for y-your money? Do think I'm a gold-digger? ""I don't know... Maybe. "she Shook her head in disbelief. " I can't believe you. "She mumbled with her teary eyes as she look at him, he just stare at her with emotionless look.She came all the way here just to hear his judgement , insulting words? Her tears fall down and she quickly wipe it. She looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes.

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16 Chapters
Harry & Anna
Harry park his car in his garage and tiredly walk towards his front door.He grab the key in his pocket and starting to unlock his door when he heard a voice from behind.
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I guess this is my punishment
Few days later. Anna couldn't find Harry anywhere.She went to his company yesterday but his secretary told her that he took a day off.She asked her where he went but she didn't tell her because that's what Harry's order.She sigh as she look at outside her window. It's been 6 days since she didn't saw him.She missed him. Where could he be?He's really avoiding her. But she won't give up. She will keep on coming closer to him until he'll give in.===============It's been 6 days since he didn't saw Anna. He'll be honest, he missed her.He missed her presence and her smile. But he control his emotion and tried to forget her.He is here in his hometown with his grandmother. Tomorrow he'll be back in to his place again which means he will see her again.Harry sigh. If
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One last wish
Part 3Harry immediately regretted what he had said to her.He lied to Anna.He never cheated behind her back.Yes, he knew Mia likes him and she did tried to seduced him before but he keeps on pushing her away because he have a girlfriend and he doesn't want to hurt Anna.Harry said those words because he wants a revenge and of course, to make her feel the pain he wanted her to feel.Now that he succeeded why does he doesn't feel happy or satisfied that he finally hurt her feelings?In fact, he felt the opposite. His heart is aching when he saw the pain in her eyes.Harry closes his eyes tight.Forget her... forget her. She deserve this.
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I miss this
Harry pulled Anna inside his house and he push her into the wall making her gasped and Harry immediately kissed her hungrily." Jump. "He said in between the kisses and Anna immediately jump and wrapped her legs around his waist.Harry kisses went down to her neck and kiss it making her moan in pleasure." Ahh.. Harry.. "She moaned which made him turn on even more. He then walk towards his room while carrying Anna.Then he laid her down on his bed while he's on top of her small form.He kissed her lips again and his kisses went down to her jawline and kissed her neck and suck it.While he's busy kissing and licking her neck, Anna is starting to remove his shirt.Harry lean back and remove his shirt showing his abs making her drool in anticipation.He remove her clothes and now she's laying naked
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I give up
Anna woke up the next day as she felt herself in Harry's warm embrace.She slowly open her eyes and smile when she saw his handsome face.She loves to wake up in the morning like this. Seeing his face made her day complete and happy.She wish that he could just forget everything and start over again with her.If only she have the power to erase the pain they both have then she will.Anna slowly put her arms on his cheeks and caressing it softly. She smile and lean closer to his face and peck his lips.The one who got touched finally woke up and blink rapidly. He then look at Anna and she smile to him and hug him tight." Good Morning. "She said softly while hugging him. Harry didn't reply back instead he slowly removed her arms around his waist and stood up making her confuse.Harry grab his boxer and we
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It's been one week since that happened. Yes, it's been one week since he regret what he had done to her.For the past days, Harry admitted that he is waiting for Anna to come to him again like what she always did.She will always come to his office without his permission and would always stalk him and follow him wherever he goes.Yes, he's been missing those moments. He admitted that he missed her so much. He promise himself that once he saw Anna he will apologize to her.Actually that's not just what he wants to happen. After Anna explained everything to him he realizes that he also has a mistake too.Anna was right. He's the one who is selfish. He should had followed her in England and search for her but he didn't do it because he was busy on hating her and moving on.He also made a mistake.If he could had just followed her
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I'm pregnant
Anna has been avoiding everyone for the past months. Even the ?'s Family.She felt guilty for making them worried especially Mrs. ?. But she doesn't want to be a burden to them.So she avoided everyone but Anna decided that she will meet up with the ? family for the last time before she will leave.After their dinner. Anna notice how Elara stare at her. She knew that Elara had a lot of question in her mind and she is also close to Elara.Anna avoided her gaze and pretended that she was listening to Mrs. ? the whole time.After their dinner, Anna went to the guest room and ready herself to sleep when she felt thirsty.She got up and walk downstairs. She then heard a footsteps walking downstairs. Then she saw Elara walk inside the kitchen as she followed her behind." Elara? "Elara gasp as she got shock at the sudden vo
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Who's the father??
Please say something.. "Anna said in a soft tone as Elara blink a couple of times. Elara was left shock after she confessed to her that she's pregnant." S-Sorry... I-I was just shock. "She just nodded in understanding. Well, anyone will be shock if they hear the news that she's pregnant." Yeah. I already expected that you'll be shock. "She said calmly while caressing her stomach. Elara bit her bottom lip before she asked." Does your father knew about this? "Anna stilled.No, I won't let my father know about this.She thought. Anna knew her father. There's a high possibility that he'll force her to abort her baby.As a mother, she won't let him hurt her child. She will protect it at all cost.Anna shook her head as she sigh deeply." No. Dad might kill me if he finds
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I have to find her.
After what happened. Anna immediately went to her apartment.She walk inside and then she went towards her closet and grab her clothes and put it inside her luggage.She needs to get out of here. Her father must already find out the truth.Her hands are shaking in fear while putting her clothes in her luggage.After a few minutes. She grab her car keys and passport and went towards the door to leave.The moment she open her door. Her whole body froze as she widen her eyes in shock and in fear at the person in front of her.The person who she doesn't want to see.But here he is now. Standing outside her door with his hands inside his pocket and his eyes were emotionless but she knew what behinds that emotionless eyes.Behind him is a two other men. And she knew them. They were the one who always locked her up in her
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I will help
Harry park his car outside her apartment as he immediately run towards her house and he knock on her door." Anna! Anna! Open the door! "He shouted while banging the door but there was no response.He knock a couple of times but there was no response." Anna, I know you are mad at me. Look, I'm sorry. Please let me in and let's talk. Please.. "Harry beg while tears is forming in his eyes. When there was no answer again, he grab his phone on his pocket and call Anna.But there was no answer. Harry gritted his teeth in anger before he knock on her door again." Anna! Open the door or else I'll force myself inside! "He continue on knocking while calling her name." No one is inside. "Harry stopped when he heard a voice of a woman. He turn around and he saw an old lady in her late 50s.
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