A Contract Marriage And A Baby

A Contract Marriage And A Baby

By:  Oge Chi  Completed
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Chloe finds out she has been betrothed to the eldest son of the Benjamin’s family, a very influential family in America since she was a child, and it made her extremely angry. She has always been an obedient and dutiful daughter who always put her parents’ wishes before hers since she could remember, and feeling rebellious in her own way, she decides to do something for herself for once. And so, Chloe ends up in a club, which led to her having a one night stand with a hot, dark stranger. Chloe was happy to pretend that night never happened, if she hadn’t realized she was pregnant – a week to the date of her scheduled wedding. Nothing was more shocking for Chloe when fate leads her to her dark stranger once again, and he turns out to be the younger brother of whom she was supposed to be getting married to. That leads to Chloe being forced into a marriage with the father of her child, Nathan– who detests the thought of marriage to begin with. Would the contract marriage and a baby be enough to hold them together?

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Chapter 1
Chloe POV“What?” I screamed, my food almost dropping from my mouth as my spoon went clanking on the plate.My parents are not actually serious about this.I stared back and forth from my mother to my father then back to my mother again in disbelief, and I felt a breath stutter out of my chest.They really weren’t going to do this to me, I don’t even want to be married yet, I’m good with being single as I was happy and don’t have anything but myself to worry about.“Yes,” my father spoke huskily, “we’ve chosen a man for you.” He added and I looked at him in disgust, I had a lot of things to say to him but I knew that would only be a waste of time.My parents are stubborn and sometimes, I feel like I got my stubbornness from them.“You can’t be serious, how do you expect me to get married to someone I don’t even know, someone I haven’t even met. I’m very sure I won’t be happy with him but you both don’t care?” I snapped, I knew the answer to the question I’d just asked.They really did
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Chapter 2
Chloe I’d just made the greatest mistake of my life, I stomped my feet on the floor repeatedly as I held the pregnancy test kit I’d gone to get because I’d missed my period for over a week. I was patiently waiting for the result when I saw what shook me.Double lines? I really am pregnant, I disposed of the pregnancy test and tore out the second one I had bought and peed over it, while praying this one brings one line.I paced about my room, I knew I was pregnant but I wasn’t just ready to admit it.As expected, this second one also brought forth two lines.I’m no longer a kid and I know what pregnancy symptoms are, but how did I? I usually make sure I take my pills after sex.I was lost in my thoughts already when it clicked, I now remember how it happened.I’m pregnant and it was a result of a one night stand?!I remembered that night at the club, we danced and then he suggested we get out of there. I was getting a little bit tipsy already and we soon got somewhere.I’d thought he
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Chapter 3
Chloe I tried to look away from him as I proceeded to have my seat beside my family. The meeting was about to start but as much as I tried to get over it, I just couldn’t.“We’re here today because of the decision we’d made about Noah and Chloe, my daughter is pregnant and—“ my father was saying when impulsively, I stood from my seat as I pointed to the extremely hot guy and the father of my unborn child that was seated right in front of me,“What do you think you’re doing?” My mother whispered as she tugged on my dress but I ignored her.“It’s him,” I said, my vocal cords finally working, “it’s you, that night, the club, the dance.” I continued as the whole room stared at me in confusion.They all probably think I was mad but I could swear that I wasn’t, I knew what I was saying and I was perfectly right.The man I’d pointed to also had the audacity to feign confusion like he had no idea what I was talking about when we both know he does have an idea.He’d fucked me without a con
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Chapter 4
Chapter FourChloe This was a mistake. I didn't need the loud wedding bells outside reminding me of all the reasons why this marriage was a bad idea. Aside from the fact that my parents were too self-absorbed in their goals and ambitions, neglecting the feelings of their only daughter for... for what? I sighed tiredly as the modiste tightened the straps of my wedding dress. This was it. I was truly getting married. Against my own will- sure I signed the papers, but what was I to do when my parents, my father had threatened to toss me out on my ass if I didn't agree to the wedding? There was no way I could raise a child alone. That much was clear. I had depended on my parents my entire life. A secure home was all I knew and frankly, I was too afraid to give that up. "Pull it any tighter and I'll puke my guts on this dress!" I snapped at the modiste. The dress was pretty. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline that highlighted my full chest. I loved the dress and of cour
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Chapter 5
Chapter five Nathan "Welcome everyone," The chairman of the event greeted, alerting everyone including me that 'my' wedding was about to begin. My fucking wedding. I turned to face the man dressed in some fancy suit and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Chloe do the same. I had to admit, she looked stunning. When she had stepped into the garden, I was damn sure my jaw had dropped to the freaking floor. Yeah, I wasn't proud of it, but I had to admit, she was beautiful. Chloe's curvy figure was accentuated in her wedding dress. I didn't care much for all the fancy frills of the dress, but the neckline- Fuck! The swell of her creamy breasts drew me in, taunting me as they jiggled with each step she took. The insane desire to cart her off and bury my face in those mounds slammed into me, spreading wild hunger that licked at every cell in my body. "Idiot," I muttered, looking away from her, trying to wake myself from the haze of lust. Lust had gotten me in the darned mess in th
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Chapter 6
Chapter SixChloe "Chloe!" I smirked and stared at my reflection in the mirror, feeling quite smug. "Chloe!!!" Nathan thundered. I could hear his feet climbing the stairs rapidly, approaching my room.A giggle rose in my throat and I clenched the bedsheet in my hands in anticipation. That bastard had dared to abandon me at the hotel! It had been horrible. Arriving at an hotel in a wedding dress with no groom fussing over me had immediately sent the staff into a gossip frenzy. At first, I thought he had gone somewhere to cool off or calm down or whatever the fuck men did before their wedding night. Okay perhaps I had been expecting more. I wasn't happy about the wedding, and neither was Nathan, but I'd be a terrible liar if I said I hadn't thought of us spending the night together. Who wouldn't? He could be a jerk, but he was a hot, spiffing jerk. Mostly still a jerk however, seeing that the idiot never showed up. By the time it was eleven in the night, I knew he had run off. It
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Chapter 7
Chapter Seven Nathan I could tell my face was a bowl of a frown as I tried severally to get rid of the blue ink that had spilled all over my face. I used all the energy I could muster but the unwillingness of the ink that spilled all over my face got me even more upset. My breathing had begun to be more on the high side but I managed to continue rubbing it and my wrist began to hurt me yet my effort was futile. “Gianna!” I yelled angrily, placing a tap on the table with my fingers continuously. “Gianna!” I yelled again. I felt like she was responsible for what had happened. It seemed like she had caused nothing. I could not tell why I passed my aggression at calling her name but the next minute, she rushed in, a frightened expression on her face. I stretched my hands and wanted to utter a word as I saw her slip on the floor and was about to fall but was quick to have a grip of herself. I ran my hands through my hair pretending I had not seen whatever had happened. I was assur
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Chloe Nathan's house was quite nice. I had to give it to him, he had a rather wonderful house. Not that I would ever admit it to his face. Despite looking quite modest on the outside, the building was wide and spacious. It also had a backyard pool that I very much plan to use for my leisure. Living with my parents meant I had little to no time for fun. There were rules I had to follow, and regulations to live by, and honestly, mom and dad were the worst sort of hypocrites I had ever met. A sigh escaped me as memories of the past plagued me and I shook my head. The microwave let out a ding, telling me my dinner was ready. Getting married to Nathan was my means to escape. And even though he could be a jerk, at least he was keeping his distance this time. It had been a full week since we got married and I could count how many times we had seen face to face. "He's avoiding me," I grumbled, pulling out the bowl of lasagna and stabbing it with a fork. I shouldn't be sad abo
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9NathanI had never been so darn happy to hear those words in my entire fucking life. She sat down on my couch, dressed in a flimsy dress that had caught my attention from the minute I stepped in. It was a light cotton dress that clung to her seductive frame, ending inches above her knees. Her pale sweet thighs winked at me, asking to be touched and dear God, I wanted so badly. I wanted to reach for the low V-neckline and rip it now until her breasts were on full display. Her sweet, generous breasts. My mouth watered at the thought and I stifled a groan that threatened to slip out. "Kiss me, Nathan," Chloe whispered again and all sane thoughts slipped out the window. With a tortured groan, I covered the space between us and covered her mouth with mine. And that had to be the best decision I had made all fucking week. Her lips were soft and plump, pressed hotly against mine. That was sweet and all, but I wanted more. I had spent the entire fucking week getting taunted by
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Chapter 10
Chapter Ten Nathan "There's my little brother!" Noah yelled as soon as I pushed the bar door open. The men chugging shots paused to look at me, the dancing strippers on stage glanced in the direction the idiot pointed and a couple- or maybe they weren't a couple but they were both shameful enough to shag each other like a bunch of rabbits in an open space, paused mid shagging on a couch hidden in a corner, then with a liquid laugh that repulsed me, they resumed. The bar reeked of alcohol and cigars and a musty smell I was certain came from the shameless fuckers. "Dammit, Noah! You couldn't pick a much more classy bar?" I snapped, settling on a stool beside the blockhead of a brother. "Aww, does this place offend your sensibilities? I'm sorry you're such a sensitive lady," he mocked, a stupid grin on his face as he raised a glass of thick frothy drink that hissed with each movement. That drink could not be safe. And no way was I drinking that shit. I adjusted my white tee
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