Billionaire's Accidental Wife

Billionaire's Accidental Wife

By:  C.ELLICA  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK 1&2- Completed One night, one life-changing decision, and so they say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Yet it was nothing but a stupid mistake. She awakens in an unknown suite, naked with a hot stranger in bed with a wedding ring on her fingers. But being confused was nothing compared to the fact that he was Shawn Richmond, the famous CEO-billionaire playboy. To make matters worse, he left her gaping and still naked. However, she didn't have a plan to see him, but fate wasn't done with her yet. In London, she saw him in the bar after getting herself drunk when she discovered her fiance was cheating on her and took all their life savings. Then, with sheer luck, Mr. Richmond offered her a job as her secretary in exchange for keeping their accidental marriage secret. How hard could it be? But being married to his boss wasn't always rainbows and sunshine; it was full of tears, betrayals, heartache, and when her life shifted from boring to running for her life, plus some Russian mobs, treasure hunters, and religious zealots after them for the rumored treasure left by Shawn's grandfather, their lives spiraled into a mess. Could his love save her? Or broke her even more?  BOOK 2- The Accidental Past (Completed)

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Fall in love with the adventurous urban comedy of the romance novel, Billionaire's Accidental Wife. Catherine Brown had a dark past including the murder of her parents. She and her brother moved away and finds a new life outside of their community. She was always with Jason, her childhood sweetheart until they become adults. Until they broke up, Catherine finds herself with nothing after he took away all of their money. She then took a time out to Vegas and met a playboy billionaire, Shawn, which she married accidentally. Which kind of life lies ahead for her after this?   

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Brenda De La Mater
Very good.
2023-10-30 14:37:18
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Add to the reading list
2023-09-05 08:31:57
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2023-09-01 18:29:05
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Nice book, you can check out Affair with Mr. Rolland too.
2023-06-27 02:50:05
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both book 1 & 2.. very satisfying to read.. awesome too
2023-06-08 11:44:16
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2023-05-06 09:40:37
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Zambri Mahmud
very nice reading material
2023-04-26 01:38:17
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Annabelle Lesbon
Catherine and her friends are funny. But I hate Mr, Richmond. How could he hate her after mindblowing sex? I mean, he didnt hate hate her but realy? He was an ass but you have to read more to know more. Loveing this book! Really. One of my fav
2023-03-29 09:18:36
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Allen meticulous
2023-03-24 20:36:37
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All in One. Nice. Clever Book
2023-03-22 12:47:40
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Romance and action adventure thriller in one package! Clever writing.
2023-03-19 08:25:31
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Lavinia ir
Love this too. Thanks author
2023-03-15 22:00:11
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Mommy ranna
Enjoy this one too............
2022-11-29 23:46:53
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Benedict Lenana
highly top
2022-10-05 03:54:52
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J.R Cortes
.........enjoyed it
2022-06-23 10:56:46
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169 Chapters
Chapter 1 of Book 1
At six o'clock, Catherine Brown was on her way to the hotel where her boss, slash secret husband, Mr. Richmond, checked in. He called her yesterday and informed her that tonight was the only time he would be available, and if she wanted her job back as his secretary, they needed to talk about something important first. Whatever it was, she didn't care any longer, and even though the devil said it would be purely business, yet here she was, driving under the rain in snarling traffic, and yes, she was drunk, but who cares? Catherine knew she didn't have to worry about anything other than business conversation. After all, Mr. Richmond never saw her as a woman, not that her yellow sweater and long skirt would make an impression, and besides, he liked his women naked, -fucking all the time. After ten minutes, when she reached the door, she strengthened and checked herself before knocking on the door of the presidential suite on the top floor. The woman at the reception said that she could
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Chapter 2
"Shit!" Catherine mumbled under her breath, 'Is it too late to back out now, right?'  Shawn turned around and gestured for her to sit down on the couch. She didn’t look at him, or rather when he was still staring at her, yet of course she did feast on his still wet, water droplets' back when he turned around and firmly closed the door to his dressing room. 'Damn those buttcheeks' She sank into a chair, slipped off her nude one-inch sandals, and realized she was suddenly sweating, not because the air conditioner was warm in this room—in fact, it was too bloody cold just a few minutes ago, but because she felt like she was in a desert land, devoid of water and thirsty for something. However, even without him here in the living room, she could feel him. Somewhere c
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Chapter 3
Then, out of nowhere, Shawn straightened slowly to his full height and paced around in front of her like some male underwear model. Okay, not that kind, but a girl could dream, right? But the man must be thinking of something. She recognized this kind of pacing; this was his boss's thinking pace, where he would be making huge, fucking decisions. What on bloody earth could he be thinking? His offer wasn't mind-shattering, in fact, it was as boring as hell hounds. However, he looked so intimidating, his broad shoulders seeming to fill the bed, his soft, warm, silky bed, with that thought, Catherine smiled, that Mr. Richmond actually stepped backward. His eyes bore straight into hers, his gaze holding her prisoner, searching her very soul. "Stay in the mansion with me, and I will double your salary plus bonus," the god mumbled, as if debating whether to take her right now. "What? ...You did your thinking pace just to tell me that?" She grumbled. "Ah, what?" "Never mind, Mr. Richm
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Chapter 4
...And at that moment, he knew that until he made Catherine his, totally his, he would do everything to have her back again, however, he was exceptionally formidable, not only to his rivals, even in the early years when joy and grief still existed for him, he had never experienced such jealousy, possessiveness, or any other emotion remotely like it. He had not known what fury felt like until that moment. It was sobering to realise just how much power this small woman wielded. Catherine shook her head. "Let me go now!" She edged away from his intensity, from the way he made her heart pound in alarm, glancing frantically at the rear door. But Shawn was too close for her to make good her escape. So she looked to his deep ocean eyes, then focused and aimed her thoughts at them, a talent she had had since birth, though one she would never admit aloud as she shed a little tear from her own, it was slowly creeping on her eyes, it was like she wanted all her emotion being shown to her eyes
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Chapter 5
Two Years Ago "Welcome aboard!" The Asian flight attendant smiled. "Going home to Las Vegas, Miss?" As Catherine made her way through the aircraft to her seat in the third row, she mumbled under her breath, "Well,... Not voluntarily, but needed if I want my friends back in my life." She smiled back as she stowed her bag in the bulkhead and crammed her five-foot-seven-inch frame into the business, first-class seat near the window, acknowledging that yes, she enjoyed spending time with her friend, especially now that her wedding is approaching. Oh, such busy moments, flowers, invitations, meals, church, dress, etc. It was all very stressful. And yet, this was an unplanned flight. Her two best friends, Jane and Chelsy, bought tickets for her to follow them to Las Vegas to celebrate her bachelorette party. She might hate this idea, but does she have a choice? Of course, she didn't have a choice; after all, the two would have disowned her. It’s just that she didn’t want them to weigh in
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Chapter 6
  "Hell no! Do I look OK?" Catherine murmured under her breath, ignoring the man while comparing him to her fiancee, who seemed ordinary in comparison to this adonis, Ryan Reynolds-sort of a man without the comedic attitude. Though, all was lost when she thought that she needed proper sleep because, for sure, her friends would never sleep a wink in Las Vegas. For once, she had a soft spot in her heart for this trip. She was trying to convince herself that this was a trip she needed before marrying Jason. But to her irritation, how could she start a wonderful rest when the guy
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Chapter 7
Ten minutes later, the woman was still a little bit apprehensive about their approximate encounter earlier, and he knew that from the way her eyes averted every time he gazed at her. However, just sitting beside the woman made him think naughty thoughts. She was of sufficient height to be a reasonable match for him on the battlefield of sexual escapade. As if she was ready to take on the world with her simple, taunting smile, she walked with legs meant for high heels and curves that wouldn't stop straining against the taut texture of her simple white shirt. With her chestnut-blond hair brushed back from her shoulders and long bangs falling to frame her heart-shaped face, she resembled spun gold. Even though her features were not particularly elegant, they were invigorating and inviting, like a summer breeze against the cold of his dead and frigid heart. Her eyes glisten with humor and keen understanding, and her heart-shaped lips are delicate, rosy pink, and full. The love that went
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Chapter 8
Shawn thought that the blonde woman was still a little bit uncomfortable about their encounter earlier, and he realized that from the way her eyes avoided him every time he gazed at her. Yet, both couldn't ignore the pull and the sexual tension each other had. Nevertheless, just standing beside the woman made him think mischievous thoughts as her cleavage was his to ogle with, the delectable pale, smooth two-cliff trying to take over his common senses. After all, he had a little incident earlier with the same cleavage, right? And he loves every second of it. When their gazes locked, it was as if everyone else in the club faded away. There was something so intimate and so unbelievably remarkable about her lilac strawberry scent that it was like calling him. So sensual and so arousing. Just looking at this charm, even his friend down there wanted to claim her right there and then. And though he couldn't determine her seriousness with her little flirting, there was something very unique
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Chapter 9
Warning SPG Rated 18+   Drunk or not, Catherine knew she was being unreasonable and crazy enough to say "marry me now," especially here in Las Vegas. She knew she wasn't thinking clearly when she said "yes" to the hotty. What could go wrong? She once read that Vegas was a popular wedding spot, and for very good reasons: iconic chapels, speedy marriage licenses, and out-of-this-world venues. Whether your heart was set on a minimum of ten people or less, a micro wedding, or like now, they were planning a stupid one-time game of elopement, there was a Vegas ceremony with their name on it.   So, maybe she was not dressed modestly for the evening or this game. Not that Catherine had any choice. After all, she only dresses modestly at work. Now, her usual mini dress, high heels, and a purse- the whole fuck me now-look was the only thing she had. When someone has a D-chest, anyt
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Chapter 10
  When Catherine woke up, her eyes fluttered open, blinking against the soft morning light from the glass window, blinding her eyes as she squinted. She glimpsed around and noticed that she was wrapped in a black satin sheet. She was confused about where she was. Her hair was as wild as the jungle, untamable and unruly. Her once remarkable golden blond ringlets now vaguely resembled a bird's nest, and any bows or clips that had once held them in place were long gone. Then, a sudden rush of dizziness and headaches hammered her head. But all those nauseating feelings halted when Mr. Ten Years with his heavenly broad shoulders was on her side of the queen-sized bed, stirred up and went back to sleep.
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