We Who Love

We Who Love

By:  Lex Armitage  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ling's parents have been separated since she was young, and she copes with the separation by taking good care of her father. When the public school her father works at receives news of a donor who'd supply the school with new books, Ling becomes enthusiastic. But upon meeting Joshua Aragon Villafuerte, the donor, all her senses tell her this handsome, rich boy is more than what he is. Joshua grew up never knowing what a mother's love was. He doesn't mind though since he sails through life easily with a rich father as his support. Though charming and your general nice guy, behind his easy-going smile Joshua isn't faring well--not when you witnessed your own mother put a bullet to her head at the tender age of six. Just when two people try to overcome their childhood heartaches, Ling and Joshua discover what links them together. And whatever truth comes out of their predicament, they can't deny that they need each other to get pass their demons.

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1
IsabellaMonster. Mama oftentimes called Papa a monster, a demon who tore our family apart. "I hate him, Ling," she used to tell me before I went to sleep every night. But for an eight-year-old child, I couldn't understand why.            Papa loved man
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Chapter 2
JoshuaMother was a quiet person. She hated noise. Any noise could stir her anger. I grew up tiptoeing on eggshells, always careful not to make her mad. Dad, at that time, was afraid of her, too. He was afraid she'd leave him. He couldn't bare that. She was his only one, or so he believed.            “Colpo di fulmine! When I first saw her a thunderbolt hit me,” he told me.
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Chapter 3
LingThe falls used to be Charlene's and my favorite spot in Paki-bato. Papa said that it used to be very secluded, where lovers had rendezvous, friends shared bottles of beer and sang songs with a guitar in private. But a lot had changed after many years, and many people had built their houses close to the falls. The water had turned murky and there were less fish to fish, but Papa said it was still the most beautiful part of Paki-bato.
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Chapter 4
Joshua Exactly seventeen years passed since mother fired a gun to her head.            In the Memorial Park, you could just count the number of people in the area with one hand. Save for the whistling wind rustling the leaves of trees, the park was quiet and void of
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Chapter 5
LingThe house quaked when I woke up in the morning. Papa jumped all around our house while he packed his things for school. He grinned and sang, “Mi hija, today is the day. Today is the day the sponsor will come.”            “What time will he come?” I asked.
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Chapter 6
JoshuaIt was a two-hour drive. I left the house around ten in the morning, which was also the time I woke up. I had no idea how I got into a suit in the first place, but I knew I needed food.            Driving with Manong Arturo was like driving with a marble statue, like the one in Times Beach, that replica of Statue of David with his nuts hanging loose for everyone to see.
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Chapter 7
Ling      There was much whispering around the lone, long, round table the school faculty prepared for this rarest occasion: a sponsor's visit. The talk wasn't about the chicken adobo prepared by Mrs. Carpio, the school principal, or why my father was giving the meanest glare to kuya Ronny. Everyone, including the young teen girls of the high school department, were staring and talking about the sponsor.
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Chapter 8
JoshuaThat night, after the visit, I was in Jude’s car. The sky was a black, giant ink blot. Streetlamps beamed and taillights of passing cars flashed and flickered.             Jude drove in silence and I rested my head on the window, watching girls in short shorts or skirts and dresses, and guys in tight shirts and black jackets walk to The Red Strip, the club where we parked ne
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Chapter 9
LingOur spoons and forks clattered against the cheap, China plates we'd been carefully using since time immemorial. Papa coughed and drank his glass of water, and stared at me for some time before shaking his head and opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something.            I put down my spoon and rested my elbow on the table. “Do you have anything you want to say?” I
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Chapter 10
JoshuaI woke up naked and sprawled on an unknown bed. My head pounded and the stabbing sunlight drilled into the back of my eyes. I groaned. My right arm felt numb. “What happened?”            Resting her head on my right arm, Bianca woke with a start. Her round eyes grew wide in shock, then shrank back to their normal size. “Good morning,” she said, smiling. She
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