We were intertwined

We were intertwined

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"my Lia is young and innocent she is just 18 year old. She hasn't seen the cruelties of this world. I can't die, leaving her alone. " , he hates the idea of starting his only daughter alone."I know my friend that's way ,My son is 28 old-year-old and perfect age to marry, I want your permission to marry my son, Andreas, to your Daughter, Lia Miller, she is young but my son will take good care of your daughter don't worry "Was the decision taken by Andreas and miller parents with out asking them , tieing them in a forced marriage , was any good??What happens when the most famous CEO come's to know that he is tied up in a arrange marriage , with a young innocent teenager??

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user avatar
is this a diff. story or the third book for we were series?
2023-08-07 13:20:40
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Vany Rogahang
its nice story
2021-07-23 05:14:43
user avatar
Susan Marie Tan-Flores
I love how light this book is and no dragging scenes of revenge. I loved Andreas and Lia! This book is on the top of my list for favorite one. 🥰😍
2021-07-11 19:13:13
default avatar
I really enjoy your book! Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-24 16:40:28
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Mariatu Conteh
nice ending
2021-06-07 10:47:02
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Myleen S Bondoc Anacleto
verynice good novel
2021-03-27 07:28:51
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Riski noval
mini book and simple
2021-02-26 18:26:34
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Connie Salonga
My goodness i had 200 coins i only used 10 then this app is telling me that i only have 3 so aggratinh
2021-02-26 14:45:54
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Michael Kwesi
looking forward to reading it.
2021-02-26 01:55:22
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Jac Miclat
Exciting novel
2021-02-25 06:42:03
user avatar
Soaham Taraphdar
Love in an arranged marriage with a significant age gap. Well going till now.
2020-12-31 13:05:12
user avatar
Janet Padilla
I love the story..
2020-12-30 07:33:51
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Rebecca Stone
Arranged marriage with nearly a decade she gap isn't going to be super easy...
2020-12-27 16:04:04
user avatar
Nice story!
2020-12-25 18:51:46
user avatar
Nora Aquino
Very very nice
2020-12-20 09:10:55
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61 Chapters
Chapter 1
Part 1            The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the hospital room.  Lia opened her eyes. She hasn't slept all night. Her eyes searched for the only family she had her dad, who was fighting for his life each second and somewhere she knew it he won't win. They had the perfect life as father and daughter despite being poor, they were happy together it wasn't same after her mom passed away, but they both supported each other and become happy again, but happiness doesn't last long for her.  Lia's dad had a heart problem, and he hides it from his daughter and being the poor person, he didn't have enough money to treat himself.  He does not mind, though. He has lived enough; the only worry he was having was leaving his young daughter alone in this cruel world. 
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Chapter 2
Andreas pov  I walked to my room after having a life-changing discussion with dad. I love my parents a lot. I can even die for them if I had to.  That's why I can't say no to their marriage
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Chapter 3
When they arrive at the Mansion after their awkward ride. Andreas went to open the door for Lia. The young girl blushed and murmured "thank you" to her Husband. Andreas saw how timid and shy the girl is, precisely like him when he was her age. Andreas took the Lead, and Lia followed him from behind. Before Andreas could knock on the door, the door swung open. Andreas went to hug her but was ignored as his mother threw herself on Lia. Lia was taken aback but quickly recovered and hugged her back. Andreas decided to ignore the jealousy. "Oh Lia, you grew up so beautiful. You know I always talked to Andrew(Andreas dad) that I want you to be my daughter in law. Seems like god heard my prayer." She cooed at Lia when she saw her blushed. "Darling, come on, let the girl breathe. Won't you at least invite them in? " Andrew asked. " Oh! I am so stupid. Baby come in. " she said to Lia as she took her hand and dragged her in. Again, ignoring Andreas completely. Andrew saw Andreas's pout a
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Chapter 4
 Lia woke up at 7 am, as it was her habit to wake up early. Practices can't be changed in one go. Even though she had quit her college to take care of her father, Her habit of waking up early for college remain the same.  She slowly made her way to the bathroom. When she was finished, she decided to go out of the room.  As soon as she opened the door of her room, she was hit by the smell of eggs and bacon. She made her way downstairs, and she saw her husband cooking breakfast.  As on cue, her husband looked at her. "Oh! You are awake! Good morning. I just finished making breakfast for both of us. Come join me." The Andreas said rather cheerfully.  "Good morning. You seem happy today. Any particular reason? " The Lia asked politely.  " My sister in law and my brother had a baby boy last night. " Andreas said with a huge smile
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Chapter 5
Once they reach home, they went to the there respected room. Funny how things were good just in the morning and by evening things turned upside down.  _______________________________________  It's been a one week and Andreas rarely at home. He is not used to be around someone 24/7. He needs space, his personal space. He made sure that the grocery is well stuffed in the fridge so that his thin Wife is well fed.  Lia is 18 years, A freaking teenager! Never had he ever thought about marrying a teenager. It feels more like babysitting her.  Maybe after some time, they could get a divorce. The thought made him hopeful. The girl was somewhat arrogant, according to Andreas. Lia always gave one-word answers. She never initiated to start a talk. She even pretended that she doesn't want Chanel's clothes. Like seriously,   Who would ever deny such expensive things. The Wife was try
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Chapter 6
Next morning Andreas woke up late. He was up till 4 am, busy thinking what his Wife said on her call.  He made his way downstairs and he found his Wife making pancakes. He observed her for a while. Surely the girl has lost weight . Many things happened in her life , which can lead to her current contition.  The girl was wearing was  wereing pink pj and her hair stick in every direction  made her look cute.  Andreas made his way to the kitchen. "Good morning, Lia." He said. Wife jumped.  "Oh, good morning Andreas. You are not going to office today? " he asked  politely, his hand still on his chest.  " Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you and yeah, I am not going to office today. I am going to see my new nephew today, would you like to join? " Husband asked.  " I would love to. Newborns are cutest" Lia chirped .
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Chapter 7
Lia woke up the next morning, comfortable in her bed. She didn't remember going to bed. Yesterday was different. She had fun after such a long time. She actually enjoyed her husband's company. She didn't even know she was smiling. She quickly got freshen up and made her way downstairs. Unfortunately, there was no one to be seen in the apartment. There was a note at the table. Lia, I have to go to office early due to some emergency. I made some pancakes for you. Re-heat it. I won't be able to come first today, have dinner. There are contact numbers placed on the fridge if you want to order something from there. They are all Smith restaurants.I am writing this note cause I just realized that we never exchanged are contact numbers. Remind me later. Have a good day. The note was written in such neat handwriting. Does everything about the Andreas have to be so perfect? Lia unwrapped the pancakes and re-heat it. With some chocolate syrup, the pancakes were the best. She had a whole da
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Chapter 8
It was the morning when the tutor was supposed to arrive. To say that the girl is nervous was an understatement. She was practically shaking. She didn't like the idea of being under the complete attention of her teacher. She was used to being in a class where the attention of the teacher got distracted among many students. But now, there was only one student and one teacher. Andreas, who was sitting on the couch, was watching her with curious eyes. By seeing how nervous the girl was, he decided to go a little late to his office. After all being CEO of your own company should come in handy at some point. The girl was pacing around with tiny steps. It somewhat reminded the Andreas of a baby chick. He scoffs at his own joke. "Lia! He is not strict. I was just messing with you. So calm down and sit here. "He patted on the spot beside him. "I don't know if I can do well. What if he thinks I am a dumb kid? "She questioned. "Then we will hire another one. "Andreas said matter-of-fact kin
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Chapter 9
Andreas got up first from the ground and help his wife too. The girl washed away all the dishes.  "Lia, wanna watch Netflix? "  Who is she to reject such offer." Of course. I will make some popcorn first. " she said.  Lia joined him with two large bowls of popcorn.Andreas was seated at the last row, so Lia made her way to him. She was still blushing from the previous activities. Thank God the theatre was dimly light.  " What do you wanna watch? "Andreas asked.  "Anything as long as it is not horror. "She said seriously.  Andreas laughed but not compiled.  He started the Harry Potter series. He looked at the girl and saw how her face light up. God, His Wife, is genuinely breathtaking.  Andreas could still feel Lia's lips on his. They surpassed every fantasy he ever had. But they would lo
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Chapter 10
           It's been one month since Jackson started tutoring Lia. The older man has been very supportive. Lia catches up the notes pretty quickly.  The relationship between Andreas and Lia started to progress. A morning kiss has been their thing now, compulsory thing. Endless talks, Movie marathon was their thing too.  Things were getting better and better each passing day.  Andreas noticed how quick and smart Lia was. His wife was completing her Marketing management. Once she meets it, Andreas had planned to give her a place in his company. But the girl was still in her second year, means he has to wait for another year until his Wife graduates.  Lia and Andreas would usually have dinner together. The older loved Lia's cooking. 
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