Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

This is a 《Bilionare ex husband》 fanfiction

By:  Night Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Faith sherringham is typical innocent, smart and bubbly girl. She had everything she wanted. A perfect dad, a loving fiance and a loving home. Sounds like a happy life. But one day her happy life soon turned tragic when she saw her beloved in bed with his ex and accused her of cheating. Andrew Dawson or Andy is a billionaire who owns an online class website called Key smart, he is arrogant, rude and made girls swoon over him. But he put them all behind because he fall for one girl, Faith. He was happy and no longer rude. He kicked Faith out because his ex showed him photos of her cheating. 3 years later, Andrew found out that the pictures were morphed and he spent all the years searching for her, hoping to get her back. Now Faith is no longer the bubbly girl she is, she is broken on the inside and lost her beautiful smile that Andy fall in love with. Can Andy get her back? Will Faith forgive him? Will they move on? Find out in where do broken hearts go?

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Night Moon is a romantic novel about betrayal, regret, and redemption. Faith Sherringham is a lovely girl full of life. She captures the heart of Andrew Dawson, who deeply cares for her. But Andrew's feelings change after seeing photos of Faith cheating on him. Outraged, he kicks her out, only to find out the pictures are fake. Andrew desperately looks for Faith. However, upon their meeting, Faith is no longer the same. Her broken heart transformed into someone else. Can Andrew's sincere apology and love bring her back?

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3 years ago
"What the hell?" I screamed. I couldn't believe what my eyes just saw. It was Andy and his ex, Natasha on our bed naked."Oh hey there honey, welcome home" He said in a sarcastic tone. "Don't use that tone on me Andy." I said angrily"No! You're the one who's not supposed to use that tone on me." He said angrily while stomping to me, I was confused on what he said. "Andy, What do y-?" He cuts me off "Don't act all innocent to me." He growled."After all I did for you, this is how you repay me. By opening your legs to other man and be a whore" He shouted at me. "What? Andy I would never do that to you. How could accuse me of such thing" I asked with my voice breaking and while tears are forming."Stop fucking lying and get the fuck out of my house" He said, then he grabbed me by the arms and threw me out. "Wait Andy I'm-" I was cut off by my own scream because I felt a pain in my abdomen and also stumbled to the ground.Natasha came outside with a trash bag and threw it beside me then
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Sherringham family:Elsa hosk as Faith sherringham (26)stellan skarsgård as Steven sherringham (56)Laura dern as Brianna sherringham (54)Lucas till as Austin sherringham (21)Dawson familyBoran kuzum as Andrew dawson (27)Pierce brosnan as Patrick Dawson (58)Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Dawson (54)Francisco lachowski as Cecil Dawson (25)A/NIf you don't like the characters, then you can imagine them as someone else.I don't know how to put in the pictures of the cast in here. But If you want to see what they look like, you could go to Wattpad and search the username itsnightmoon_And also shout out to my friend who helped me pick Faith and Andrew
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Chapter 1
"My biggest mistake is letting you go on your worst time"Andrew Pov3 yearsIt's been 3 years since my little bambi went missing. She was the love of my life. She can just turn a bad day into a good mood just by her presence.I remembered when we first met, it was 6 years ago.She applied as one of the instructors in my online class company called Key smart. We bumped into each other outside the office building when she spilled her coffee on me. Normally I would be mad if that happens to me. But when I look at her, all the anger just vanished. She was just beautiful. That beautiful blond hair, blue eyes and plump lips. She was wearing a buttoned white shirt and navy blue pencil skirt which showed off her hips.She apologized to me repeatedly but I said it's fine which made my driver and security guards looked at me with shock. When she came in for the interview, she looked shocked to see me. She looked scared, probably because she thought that I won't hire her since she did spill
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Chapter 2
"Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel."- Tupac Shakur Faiths POVThree years since that incident.The incident where I lost my so called loveThe incident that changed my lifeThe incident where I lost myself *Flashback*(This was after she received the news of her miscarriage)I woke up feeling sore again and I forgot where I am till I looked around. Soon all the memories came back. Andrew in bed with Natasha naked. Andrew calling all sorts of name.Woke up in a hospital. Doctor telling me I lost my baby and me having a mental breakdown.I hold my tears as strong as I can to not have another breakdown "Faith, you're awake." My mom said while she stand up to hug me. How much I needed this right now."We tried calling Andrew, but he just told us to leave him alone and then block us. What's going between you two, Faith?" My father asked.Soon enough the tears started to pour out of my eyes with a sob coming out. I started telling them
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Chapter 3
"Since I can't be with you right now I will have to be content just dreaming about when we will be together again."-Susan Polis SchutzAndrews POVI arrived in Madrid around 5 in the afternoon. I saw someone holding a sign with my name. Must be my driver.He took my luggage and put it in the trunk then he opened the door for me. "Where to sir?" He asked while getting into the front seat."Go to the four seasons first to drop off my stuff." I answered.We arrived at the hotel and all the staff greeted me. Perks of me owning one of the best Online class business in the world.I went to the receptionists to get my room. "Good evening, Mr Dawson, checking in?" She asked. "You think. I already made a reservation" I said. "Oh right the suite. Here you go sir, the room key to the suite." She said while handing me the key. I went inside the elevator and pushed the button to the floor my room is going to be in. I put my key in front of the key scanner till I hear the alarm. I went inside and
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Chapter 4
“Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.” — David Levithan, Love is the Higher Law.Faiths POVI just started silently and watch the two arguing till Aiden said something that surprises us."I'm her boyfriend." Aiden said smugly. I was shocked by what he said.While Andrew on the other hand looked mad. His fist clenched hard that you could see his knuckles turning white. His veins are popping out of his neck.In a blink of an eye. Andrew punched Aiden in the eye making a bruise which made me scream.Andrew grabbed him by his neck and pinned him on the wall while choking him. "How dare you touch what's mine, you fucktard." Andrew shouted. I immediately went to them and tried to stop him but me being small, that's not possible."Stop it." I shouted. At this point Aiden is gasping for air, while his face is turning white and his lips turning blue.Seeing that made me scared that Andrew will choke him to death. I used all my strength on Andre
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Chapter 5
"It's sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew."- Henry RollinsFaiths POV "Muy bien niños eso será todo por hoy. Te veo pronto!" I said. (Alright childrens that's all for today. See you soon!)"Gracias." They all said while walking out. (Thank you)I always love kids. I always want one of my own. I had the chance but the dream disappeared by him."Hola faith, gracias de nuevo por enseñarlas." Madam maria said. (Hello Faith, thank you again for teaching them.)"No se preocupe, señora María, me encanta enseñarles." I said to her while pack my things.I got this volunteering job at the orphanagefrom Amelia. When she found out I'm into teaching, she suggested this job."Mejor me, voy te veo mañana" I said. "Adios, nos vemos mañana" She replied back.I went out and saw some kids playing football, drawing or playing tag.I smiled at the sight of it. It's sad that their parents abandoned them. I just wish they knew that they're kids are healthy and fine.Speaking of parents, I n
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Chapter 6
Tears are words that need to be written.” ― Paulo CoelhoFaiths POV"Muy bien niños eso será todo por hoy. Te veo pronto!" I said. (Alright childrens that's all for today. See you soon!).I was packing my things when I feel a tug at my skirt. I looked down and saw it was one of my students.I knelt down to her height. "Hice esto para ti, señora Faith!" She said while giving me a drawing. (I made this for you, Ms Faith.)"Gracias querida, es hermosa." I said to her while playing with her hair. She smiled and left. (Thank you darling, it's beautiful.)I left the orphanage and made my way to the diner.*30 minutes later*I entered the diner expecting to see Morty and Amelia preparing the diner, but instead I saw Morty sobbing while Amelia was trying to calm him down."What happened?" I asked"My wife's dream, Josefina's dream. It's gonna be all gone. All the difficult steps we've been through it's gonna go down to waste." He cried out and sobbed more."Someone bought this land from us an
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Chapter 7
"They say it’s better to bury your sadness in a graveyard or garden that waits for the spring to wake from its sleep and burst into green."-Conor OberstFaiths POV"Andrew""Go away Faith." He said angrily."Why are you acting like this?" I asked."You're the one who did it to me first? Breaking my fucking heart you piece of whore." He said."Why don't you believe me? Do you not trust me?" I asked him."Why would I believe someone like you?" He said to me before he turned around and left me.I woke up in shock. Another dream. I looked around and realize I'm not in my bedroom. It was a fancy one. Where am I?The door burst open and there stand Andrew."You're awake." He said coming close to me. "How are you feeling?" He asked me."I'm fine." I reassured him.When he came close to me, I realize he has a scar beer his mouth. That wasn't there when we were dating. Something irked in me to ask where he got that."Andrew." I called. "Yes?" He responded. "Where did you get that scar near you
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Chapter 8
"I'm just another promise I couldn't keep."Faiths POV "Your room is the first one on the right." He said while opening the door to let me in.The hotel room is amazing and everything in it screams luxury. In the foyer there is a big boquet of flowers placed on top of a granite table. "The cleaners are still cleaning your room. You can take a look around." Andrew said. I nodded and went to the first room I walked through.It was both the living and dining room. The living room have a 2 beige curve sofa with 2 white pillows and 1 red wine pillow on each side and a single sofa at the middle. There is also a coffee table with goleden stands and a marble top. There is also a fireplace with beautiful carvings on it.The dining area have a rectangular table with a white base and black stands. The chair is made out of white leather and is linen button tufted with silver nailhead.There is a chandelier above that shines from the Madrid sun. You could just see them twinkling in every diamo
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