A Castle of Secrets

A Castle of Secrets

By:  Morgan Ash  Completed
Language: English
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This story will have dark elements(Trigger warnings posted on the chapters.) There are multiple lovers(who wants to choose?) As the reader, you will know everything before the FL. From the outside, Lilliana was a perfect replica of her mother. She wore her fake smile like armor and hid behind the woman her mother created in hopes that one day, she would find a mate who would love and accept her for who she really is. At twenty years old, Lilliana is only months away from getting her Lycan and finding her Goddess given mate, but her mother has other plans, forcing Lilliana into taking a contracted mate in order to take the crown after her father's untimely death. But the man her mother is dead set on forcing her to take the crown with is the son of her father's rival. With nothing as it seems, can Lilliana find a way to unravel the web of lies that she's been fed her entire life before it's too late?

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Great Story update please - I cannot stop reading
2024-01-12 00:08:22
69 Chapters
“I am the future Queen!” “And yet you are still not enough,” my mother growled, flashing her wolf’s golden eyes. The way her insults rolled off of her so easily was like a knife to the heart. “I can’t believe you.” “Lilliana, you are fragile. You let your emotions control how you lead, and that is not acceptable,” she retorted, her face scrunched up in disgust. Roughly wiping the tears from my face, I scowled at her. Didn’t she know how much I hated crying in front of her? How much did I despise the natural act of having emotions? I had just learned that my father is dead. He was murdered, on our lands, and there are no suspects. My father was far too strong to just fall at the hands of anyone. There was a reason they called him the Almighty King. He was one of the fiercest Lycans in all four kingdoms. While he led with kindness, he held our people to a certain standard. Trained our warriors to be the best. My mother, Coralynn, was trained in the art of being an absolute bitch
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Before he could open the door, I was twisting the knob. His eyes roamed over my nude form before a smirk crossed his face, “Princess, the Queen requests you be on the balcony in thirty minutes.” “Good thing we only need twenty.” I grabbed my father’s Beta, pulling him into my room, and kicking the door shut. Our lips smashed together, and he pulled me flush into his body. One of his hands held my back as his other laced beneath the tight weaves of my braids. After a moment, he lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his torso. My tongue slid along the seam of his lips, begging for entrance, to which he obliged, allowing me to explore the depths of his mouth. He tasted like a forbidden fruit, and I couldn’t get enough. I kissed down the length of his neck slowly, taking my time as he held my body to him. The way his body reacted to mine had me smiling against his skin. I needed the kind of release only he could provide me with. “Lilliana,” he moaned, tightening his gri
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The contract
I tossed and turned through the night, unable to sleep. I woke up around three and began practicing my magic. Since magic was forbidden, my father was the only person who knew that I possessed it. Sitting cross-legged in my bed, I closed my eyes, imagining a tiny fire. After focusing for a moment, I could feel the warmth in my hand. Smiling, I opened my eyes to see a tiny flame floating just above the palm of my hand. I motioned my fingers upward, and the flame jumped slightly, making me smile. I was learning more and more about control. Without a teacher, I was forced to read through old texts that my father kept in a hidden trunk. They were my great grandmother’s before she died in the War on Witches. The magic that flowed through my family's blood ended with her.... that was until I was born. The first time I was angry with my mother, all the lightbulbs in my room burst. I had thought about how angry I was in my mind, and then they were shattering, causing my mother to scre
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“Nymeria is counting on you, Lilliana. Prove to them that you are not worthless,” my mother hissed. She could care less about the kingdom.... she wants me to prove to her that I’m not weak. “I will not let the kingdom down,” I gritted out. “Was the contract good enough for you? Did you study it well? Not that you have much of a choice, but you are agreeing to the terms, yes?” she shot off question after question. I could see the glimmer in her eye. It was the first time I’d noticed it. It was the first time I’d seen her beg me to challenge her. But I refuse to give her the satisfaction. “I have studied the contract that you gave me. I am agreeing to the terms of my contract as long as Elliot is on board.” My mother’s eyes lit up as if she had won the lottery. And was that pride I saw in her blue orbs? If only she knew what I was implying. That pride would be squashed faster than an unwanted spider on the wall. “I trust that you will not give Sebastian trouble. I’ve asked h
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I froze, mid bite of the yellow apple that I’d just ripped from its tree. The air grew instantly cooler as wind whipped around me, blowing my untied robe open. Goosebumps prickled my skin. Turning around slowly, I met the chest of a very tall, broad-shouldered man. I instinctively took a step back, removing the apple from my mouth, but refusing to chew the bite that lingered in my mouth. I raised my eyes to his face, noticing icy blue eyes. But as I stared, they appeared to dance beneath the moonlight. Similar to when you dip black ink into water, and it bleeds into the clear liquid. I squinted, leaning closer, and making sure that I wasn’t imagining it, but he scowled at me, as if I was the one being rude here. Finally, I found it in me to chew, swallowing the apple, “Eating an apple. What are you doing?” I raised a brow. He narrowed his eyes, “Watching you steal fruit from the garden,” he retorted, clearly unimpressed by my bluntness. We stood there, locked in star
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“We meet again, little thief,” the man from the garden chuckled darkly. My mouth fell agape as I stared into his icy blue eyes. That can’t be Elliot Lakin. The prince whom I’m supposed to woo with my spectacular contract. Everything around me stood still as I stared into his eyes. The inky swirls swam within the blue, mesmerizing me. Almost like I was entranced once more, unable to look away. He smirked, snapping me out of it, and I scowled at him. “Elliot, must you be late for everything. Including a meeting discussing your future,” Agustus growled. Elliot shrugged, not moving his gaze from mine, “I’m not sure there is much to discuss. I’ve already made up my mind.” “Elliot, you will sit down and listen to what Ms. Pershing has to say,” Meredith growled, narrowing her eyes at Elliot, who was still smirking at me. “Yes, mother,” he drawled out, making his way over to the seat next to Emmet. I hated how my eyes followed him. He was even more handsome and impre
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Signed away(Elliot POV)
“Why the fuck would you do that?” My temper has never been this bad with him, but for fuck’s sake, he just signed my life away. “I own you, remember? That means your mind, body, soul, and life. I didn’t ask for this, you did,” my other half muttered disgruntled in my head. How the fuck was I meant to forget? I never realized the mistake I was making two years ago. Regret is a feeling I deal with every single day like a fucking slow acting poison. Death would have been a better option. “We could at least discuss these things, as they affect us both! I don’t want to be the King of Nymeria.....I don’t even want to be the King of Valtarin and I sure as hell didn’t want to be her chosen....” He separated from me, taking my breath away, and standing before me in true form. Black smoke curled around him in soft plumes, creating a cover for his body to adjust to being human again, “What can I say?” he shrugged, chuckling. With every heave of his chest, the large black wings pro
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I slept terribly last night. My mind was going a million miles a minute and I just couldn’t stop my brain long enough to actually find sleep. Even when I did sleep, I dreamt of him. The way the black danced in his eyes. The way his chest rose and fell with every breath when he looked at me. I dreamed of him feeding me fruit from the garden. Goddess, that one got me. It was so sexy, so sensual. I’d never considered a man feeding me fruit to be a turn on, but Elliot wasn’t just any man. He might be an asshole, but he’s easy on the eyes. The last dream though, was different. I’d woken up soaked in sweat and arousal. He dominated my body in every way. Ways that I didn’t even realize were physically possible. But the entire encounter was strange. As if I was blind to him around me. I could feel him, but not see him. I still feel the ache between my thighs despite a very long, cold shower. Now, I’m standing outside of his door, questioning my decision to even come up to this floor. Em
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Ezra drove me through the main cities within Valtarin, which were vastly different from Nymeria. Nothing within Nymeria was modernized and it was almost as if you took a step back in time. Most vendors sold from carts or small tents set up around. Most eating establishments used to be houses that the owner transformed to accommodate cooking and indoor eating. Only the wealthiest parts of Nymeria had modernized structures. Valtarin was modernized everywhere. I have a phone, so I’ve seen the advances, but it’s so much more interesting in person. “Do you mind if we walk around?” He shrugged, “Sure thing, let me find parking.” That was another interesting thing here. Everyone had vehicles. It seemed like you utilized them to drive anywhere, even if you could walk. After we parked, he rushed over, opening the door for me, “Thank you. You don’t have to do that.” “Elliot would more than likely murder me if I showed you any form of disrespect,” he retorted. “I would har
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Ice Queen
My eyes widened as we pulled back up to the packhouse. Standing next to Emmet and Hartley was the Queen, my mother, in all her glory. She’d gone all out. Perfectly styled hair. A long, flowing dress fit for a ball, not everyday life, and a guard posted on either side of her. I sighed audibly, chewing on the inside of my cheek. “Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise. I get to meet the Ice Queen herself,” Ezra chuckled. “There is nothing pleasant about my mother,” I groaned, trying and failing to ignore the anxiety that crept its way into my mind. My heart was racing as she turned, locking eyes with me. Her face remained hard as stone, not even a single twitch as she stared at me. “Uhm, princess, you’re bleeding,” Ezra stared down at my clenched fists. It was then that the pain in my palms became apparent, releasing a fresh wave of fear. I hadn’t felt the pain. I was numb staring into my mother’s eyes. I don’t want to be numb. I want to feel. Pain reminds me that I'm aliv
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