Fierce Betrothed

Fierce Betrothed

By:  Elizabeth Ukeh  Completed
Language: English
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Isla and her sister—Mavli— are captured during a raid and a sold into slavery. When Isla tries to escape with the help of her earth-moving powers, she attracts the attention of the King and Queen of Altsas who had been searching for a woman whose thoughts move the Earth as a bride for their son. She is forced into a betrothal with Prince Kyan.Isla must escape from the clutches of royalty, save her sister her people from a life of slavery.

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Julia Nora
amazing.. i can feel myself enjoyed reading this. good job 👍🏻 i am wondering, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 16:19:22
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The blurb???. It's a must read
2020-10-27 19:47:35
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Mother of Dragon.
The blurb, really is so mesmerising, I can't wait to dive in this fantastic adventure❤❤❤
2020-10-30 19:23:24
user avatar
Mother of Dragon.
Gosh!!! Your cover was so damn attractive, I gotta say?❤❤❤❤
2020-10-30 19:21:09
60 Chapters
Chapter 1. The Decision
The Decision   Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The throne room Altsas   King Tus III   I SIT COMFORTABLY on my throne made of polished gold and adorned with precious stones but my heart is disturbed. I haven't slept well in the past few nights and I haven't eaten properly either. How can I be happy when something threatens the very stability of my household?   I dismount from the throne and pace to the balcony of the stone throne room. Looking down, I'm faced with the marvelous sight of the orchard, the stream that flows across it and the bridge that looms over it. I catch a glimpse of the horses race past under the supervision of the stable attendants and grooms.   Wh
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Chapter 2. The Market Day
The Market Day     Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The Hut Kintil       •Isla•   TODAY DAY is a market day which means that most of the adults will be going to the market to buy and sell some much needed goods. I sleep in a little and wait just long enough for my parents to leave for the market.   I pull my fur blanket tighter over me and wait to hear my parents' departing footsteps. The Torrid Season is characterized by freezing cold nights and scorching hot days.   Mavli lays snoring softly beside me, I sit up and wa
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Chapter 3. The Onyx
The Onyx Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The Path to the River Kintil     • Mavli•     "IS SHE OK?" Cirok asks me watching Isla as she quickens her steps, her springy hair bouncing on her shoulders and soon disappears from our sight.   I shrug my shoulders. "She's fine." I reply.   I'd do anything for a cold drink at this moment, I can't wait to dip in the river to evade this torturous heat.   "How did you sleep?" Cirok asks with his huge eyes on my face. I wonder what he sees when he looks at me. Frankly, I'm no beauty compared to Isla, I'm very plain. The only attractive feature is the small mole
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Chapter 4. The Storm
  The Storm   Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The River Kintil       •Isla•   MAVLI RUNS TOWARDS ME, her feet slapping loudly on the hardened earth. She is smiling and yelling my name.   "Isla! Isla!" She runs into the river with full speed splashing water on me and drenching her dress.   "What is it?!" I ask terrified," what happened? Where's Cirok?" I glance behind us but there's no sign of the tall male.   Panting, Mavli kneels in the river to catch her breath. I quickly rinse the last of lather
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Chapter 5. The Masks
  Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The River Kintil       •Mavli•   SOAKED TO THE SKIN, I run as fast as my legs can carry me. My dress clings to me like a second skin and I feel my dripping hair stick to my forehead, cheeks and nape.   I just knew she won't be happy for me. But I didn't know her envy ran so deep that she unleashed a storm and in the Torrid Season! What would the people say? Would people suspect her? The stupid girl is going to get herself hanged if she doesn't control her witchcraft.   My heart is beating as loud as the talking drum and my legs wobble under me. I have to reach the market as soon a
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Chapter 6. The Advice
  Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The Orchard Altsas   Kyan   I HAVE JUST RETURNED from my hike and I am yet to greet my parents after three weeks of being apart. I am reluctant to face my parents especially my father, I'll do whatever I can to evade his concerns on marriage.    The old man keeps smothering me each time he sees me and that is part of the reason I go on frequent hikes. The other reason I evade the Kingdom and my identity as Prince is to find myself and remind myself that there's more to life than delicious food and impressive clothing and a beautiful throne.    Exhausted and parched, I trot to the palace orchard and sit under the nearest tree. I free myself from the weight of my sword and
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Chapter 7. The Raid
The Raid     Year of the Lilies Torrid Season The River Kintil   Isla   I LAY STUNNED ON THE WET GROUND, my fingers are digging into the dirt, my hair and dress are plastered to my body and I'm sobbing; the salty tears roll down my cheeks and some seep into my mouth.    I don't know how long I've been lying down here but I know that it's been long enough for the storm to be an ugly memory of a few moments ago. The soft wind that blows is icy and sends shivers down my spine.    The hair on my body stands on end and I feel goosebumps rise on my skin. My head is throbbing aggressively and my heartbeat has lessened to a numb thump in my chest cavity. And one name pulsates in my throbbing,
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Chapter 8. The Scars
The Scars       Year of the Lilies Torrid Season Unknown Road Unknown Place   Mavli   MY EYES OPEN SLOWLY and I immediately wish it hadn't. I want to sleep this nightmare away. I wish I'll woke up in the hut beside my sister like I did yesterday.   Yesterday feels like another lifetime. It's funny how I took the simple bliss of being at home, of being with my mother and father and sister for granted. I'd give anything to be with them right now. I wish I can turn back the hands of time.   The huge cart moves beneath me almost fluidly, its rhythm is almost comforting. I can hear the cantering hooves of the horses that pull me further away from the only life I've ever known. 
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Chapter 9. The Thirst
The Thirst     Year of the Lilies Torrid Season Unknown Place Unknown Place   •Mavli•   AS THE DAY PROGRESSES, the heat of the Torrid Season becomes more apparent. And the stench of our unwashed bodies becomes more unbearable. My nose burns and itches at the smell. What have we done to deserve this?    The naked girl in the cage beside mine is still eating rigidly and staring at nothing ahead. Her slender fingers grab the bars of the wooden cage tightly. I wonder how she manages to sit with perfect posture when we are in so much pain.   Swarm of flies buzz enthusiastically around us and a generous number of them hover around the scarred boy's face. He doesn't make any move to chase them aw
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Chapter 10. The Sale
The Sale   Year of the Lilies Torrid Season Market Altsas   Mavli   WHEN THE HEAT does not relent and the heavy stench in the air becomes unbearable, I feel bile rising up my throat. The churning of my stomach becomes excruciating. Can I hold on a little more?   I lean exhausted in my cage, I'm so dehydrated and my tongue is dry and my teeth are gritty. When will we arrive our destination?    As if on cue, stone towers appear at the horizon and I feel very uneasy. I suddenly wish we do not reach there so soon. From the shadow our cart casts on the ground, I can tell it's late in the afternoon.   I let my weak eyes roll until they land on the li
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