The Weekend Nanny

The Weekend Nanny

By:  Penny Heather Love  Completed
Language: English
167 ratings
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Amanda North is a young widow trying her best to raise her four-year-old son Jack while managing her own wellness spa.Mark Hunter is trying to balance being a single father to his one-year-old Penny and managing hotels.A chance encounter in one of their trips has started a series of seemingly innocent encounters that sealed their fates.“Darling, please help with Penny. I haven't slept for a whole day” the man suddenly turned to her pleadingly while handing her the baby."..."‘Darling???’ how could he call her endearingly. She doesn't even know who this guy is?

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Story Adik
Done. Bought all episodes & Finished it in 2 days… cute story but if ur looking for steamy story this is not for U
2023-07-11 20:51:13
default avatar
This book should be at the top of your must read list. It is worth reading.
2023-07-07 22:06:15
user avatar
worth reading.. .........
2023-06-26 17:04:28
user avatar
Abimbola Tolulope Ojeleye Odueso
very interesting
2022-07-27 17:08:40
default avatar
Love this story so much - worth reading worth the time and money... Love the author style of writing - expecting more works from the author ......
2022-07-12 02:51:58
user avatar
love the story very much ...
2022-04-08 23:10:51
user avatar
I love the fact that the book is short and precise. Lovely storyline. Kudos to the Author.
2021-12-28 03:31:52
user avatar
Jessica Leatinuu
it's a beautiful
2021-10-27 08:00:39
user avatar
Fiona Adai
very interesting book to read.
2021-10-22 00:15:06
user avatar
Adedolapo O Esho
beautiful story
2021-10-19 15:39:17
user avatar
i love this book, love the ending..i really like the short story with a very good ending
2021-09-17 20:49:35
user avatar
Black Rose
such a wonderful ending. thanks author for sharing your lovely novel.
2021-08-23 13:43:06
user avatar
Ricky Port
story is very exceted
2021-08-19 05:45:08
user avatar
Weng Asaidas
how to get free read
2021-08-17 16:44:35
user avatar
Sharon Kabat
I've read this book 3 times now! I love this book!
2021-08-12 03:28:52
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105 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 – The First Meeting
“Domestic flight from Capitol Metropolitan to Northern Province is now ready for boarding. Priority passengers please prepare to board the plane.”The announcement was heard from the domestic airport’s PA system.The priority passengers hurriedly board the plane to take their seats.It was a 6-hour midnight flight from Capitol Metropolitan, Diamond country’s capital, to the Northern Province, the country’s most abundant territory with all the gold and diamond mines among other precious stones and gems.When Amanda North headed to her row with her four-year old son Jack, she noticed that the man in the first row is already sleeping soundly with his seat reclined all the way back.
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CHAPTER 2 – Welcome to Northern Province
The first half of the flight went smoothly allowing the four people to sleep.The flight attendants passing by could not help but admire the love family seated in the second row.A strong and handsome father while the mother is beautiful and gentle.  The young boy is very smart when awake but looks like his mother when asleep. The little baby is an angel when sleeping but also displaying a mischievous smile when awake.In the fourth hour of the flight, the baby started moving and then suddenly cried.“Mom, mom” Jack woke up as soon as he heard the baby crying.“I think Penny is hungry” Jack observed whil
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CHAPTER 3 – Call me Hun
“I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Mark Hunter. You can call me ‘Hun’ for short” Mark said in a business-like tone.“Amanda North, and you already know my son Jack” Amanda replied while handing her business card.‘Amanda North. Branch Manager – Green District. Heaven in a Spa’ Mark quickly read the business card before keeping it in his wallet.“I don’t have my business card with me now but I can give you my number” he quickly dialled Amanda’s number.“It suits you, you know” Mark remembered how concerned she was with Penny and he thought it’s her nature to take care of others.
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CHAPTER 4 – Lee Family
“Hun? Is he your new boyfriend?” Henry’s eyebrow immediately raised when he heard ‘hun’ is it short for ‘honey’?“Huh? Oh no no..Hun for Hunter. We just met. Shall we go now? Grandma and Pops might we waiting for us” Amanda just wanted to escape the awkward scenario.“Well, it was a fun flight. Thanks again for Penny” Mark gave his sweetest smile while patting Jack’s head.“Thanks for breakfast” she replied.“Until next time, see you” Mark felt optimistic of their next meet-up.As soon as they went inside the car, Henry started bugging her again about Mark.
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CHAPTER 5 – Time to Come Back Home
The week went by quickly and it was time for Amanda and Jack to go back to Metropolis. She was arranging their luggage for the next day’s flight when her phone started ringing with an unfamiliar number.Thinking it might be a client, she answered without thinking then she heard a distant but familiar voice.“Young Lady” her hands immediately trembled as soon as she heard the voice.“Sorry, I think you dialled the wrong number” Amanda quickly ended the call and sat on the bed for support. She was trembling and she felt her heart stopped beating for a moment.It’s been five years when she was last called by her title. Not that she misses it, but it took her great pains to erase her past life
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CHAPTER 6 – Take Off Your Shirt
“Are you guys moving in?” Amanda could not help but ask while gesturing for Mark to come inside.“I’m not sure what we might need so I thought I’ll just bring everything” Mark replied her shyly.“Give her to me” she immediately checked her temperature and was relieved that it was still in the 38C.She settled the baby in the nursery and then led Mark to the guest room opposite her master’s bedroom.“You can settle your things first then come out for dinner. You must be starving” now that she’s looking it seems like Mark haven’t slept at all.“You have no idea” Mark chuckled.
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CHAPTER 7 – Are You Dying?
As soon as he enters his office, Adam West, his friend and trusted assistant immediately followed and reported the day’s itinerary while placing a sandwich in his table.“You can take this one, I’ve had breakfast already” Mark said while pushing the food tray to Adam.“…”He immediately went to the conference room to meet his business partners and after confirming the finalized the details, both parties signed the contract and shook hands.He went back to his office for the next meeting when Adam reported to him.“Boss, the representative from Dark Desires is running late and requested to move the contract signing at 11am&r
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CHAPTER 8 – My Family is Waiting
The rest of the day went smoothly for Mark and he decided to go back to pick-up Penny. He brought the cake back for Jack hoping the dark chocolate would appeal to the picky child. As soon as he enters the house, he heard the excited voice of Jack.“Uncle Mark, do you know Penny is already talking. She said ‘Jack’ ‘Jack’ ‘Jack’. She’s calling me” Jack was ecstatic.“Really? Wow, that’s great Jack. It means she knows you already” he could not break the little boy’s heart.“I have something for you. Let me know if you like it then we will keep the cake vendor in the hotel” Mark suddenly felt he wanted to train the boy in decision-mak
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CHAPTER 9 – Future Son-in-Law of the Golding
“If you know what’s best for the mother and her son, you would stay away from them” Uncle Ben smiled coldly. After working with the old Master for so long, his ice-cold temperament has rubbed off to his subordinates.“And if I don’t?” Mark was not easily intimidated. He is a Mills after all.He wouldn’t be able expand their business if he is a weakling who would back down at every threat.“Let’s just say, this is not a very good community. A single mother and her child alone in their house. Tsk tsk. Who knows what might happen?” Uncle Ben gave him a smirk.“The mother is very pretty and very young, no?” the old man was taunting him.
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CHAPTER 10 – I Can Have a Girlfriend in an Instant
“The Goldings have secured the monopoly of gold-mining in the Northern Province. They’re inviting interested business families for joint-venture in exchange of future business deals” Grandma Mills explained.“What does it have to do with us? Our business is in hospitality. Why are the Goldings suddenly interested in Mills family?” he felt something was off.The Goldings does not need any joint-venture, with their wealth, they can develop the Northern Province on their own. It’s like giving the Mills free-lunch. But everyone knows there’s no free lunch in this world.“What did the Henley say?”Henleys from the West Province is another prominent family in the country that e
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