Woman Of Vile

Woman Of Vile

By:  LeemaLiyu  Ongoing
Language: English
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'The downfall of a queen is a fatal one' Munawarrah Osman Abdel-Jabar is a cold hearted Egyptian/ Nigerian woman born, and brought up in Nigeria, CEO of Aaima pharmaceuticals and Aaima construction company. She has done things to land her where she is and she isn't stopping. Her father had left her Nigerian mother, Aaima with pregnancy and ran away, she is among the top fifty most influential women in the world and considers herself incapable of love. Following series of events that leads to the shaky background of her company and threatens it's collapse. Munawarrah is forced to drop her pride and do things she hasn't done before but can even those help her so as to be able to hold onto it? MUNAWARRAH: Woman Of Vile isn't just a story about the strength of a woman, it depicts love, betrayal and sacrifice.

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7 Chapters
Chapter One
The downfall of a queen is fatal one. MunawarrahShe didn't care if it was raining cats and dogs, those bastards were going to have to step out of the comfort of their homes and answer her when she calls."Call Abass and tell them to meet me at my office in ten minutes." She told Khairatu, her personal assistant, the girl looked flabbergasted as Muna barged into her flat which was at a far end of the compound where Muna's mansion was located.She quickly stood up and shut her laptop with a slam but, Muna had caught the face of a handsome young man she had been video chatting with but that was the least of her problems. If those stupid scientists at Aaima pharmaceuticals thought they could escape her wrath after disappointing her, then they were in for a huge surprise.
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Chapter Two
Abdul-Dayyan and MunawarrahTheir marriage had been a short one in which he had blackmailed her into."Uhmm ma'am, there is someone here to see you." Khairatu had come into her office to announce."Does the person have an appointment?" She asked without looking up from her computer."No ma.""Then send them away.""It's Sir Abdul-Dayyan." The girl said and Munawarrah finally raised her head and a coy smile enveloped her face."Send him in at once!"Sir Abdul-Dayyan wasn't just brilliancy, he was also handsome with his well trimmed beard he stood above six feet
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Chapter Three
After the marriage Abdul-Dayyan MohammadAfter mixing the chemicals in a test tube, he left it on the rack and exited the lab. Once outside he pulled out his gloves and dumped them in the trash bin, before walking through the long hallway and going up the stairs to his bedroom.It was as dark as he had left it, so he proceeded to remove his lab coat before switching on the lights. He didn't expect the sight that graced him, his wife Amal was sitting on his bed in a sexy night gown that exposed her curves.He sighed and faced the mirror backing her, "What is it Amal?"From the mirror he saw her walked towards him before he felt her wrap her arms around his back.
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Chapter Four
During the marriage Abdul-Dayyan and MunawarrahAbdul-Dayyan stared at her while she slept, her long lashes resting gracefully atop her soft looking cheeks. She was really beautiful and he was so much in love with her, last night had been beautiful, a smile graced his face as he thought of it. That was the first time she had allowed him touch her, he hoped things will be better between them, he understood he had manipulated her into getting married to him but he didn't care. He loved her.She stirred before opening her eyes, they looked clueless as she stared about before realization dawned on her and she felt like plucking out her soul, she was seething as she wore her nightgown. Where was that son of
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Chapter Five
After The Marriage MunawarrahOne of the major things that had led Aaima pharmaceuticals into success was Munawarrah's greed for power, she was never satisfied and that itself could be her doom in as much as it had been her success.Munawarrah had very little or no faith, the last time she actually prayed was when she was in secondary school. It wasn't that she didn't believe in God, she believed she didn't have time for Him.Imagine she was in a meeting, then she'd cut it off just to go and do some weird forms of prostration or is it when she's exhausted from the day's events will she splay a mat and start praying, exhausting herself more? So her lack of faith had simply started as a form of laziness till slowly she began to forget there w
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Chapter Six
During the marriage Abdul-Dayyan MohammadHe left Kaduna for Abuja as usual on Friday evening, few hours after Munawarrah had walked out on him. He wasn't in a happy mood and not even the thought of seeing his daughter Nura lightened him up.He drove into his home and before his feet could touch the ground Nura was screaming as she ran to him, he held out his arms for a hug and she crashed into them.Abdul-Dayyan and Amal had adopted Nura when she was ten years old, they had found out Amal wouldn't be able to give birth so Abdul-Dayyan suggested they adopt. Initially, they had wanted a toddler but as soon as they got there and sighted Nura playing on her own, they wanted her and nine gears later they've never regretted that decision.
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Chapter Seven
After the marriage MunawarrahAaima construction company was huge, not as huge as Aaima pharmaceuticals nonetheless, it brought in a lot of money, it's breakthrough was when the federal government awarded it the contract for the renovation of ajaokuta steel company. It's headquarters was in Abuja, the nation's capital.She just arrived Abuja and she was leaving the airport in the car that had been sent to pick her, Khairatu was dedicatedly by her side and Usman in the front seat.Munawarrah was staring out the window when her phone rang, without turning, she asked,"Who's that?"Khairatu carried the phone out of Muna's bag."It's an unknown number."Munawarrah collected the phone and p
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