By:  Olivia Sera  Ongoing
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Amelia Young was like any other girl. After graduating from college, she got a job as the President’s personal assistant at her dream company, DRIVEA; it’s considered the biggest car manufacturing company in Japan and the only one who specializes in high-tech cars. It’s owned by the most influential and powerful group in Japan; the Pearce family. Kael Pearce is the President of DRIVEA and Amelia’s childhood crush. She’s been fantasizing about him for years and now she finally has the opportunity to meet him. But she was quickly dismayed when she found out that her cousin, Natalia Bradley, was dating the President. Not wanting to make trouble, she decided to hide her feelings and confided in a diary which she carefully kept hidden. But an unfortunate event leads Natalia to find the diary. She reads it and is overwhelmed by her cousin’s feelings. Without talking to Amelia first, Natalia breaks her relationship with Kael giving him the reason that Amelia wanted to pursue him and she was forced to break up with him. Enraged, Kael confronts Amelia. Confused, Amelia tried to explain but Kael refused to listen. As his revenge, Kael decides to make Amelia’s life in the company hell. He also refuses to let her resign thus leaving her no choice but to stay and suffer.But Amelia held a secret. A secret she never told another soul. If her secret will be revealed, what could be in store?

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116 Chapters
Wonderings: Prologue
“Congratulations Ms. Young. Welcome to DRIVEA.” After saying my thanks, I hung up the phone. I can’t believe it, I got accepted.
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Wonderings: Where It All Started
It's been 3 years since my 'hell on earth' began. I thought even after all those years; he would at least become nicer to me. What an idiot I am. Why would I even think of something like that?"You'd think she'd quit by now. The President must really be giving her a lot of money for her to keep clinging to him.""She's such a slut." Passing by the lobby, the rumors still haven't died down. It's been 3 years but every time I hear them gossip about me, it felt like the wounds reopened. I chose to ignore them and went up to the top floor. I sat down on my desk and looked over the files that were stacked in front of me. I'm supposed to greet the President when he arrives but I just want to disappear.As if on cue, Kael entered the floor and walked past me."Good morning sir." My tone was monotonous. I didn't even look in his direction. I didn't hear an answer so I thought that he went inside his office. I was surprised when he grabbed my face and made me look
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Wonderings: A New Friend
[Amelia]I opened my eyes and saw Kael close to my face. I immediately pushed him away. I looked at him and he seemed angry.
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Wonderings: What's Mine is Mine
[Kael]“She’s not going with you because she’s having dinner with me.” They both looked in my direction. Terrence’s eyes held anger in them. 
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Wonderings: Soon Be Free
[Terrence]I ran around the area but I still haven’t found her. I got my phone and dialed her number. She’s not picking up either. When I felt tired, I went to sit on a bench in a nearby park. When I got there, I saw her;
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Wonderings: She Still Cares
[Kael]I ran out of Terrence’s office.
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Wonderings: She Picked Neither
[Terrence]I arrived at my father’s house. When I entered, my grandparents along with my father were waiting for me.
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Wonderings: Longer
[Kael]After the night we spent at the festival, I decided to ask Amelia out on a date. Since it’s a Sunday and it’s her day off. I texted her and she responded.
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Wonderings: Terrence's Letter
[Terrence]After the meeting with Kael, I went to the library to pick up Amelia. When I got there, she was already waiting for me.
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Wonderings: Kael's Letter
[Kael]After work, I immediately ran to my car and drove to Tsuki Café. After all these years, why did you come back? I arrived at the café. When I stepped inside, I saw her sitting on a table; waiting for me. I walked over to her. She looked up and smiled at me.
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