Chapter 28

Giselle's POV:

Still kneeling down, he said, "They are the real lucky ones to have such a caring leader like you. You act just like their mother. If they're ashamed of having you as their leader, then they're not real men. I've never seen a mafia leader like you."

"Okay. Okay. Enough with the cheese, get back in the car. I'm about to puke."

After that, Kaun dropped us back to my house.

After we entered, I locked the door and showered. After I showered, Venettio showered as well. We both sat on the couch and I said, "Okay, now spill."

"Spill what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

He laughed and said, "Looks like I underestimated you. Kaun blew it, didn't he?"

I crossed my arms and waited for him to speak. He huffed and slumped in the sofa.

"There's a lot to say and there's a lot that you wouldn'

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