Your Last Lie to Me! {Book One}

Your Last Lie to Me! {Book One}

By:  Undercover Ostrich.  Completed
Language: English
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'My Last Wish.' is Annabelle's favourite book; an unknown author and delicious sex scenes, what's not to love? Well...being the Villainess, Being the villainess is what's not to love! Annabelle, a partially celibate lawyer (Not by choice) with a knack for pole dancing on the weekends with her best friend, wakes up in the arms of a beautiful stranger in what she hoped was a vivid sex dream. But, sadly, it instead becomes her new reality! Annabelle is stuck as the Villainess of her favourite reverse harem romance story--fated to be publicly executed by her contract fiancé, The crown prince of Envia. With no one to trust and nothing but malice offered by the male leads, she has no one to rely on but herself to restore her land to its former glory and clear her debt to escape the clutches of the first prince. Unfortunately, easier said than done, especially with the Prince's Knight constantly around her, her butler constantly watching, the Portburgh tycoon out for her blood and unknown prince's spies watching from the shadows making sure her plans are anything but hidden and her safety anything but guaranteed! (IMPORTANT: THIS BOOK NEEDS HEAVY EDITING, AND, UNFORTUNATELY, IT DID NOT DO WELL ENOUGH FOR BOOK TWO; I AM CONSIDERING EDITING TO COMPLETE THE PLOT IN ONE BOOK, BUT THAT NEEDS TIME (A LOT) AND EFFORT. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL THIS NOTICE IS ERASED. IT COULD BE YEARS** BECAUSE MY WRITING STYLE HAS CHANGED)

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77% through this one and I'm already looking forward to book two. I've been enjoying the journey of this story.
2021-09-18 01:22:35
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Undercover Ostrich.
All your comments are really lovely, so much so that I am compelled to continue with book 1 and end it elsewhere. Y'all are super mages. It might take some time because I have a few other projects I am tackling, but what the hell, right? haha! Thank you for the love, I appreciate it.
2021-04-12 15:25:46
default avatar
I love it. Waiting for more of vivanna
2021-04-04 20:14:37
user avatar
Betney Und
Kept my attention throughout. Lots of juicy intrigue.
2021-04-03 12:01:02
user avatar
Kristina S.
I love it! Waiting waiting second book, more of vivanna :-)
2021-03-31 16:17:34
user avatar
Kyon Baby
This is a good read. I like the flow of the story. Each chapter will make you crave for more. I hope it will be updated soon.
2021-03-07 00:01:14
default avatar
Worth it👍🥰
2021-01-11 21:04:04
77 Chapters
Chapter One: My Eternal Bond.
"Are you still holding on to that book?" My best friend Milo asked, well she did not so much as ask, but yell the words instead. "By that I mean are you still jerking- ""Shhhhh!" I leapt from my seat, which was across from hers, and covered her mouth with my hand. The white plastic table between us shook jerkily against my body, and our drinks almost spilt. Yes, she was drunk. Yes, I was also drunk. But the only difference was that I was not drunk enough to let the whole world know that I was masturbating to my favourite book!We were outside a small open bar and restaurant that served my best friend's microbrew.Milo had sold her recipe of the brew exclusively to them so that they would gain more customers and popularity. But, genuinely, I am convinced that she sold it to them because she liked one of the chefs.Aruto, he was handsome and roguish. Pantie-drop roguish. He had the kind of low voice that left your tummy unsettled.If he had also ask
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Chapter Two: My Last Wish.
Aruto gave me a curt nod back, and I couldn't help but wonder if he looked a little bit disappointed. If I did see disappointment etched in his beautiful features, it was only for a second, and then he proceeded with his chores."Which case?" I asked as I wore my bag over my shoulders and then fixed my clothes."A model double signed. She had an exclusive contract with the agency for six years, but she signed early with another agency, and she is kicking up a fuss.""Talk about the fine print." I sighed as we walked out."Are you taking a cab?" Milo asked."Yeah, you?""I was thinking of staying over at your place," she said."Yeah sure, you still have your clothes from last time," I shrugged. " Plus I'd love to have you pay for the cab.""Wow, frugal friends." She chuckled and then called the cab nonetheless."You know, Aruto could be a voice porn actor," I said, and Milo chuckled."Should I just set you two up?
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Chapter Three: A Leap.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the chapter, Daisy was confessing to her best friend that she could not choose between the men. "They are not the same, and I love them all. If only I could split my body and heart and give it to them." Daisy confessed. "But that is not the part they would love, because like you love them differently, they love you wholly." Gisselle, her best friend replied. "But then if, if I still had my memories, do you think it would be easier to choose?" she asked, tears brimming in her eyes. Daisy had spent weeks mulling over the issue. 'What if she had forgotten something that would help her have an easy time picking, or did she have to choose? If she asked for more time, would they give it to her, or would they plot other ways to make her love them more?' She had reached her breaking point. Currently, she was avoiding all of the men, and
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Chapter Four: A Summoning.
It didn't take me long to realize that silence was the best option. It was made especially clear when my butler, Erden, had rushed three well-known physicians to the mansion even before dawn. I was now participating in my last check-up with the physicians, and I have to say, I was really close to being sent away and declared mentally unfit.The only way to stay alive long enough to figure out how to exit the book was to be quiet."Everything seems okay, my lady. Did you perhaps ingest something that did not agree with you?" The middle-aged man kneeling before me asked. He was from checking my pulse with his stethoscope, or something that looked like one, and he was currently packing it away."No, no, I know that I gave everyone a scare yesterday, but as I said, I am fine now. I momentarily forgot myself, that is all." I smiled.Like hell I am, I want to go home! Milo…Oh shoot! Milo will be so mad if I am late tomorrow."My lady, that in itse
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Chapter Five: A Solid...ish Plan.
The fact that I am receiving an official summoning must mean that the White Winter ball is near.Fuck! Why do I have to go through this?I didn't even know that I was fucking a Knight and it was more like he fucked me, I didn't even get him anywhere!-That's hardly a proper defence but still. - I sighed. -And I'm not Vivanna! I'm just a sex-starved, I mean was, I was a sex-starved lawyer who just went to sleep!-Maybe if I had gotten laid when Milo had suggested I wouldn't have easily been convinced that it was a sex dream! "Are you not going to open it? My lady?" The maid asked jolting me from my thoughts."Oh!..uh" I gazed at the letter again.In Envia, it was customary for someone to open a letter, especially an official one, before a witness for it to be considered read."What is your name?" I asked the brown-haired maid, and she frowned.-Did she frown because I am supposed to know her name, or because
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Chapter Six: A Light.
"You, pick my outfit for the day." I pointed to the maid with the timidest looking posture."y-yes!" she said, and I recognized her voice as the one that had stammered outside my door.The girl had long brown hair held in such a tight bun that I was almost sure it would peel right off her scalp.  Her outfit was so stiff, it was like she had starched it for longer than the recommended duration. She looked like a walking box.-I don't even think the wind would affect the dress.-Was it her first day here?Or is she acting like this on purpose?"Stay here till I come back from my bath, you alone shall dress me," I said, and the rest of the maids had stiffened."Yes, my lady." They replied nonetheless, but they each sent her an apologetic look.The 'new' maid's green eyes filled with tears, as though she had truly expected the worst. But I didn't comfort her after all, I didn't know her side."Let's go." I said to the t
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Chapter Seven: The White-Haired Help
I had worn the spiceberry coloured gown that Mary had picked out, and then afterwards, I had forced her to change out of her ridiculous box!We were now about to leave the estate but not before she had shown me Vivanna's office.It had been a gorgeous space; the walls were literal bookshelves while her desk sat in the middle. There were two golden furnished couches at the centre of the room. The couches sat opposite to each other and between the couches, was a globe alcohol holder with in-built cooling stones that produced a cold mist indicating the degree of coolness. On the opposite side of the room from where Vivanna's desk sat, there was a wide and lavish golden fireplace with a large beautiful painting of the dutchy sitting above it.I know that the duchy is going bankrupt, but I don't think that I would be willing to part with anything in that room. The clothes and jewels were fine, but that room. I would leave it like that.Speaking of jewels, I co
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Chapter Eight: A Dog That Bites Its Master.
The town looked vibrant, and the people themselves looked cheerful. But that was probably because I was looking from a distance. The route to the club was not at the heart of the dutchy; it was on the hill that overlooked the town.I could see why the club failed, who in their right mind would like to travel up a steep hill when they were pissed drunk? No noble would bother with such a club, but perhaps it had been tailored to suit the townspeople.The road winded up the hill, a route which had way too many potholes. Each time the carriage shook, my body was forced against Erden's rock hard frame.I had to grip the seats at some point for stability but this, in turn, caused my hand to continuously graze his muscular thighs. For my last stunt, I stood in the jerking carriage wanting to sit next to Mary, so that I could successfully re-recite my celibate vows, without too much stimulation. But the driver had hit a pothole so deep that I smacked my hea
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Chapter Nine: Translation.
He had pushed her too far.Erden sighed.He hadn't had a choice, she was acting differently, and he hadn't known why. Ever since morning, had she lost her mind? Or was it a new drug this time?Still, he had expected her to tell him to see him in her 'office' or rather, her playroom.The pain she usually inflicted did very little to Erden, he didn't mind it. Hell, maybe she even allowed him to hate her. It was oddly relaxing.It was an odd feeling. Erden had never met anyone that he could hate more than himself, but…Vivanna always surpassed his expectations.Erden swore his loyalty to the prince because he admired him. The prince shone in Erden's eyes, his ideas were bright and revolutionary, but in the shadows there lurked too many corrupt nobles who thrived in the old system. He needed hands and legs, and Erden had vowed to be them. Especially to their most significant threat at political stability, Portburgh.The prince was n
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Chapter Ten: Beatrice Milton?
"You look uncomfortable, Viva," Bea said my name as though it was a weapon."Do I?" I asked straightening my posture. "I wonder why?""Me too, your family saved a life, you know." She smiled. "As I'm sure you know, twins are akin to taboo among the nobility, and so one of the twins lived her life in a wine cellar, among rats and smelly water. Fed stale bread twice a week, on good days.""Should we name the girls?" Bea asked then plopped her legs on her desk in the most unladylike manner.-Seriously, she behaves just like Milo…- I gawked. -I should probably leave though…-I turned my gaze to the door, uncomfortable by the conversational direction."My lady, it's storytime. Don't leave." She smiled. "I desperately need to hear your answer because that will depend on the level of partnership.""Partnership?" I frowned, and she stilled."I want to help you, and in the same way I need your help.""Yet I am the o
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