The Water Fairy's Affair

The Water Fairy's Affair

By:  S. V. Poel  Completed
Language: English
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Fiona and her three sisters were the fairy princesses of their hemisphere, all in line to become the next fairy queen. All it came down to was which one found their mate first and became pregnant. But Fiona never cared about politics behind being a princess. All she wanted to do was watch over her people ..... and change the chauvinistic way of the fairies. But what what happens when her mate is none other than Leviathan, the arrogant water deity? Will she change her views for love, or will love help her change the views of those around her? Or maybe it'll just be easier for her to throw it all away when she realizes the war hasn't even begun ...

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1 - I Walk Alone
Levi"Levi, you know I love you. I will always love you." Her sky-blue eyes contained the tears she refused to let fall. She was my best friend, the one I confided everything to, and now she is leaving. So many lives have come and gone from my own over the years. It never gets any easier and this one was by far the worse."Save it, Samara. I don't want to hear it. You're basically signing your death certificate doing this, and you know it." I turned away from the hard stare of her eyes to look out the window of the living room and into the darkness of the night. I just couldn't face her right now, not while my brain was going a million miles per minute.She sighed in frustration, putting her golden brown hair on top of her head in a messy bun. The beautiful, unmated woman who was perfectly chosen to produce children for me years ago was now irritated with traditions, the fact that she's living a secret life, and also with me. I honestly don't blame her, not one bit, but purity is the
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Chapter 2 - We Are Family
Fiona"If they think I'm getting dressed up for a worthless party, they have another thing coming!" I swung the sword at the training dummy standing in front of me as if the straw and wood were responsible for the ignorant old school ways of the fairies. Training always brought me peace and eased my frustrations, and this time was no different. Or so I thought."Fiona! What on Earth are you doing! If mom catches you she's going to completely come unglued!"The fire-orange hair and annoying voice that belonged to Niamph, one of my three sisters, caught my attention and caused my training to come to a halt. I put the sword back in it's sheath and hung it on the training dummy where I found it."Gee wiz, sis! Thanks for your concern!" I rolled my eyes in irritated sarcasm. "And now, thanks to you, I'm no longer training. Do you care to tell me what you're bothering me for?"Niamph's red and brown eyes sparkled as she sent a ball of fire flying in my direction without warning, but I welcom
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Chapter 3 - My Own Devices
LeviI was sitting at one of the many round tables with Sol, Celeste, and a few of the other deities that I have somehow managed to get along with these days and trying to enjoy myself as much as my children were."Levi, would it kill you to actually have a good time? You look positively miserable." Selene took a sip from her wine glass as we all sat around eating, drinking, and carrying on with needless conversation.I was honestly enjoying the break in the night's theatrics while we all waited for the future princesses to get ready to be announced. Selene had her midnight hair pulled back so tight it looked like it gave her a facelift, giving her an extremely youthful look. Why women do that to themselves is beyond me. Crazy. They're all crazy. I tilted my head and raised an eyebrow in her direction. "Really? You're going to judge me for not acting like a drunken fool? What about your partner in crime? Where's he at? Why aren't you judging him for not being here?"Sol and Celeste con
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Chapter 4 - Changes
FionaThe lake was beautiful this time of night with the moonlight dancing across the top of it, and now was the perfect time to test out the abilities of the suit that I managed to make. The suits themselves are meant for warriors as they are not only built to help conceal underneath any color of water, but they also have the ability to stick with us while we shift, no matter what specific water fairy we are.Because of the fact that my sisters and I will be going in our own directions soon, specific warriors were chosen to train at home in preparation for traveling with us to our new realms. I may or may not have stolen multiple suits from them to make my own, causing a blame game and more needing to be brought in. I recommended them going nude, but no one was nearly as amused as I was about it.I dove head first off of the tall cliff into the water below, and my skin tingled with pleasure as soon as contact was made. I swam around, covering distance quickly to make sure that I was i
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Chapter 5 - Call Me
LeviI was sitting in my den in the basement, attempting to talk with Sol, but in all honesty my heart just wasn't into it."Where the hell did you disappear to the other night? ....... Dad? You still there?"I barely heard Sol's voice come from the phone because, to be honest, I flat out wasn't paying attention. "Huh? Oh. I decided to leave before everyone got into the heavy liquor. You know how I can't stand to be around a bunch of drunks. That scene is just not for me.""What's up with you today? Usually I can carry a decent conversation with you, but you really seem out of it. Is everything ok?" "I'm sorry, I've just got a lot on my mind right now. Everything is fine, it's just, I'm over thinking things I guess." I hated lying. I hated making my children worry and stress over things. But now wasn't the time to disclose what exactly was going on with me."Let me guess, a combination of mom and the business?"I liked that. That I could work with and play along with. "Yeah, you coul
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Chapter 6 - The Scheme Of Things
FionaI was angrily cramming my luggage into the back of the middle SUV, hurrying in frustration so that the warriors and I could get out of here and make our way to the Finger Lakes, my new home. Seneca lake to be more specific.I let out a noise that was a combination of a snort and a scoff as I glanced at the eleven warriors that were split up, half standing at the first SUV and the other half at the third one. Not a single one was standing anywhere near me. Some watchful guardians they were. How could they protect me if they didn't even have the balls to be around me while I'm pissed off?I heard footsteps approaching from behind, my body tensed, knowing who it was without needing to turn around and look."Don't even fucking bother, Cerulean. I don't want to hear it." My voice was dark as it hissed through my clenched teeth.The footsteps stopped, but they didn't leave. "Fiona, please. I don't want this to end on a bad note."I spun around with force and I swear I could feel fire i
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Chapter 7 - Girl On Fire
Fiona"Fiona! It's not your job to over see the training! That's what head warriors are for! How many times do I have to tell you this?"I cursed under my breath as Aisling gave me for at least the hundredth time since I got here. The elder water fairy was sitting in her chair by the lake watching the kids as I walked by. Her white, blue, and grey hair was neatly pulled back and she was holding her glass of wine like her life depended on it. Which if she keeps her up, it very well might."Excuse me, I hate to burst your water bubble old lady, but I'm not just going to sit back and play house wife." I smirked as I watched the older fairy wrinkle her nose and squint her eyes at me in irritation before gulping down the last of her life force. Mentioning her age was the only thing I could do to get her to stop telling me how I should be acting, and I seemed to be the only one she let get away with it without feeling her wrath."We don't expect you to just sit around and not do
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Chapter 8 - Loving Honestly
Leviathan As soon as Fiona's lips locked onto that subservient's I had to get out of there. Not only was a planned day out with Sol and Celeste completely ruined by the argument about their mates, but Fiona just had to be around to hear a good hunk of it as well. I should have known better than to go to that damn city now that she's in the area, but I didn't think she was one to get out much. Looks like my assumptions were not only incorrect, but she was with another man to top it off.This entire thing was getting way out of control. I can't let Sol and Celeste know about Fiona, not right now. They can't have the green light to be with their mates just yet. I need to be the one to break the rules that became our walls of confinement, and I refuse to let anyone fight a battle they'll be sure to lose, especially my children.Sol and Celeste went directly to their homes without saying anything to me. Which is fine, I can handle their anger. Between being pissed off, hurt, and afraid of
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Chapter 9 - Crazy Girl
LeviFiona now stood only a few feet away from me, a shocked anger burning in her beautiful blue green eyes. I wanted nothing more than to take her in my arms and make her mine, show her how much she meant to me and what I was willing to give to have her. But judging by the look on her face I'd have better luck sweet taking a rabid hyena."You knew this whole entire time?!" Fiona's voice was loud and angry. She had one arm over her chest and the other was rigid at her side, her hand balled in a tight fist."Can you please try not yelling? This isn't really something the entire world needs to hear right now." I gave her a half smile as I scratched the back of my head, not fully knowing how to react."You knew the night of the party that you were my mate and you didn't say anything?!?" Her voice was more quiet, but not any less angry."Fiona, can you please calm down?"Fiona squinted her eyes and shook her head while she looked at the ground we were standing on. "This is bad. This can't
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Chapter 10 - Wicked
FionaI woke up feeling like I had a hangover thanks to the stress and lack of sleep from the night before, but I was determined not to miss a day of training, regardless of what others may think.Even though no one dared train with me, I still took it upon myself to oversee the daily ongoings and train myself, despite what anyone said about it.I grabbed a cup of coffee and a handful of aspirin for breakfast before I made my way to the training grounds. As usual, I showed up and everyone went rigid as I walked past them, their eyes casting disapproving looks my way.My own eyes immediately found the back of Colton's head as I saw him chatting with a few of the other warriors. Curiosity got the best of me as I cautiously made my way closer, hoping to make it close enough for my fairy hearing to pick up what was being said while staying far enough away that they weren't alerted to my presence."Before training starts, how about you telling us how your date was with the Princess last nig
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