Viva La Vida (Complete)

Viva La Vida (Complete)

By:  Francois Keyser  Completed
Language: English
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A decade of planning culminates in a nearly bloodless coup in the Kingdom of Aleghor. King Benedict takes the throne with the intention of eradicating the corruption which was synonymous with the rule and name of his predecessor, King Atomas. It is a task that proves to be harder than overthrowing the kingdom itself and while Benedict sometimes compromises his values while acting with the best intentions, his actions will take their toll on himself and those who support him. When loyalties start to fall into question and control starts to slip away from Benedict, how far will he go to ensure the survival of his dream to eradicate the corruption and bring peace to all men in the kingdom? How far and long will the loyalty and love of his supporters last? This fantasy is set in a city against the backdrop of a city similar to Pompeii and the volcano, Vesuvius. A character similar to Samson in the bible helps to create an epic fantasy story including romance and tragedy while fundamentally following a storyline inspired by Cold Play's song of the same name. With the events similar to the life of Samson described in this novel, do not expect this story to be religious. It isn't. It is also only one part of the overall story. It is also not a retelling of the end of Pompeii.

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96 Chapters
Chapter 1
Today was the day. The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning. It all depended on where the people were and where their loyalties lay. On this day the city of Kyrshom would at last fall. This day had been ten long circles in the making. A warm wind blew from behind, swirling the men’s cloaks around them like an invisible hand urging them toward their destiny from where they sat on their horses overlooking Kyrshom.Benedict shifted in his saddle. From where he sat on his horse, the people of Kyrshom looked like ants as they scurried about their business. Everyone was busier than usual as they prepared for the festival of Kelaspin. Oblivious to the change that blew with the wind today, the people of Kyrshom rushed abo
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Chapter 2
Kyrshom was unique. A natural fortress. It was surrounded by a hill on each side. The hills each had natural cliffs on both sides. The cliffs acted as walls on the East and West sides. The hills had been tunneled through to create one gate on the East and West sides which were the only entrances to the city aside from the sea. The hills butted onto a mountain in the South which was three times higher than the hills. The mountain was an extinct volcano from which the hills and cliffs had been formed when lava had previously flowed down toward the ocean. Lookouts and defense positions had been established on the hills and were manned primarily by archers. Catapults had also been installed and could be rotated to fire in any direction. The city, hills, and volcano sat atop a sheer cliff that towered above the beach and ocean. A ramp had been built from the beach to the city level to accommodate the demands of merchants and traders from all over the known world. The ramp had taken y
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Chapter 3
Shortly after dark drums began to beat throughout the city signaling the start of the festival of Kelaspin. The drums were audible from all over the city summoning citizens to the main road. The procession began, led by musicians followed by residents of the city dressed in traditional dress which comprised of all colours imaginable. The men wore traditional hats matching their robes while the women wore scarves with colourful patterns along with their long, flowing dresses. The procession ended at the palace court before the palace where enough food, spirits, and drink were laid out for the citizens to feast on the night through. The only people who could not participate were the guards of the city. Food would be sent to them at their posts but the need for security denied them any spirits. It was a rule which was never adhered to by the guards. And breaking it had never had any adverse consequences. But tonight that would change.The residents of Kyrshom, oblivious to the army beyo
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Chapter 4
Once the festivities began Atomas, Hester, and Alexa all enjoyed the food and drink with the residents of Kyrshom. Atomas only circulated with the wealthy merchants and minor royalty in the city. He spent little time with and paid little heed to the commoners of the city. As the night wore on, Atomas became louder and bawdier as he became drunker and drunker. He spent much time with a very wealthy merchant, Breeger. Breeger had four wives, none of whom seemed to be happy. Breeger and Atomas commented loudly on the young girl servants as they brought food to the table, making derogatory statements the girls could hear. They blushed or turned away as tears came to their eyes.Hester and Alexa circulated freely among the commoners and the wealthy making no distinction between anyone. They stayed until the last course had been served and then both Queen Hester and Princess Alexa excused themselves and departed, returning to the palace. Atomas departed soon after. As a family, they did not
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Chapter 5
After retiring to her quarters, Hester had waited for the knock that would announce her visitor. Her lover and companion. Dargo.He knocked on the door when he arrived and she let him in. “Good evening my Lady,” Dargo smiled as Hester closed the door behind him. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her tightly planting light kisses on her face and lips. Finally, their lips met and they shared a long kiss saying nothing and simply enjoying each other’s presence.“I saw you at dinner,” Dargo said as he poured them each a glass of wine. “How could you miss the queen?” Hester joked.
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Chapter 6
The arrows were a signal for him. He put down his cup of wine and watched as the arrows peaked then fell back to the ground, their flames dying quickly.No shout went up from anywhere. None was intended to. Quickly he returned inside and placed his wine cup on the table. He ran into Hester’s room and crossed to her side of the bed. She breathed deeply, her eyes closed. Asleep. He considered waking her but then decided against it. She was upset with him and waking her would probably upset her more. Besides, whatever emergency was signaled by the arrows meant that he had very little time. If he woke Hester and tried to get her to leave with him, he would probably be too late.Best he left and returned another time when he could be sure that the emergency had passed and all was safe a
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Chapter 7
Hester stirred. Dargo was shaking her. Her eyes fluttered open. It was still dark outside. Sleep mixed with darkness and the remnants of sleep confused her. Somewhere in her mind, she seemed to recall Dargo leaving. Yet here he was waking her.“What is it Dar….?”A hand clamped over her mouth and more hands hoisted her up onto her feet. In an instant, she was wide awake. A man dressed in black from head to toe stood before her holding her shoulders in a firm grip.“We have taken over the palace and the kingdom. Resist in any way and we shall kill you. Do you understand?”Hester nodded fearfully.“Get dressed.” It was a simple but stern order that indicated it should not be disobeyed. The person added, “I suggest you dress warmly.”Hester tried to see the man who spoke to her. His face was covered too and she could discern no distinguishing features. She realized that he was not alone. The moonlight that poured through the balcony doors and windows outlined four companions. Hester reali
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Chapter 8
Benedict stood before Atomas. “I am truly not surprised. I had heard it all before we entered the city in any event. There is truly no end to your corruptness is there?”Atomas ignored Benedict’s question. “Who are you? How dare you come into my city? I will have you burned slowly and fed to the maggots.”“You have no city left Atomas. You have no kingdom. You are here to be sentenced for your crimes against the kingdom and its people.”“What crimes you fool? I am King!”“You were king. You are king no more. And for your information, even kings can be held responsible for committing crimes
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Chapter 9
Dargo entered the headquarters of the Black Cloaks. He did not have to send for his second in command, Tode. Tode was waiting anxiously when he arrived.“Thank the blessings of the Gods and the blessed Gods themselves!” Tode exclaimed rising to meet Dargo. “You are safe!”Dargo waved his hand dismissively. “A narrow escape. Thank you for the warning. What is happening?”“The news is not good at all. I fear Kyrshom is overthrown. One thousand soldiers entered the gates from the East shortly after the festival ended. The guards were drunk as usual on the festival night and were no resistance at all to the intruders.”&l
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Chapter 10
“To all gathered here today, take heed and share the word. Anyone who does not know is deemed to have heard this announcement and non-compliance to the new order will not be tolerated.” The people looked at each other, confused. “King Atomas, Queen Hester and Princess Alexa, no longer rule in Kyrshom or anywhere in the kingdom of Aleghor. They have been deposed and anyone who still serves them as rulers of Aleghor is forthwith considered a traitor and will be sentenced to death if caught.” A murmur went through the crowd of twenty thousand people standing before the palace. The man reading the scroll looked up nervously, licked his lips and continued. “King Atomas has already been tried for his crimes and will be put to death shortly for crimes against the kingdom of Aleghor and its people.” Another murmur went through the crowd louder than the first. The man looked around nervously again. Fearfully. If the crowd decided to break through the barriers they could easily do so. He st
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