her silence screamed a thousand words

her silence screamed a thousand words

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DUA AGHA KHAN. Dua agha Khan is a 28 year old woman trying to make her way through the judging gazes of people around her, being mute and divorced in a Desi society, she was gifted with criticism, harassment and Unhealed trauma. Her passion was writing began when she lost her voice admist the hustle of her haunting past and she had never felt more lucky to have become one of the finest writer out there. Escaping an abusive marriage was a hard task that almost cost her, her life. Surviving as a mute girl in the society she is met with yet problem of being arranged for a second marriage. It wasn’t something that she wanted, it wasn’t something that she would’ve probably looked forward to but it was happening. Not having the courage to say no she’soff to another ride of what seemed like an endless tunnel of darkness for her. RAZA SHOAIB Raza Shoaib is a 32 year old man with a serious personality. He doesn’t like getting involved in much and like to stay in his own boundaries. After having his fiancée cheat on him and run away a day before their wedding the image of loyal women had been ruined in his mind. He wasn’t looking forward to get settled and was happy living the life of an infamous playboy when his father arranges his marriage with the daughter of his Best friend. The girl he never approved of, having his father constantly on his tail with sharp glares and words he says yes to the proposal but with an intention to bring hell upon the woman’s life.

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11 Chapters
She ran as fast as she could for she knew if she didn’t, she’ll be punished and this time she might not make it. She never knew that marrying the love of her life would only mean lust for him. Lust of money, power and the destruction of her soul. Her innocent heart never wanted to be his toy and if she wouldn’t do what he wanted She’ll get tortured in the most horrible ways possible. Her train of thoughts was interrupted by someone pulling her back from her hair making her collided with a hard form. Her eyes met the softest hues of baby blues that stared back at her, the eyes that she mercilessly fell for, were filled with hatred and disgust which tore the 22 year old girl’s heart.“You dared to runaway from me? Now watch what I’ll do, a punishment that’ll teach you your lesson for good and for last this time” he said while dragging her behind him still having a steel grip on her hair.His steps were sturdy as he paid no heed to what the woman was going through and kept dragging he
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chapter 1
4 years later...In an empty hallway of the hospital the lights flickered as the night took over the world. Silence cloaked the patients and the people staying with them.In a room filled with the smell on antiseptic and medicine a sound resounded. A low moan cut through the atmosphere of the room and the eyes of the lifeless girl fluttered open. They fell shut again as a pain shot through her mind. Her senses slowly started coming back with her ears being the first to hear, a loud beeping rung in her ear making her struggle to move against the restraints she felt against her limbs.Her eyes rolled back and front multiple times as her breathing got even slowly. Blurry figures appeared in her line of vision as a sight of black and white. Mummers sounded around her and she felt her sight fading Into darkness again as pain took over her body again. The doctors examined her, took notes of her vitals and informed her family of her recovery. After four whole years Habib Agha Khan and Tab
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chapter 2
2 years.I can't help but wonder if I even lived in those two years. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was re introduced to this world, when I regained my voice, when I opened my eyes to my horrible reality.What happened, happened in my past. I cannot change that. I've lived through it, I've witnessed it and I've survived it. I may have lost my hope somewhere in the darkness quite a few times but it always comes back to me in one way or another.Hope never left me as I thought, or as I still think, it just waited for me to discover it in the deepest pits of my existence.Blinking the haze away from my eyes I focused on the words that i had subconsciously typed on the screen.One step at a time, she took.I pulled the laptop shut and massaged my temples frowning at the burning sensation in my eyes. It felt as though I hadn't slept a wink when clearly I took those prescribed pills for a better sleep since I had a meeting to attend.My phone rang and I looked over at it. Throwi
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chapter 3
Raza's POVI looked around myself as I parked my car in our garage, the door closed behind me I sighed tiredly. The day was really long or maybe it was the work load that made it feel like an eternity.Walking in my house I opened my mouth to greet the residents when I was cut off in the middle by a loud screeching sound of my sister fighting over yet another one of her dresses with my other sister.Rolling my eyes I walked in the living room and threw my office bag on the sofa, settling myself beside Baba I paid my salam to which he gently replied.I leaned my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes feeling my back ache from sitting in that office chair for too long."Tiring day at work?" Baba asked me nod and slump against the cushions."Raza I want to talk to you about something" he said after a long silence making me nod my head with my eyes still closed."Go ahead" I whispered making him clear his throat and I wished it wasn't something about me getting settled."Raza I have
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chapter 4
Dua's POVI walked out of the house and towards the forest in search of my spot that no one exactly knows about, it's hidden away from the public since it's quite deep into the woods no one comes here since its half on our property while the other half isn't quite worth to look at. my eyes wander all around taking in the slightly darkened scenery as I keep my pace slow and steady on the crooked ground. we moved here when I had just gotten out of the hell I called my lovely marriage to give me a change in environment, it did help but I guess a change in scenery isn't what you need every time you're trying not to kill yourself.following the sound of impatient waves crashing against the bank, I sat down not caring if my white shirt will be ruined by moss and wet soil, the cool breeze brought a nice flush to my face as it brushed the few strands away from my face momentarily before they settled back down. I gazed at the free-flowing waves that reminded me of how strong and merciless they
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Chapter 5.
Raza's POV "Baba would you mind if I ask why are you forcing an already married girl into marrying me?" I asked baba its getting annoying , if this is one of his other ways of annoying me then he's succeeding excellently. "Well for your information she's not married she's divorced they had issues that I don't know about and hence why she's been divorced for 8 years now. If it wouldn't have been for kashan asking for her hand in marriage then muskan and I surely would've." Baba said, the thing that caught my attention was weren't they so awfully in love with each other then how come they're divorced and by the way where is kashan ever since I came back I haven't seen him or even heared of him. "OK but then what's with the attitude why can't she just talk for once huh?" I asked fed up with the silent behavior of hers who does she think she is. "Beta we don't know her parents said its been like that ever since she came back. They haven't shared much information about what happened bu
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Chapter 6
Dua's POV Its been hours since I woke up hours since I've been out of the house,hours since I have been driving senselessly. I don't know where this journey will lead me . After a really long drive I reached the place where it all started. The house where my life turned upside down. When I first stepped inside this house it was supposed to be my heaven, the place where I was supposed to be running after my children when they learn how to run, where my husband will shower me with his unconditional love. Where I thought I'd live to see a bright future ahead. But with every step I take towards it my heart feels heavy as if every step adds more to the burden that I already carry on my shoulder. The dried blood on the porch reminds me of the time when I was thrown off the roof. The broken glass from the windows remind me of my broken heart. The unlocked and unsafe door of the house reminds me of the days when I was left unguarded in front of the animals of this world that we call men I'm
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Chapter 7.
Raza's POVI woke up to a commotion in the house but that's nothing new. Two sisters one old man the perfect trio to wake up in the morning. I freshened up and got dressed and then went downstairs to eat breakfast and then leave for office. Abba retired a year back and ever since I've been incharge of the our family business. "Assalamualaikum everyone." I said as cheerfully as I could but that never happens. "What's with the gloomy attitude" "someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed" " OMA he stayed awake the whole night thinking about his wife to be" that what I got from my family members I rolled my eyes no need to answer any of that. I sat down and we all had breakfast together. Abba said he would be going the Khan's for a little engagement sort of a thing. "Abba I haven't even given my answer which is obviously a No then why are you even bothering call them and tell them its a no from me." I said while eating the last bits of my breakfast. "The answer has been decided you j
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Chapter 8
Dua's POVI reached home and to my surprise uncle Azan and his family was there. One step in the house I could feel the tension in the air. What happened here? I walked into the house and I'm engulfed in a bear hug by ammi. "Dua where were you do you know since how long Azan and his family has been waiting for you" baba asked sternly. I looked towards baba and signed I was in office working on my latest book, baba looked at me clearly seeing through my lie, I think baba was not happy with my lie and then he did something I never expected him to he raised his hand almost slapping me square across the face. I put my hands up in defense and shut my eyes forcefully. Baba had never raised his hand on me never in my life. I waited for the impact or the pain to come but it didn't. I looked up to see uncle Azan holding his hand, I could only stare at his hand in pure horror baba slapping me wasn't the thing that was preventing me from breathing unfortunately it dragged me back to one of the
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Chapter 9
Dua's POV. A whole week has past by. The day of my engagement has arrived. I can't believe I'm going through this again. Last time it happened I was beyond happy. I was beaming and smiling the whole day. My dress was chosen after days and days of roaming around the markets. My makeup was done to perfection. My hair let loose it fell on my back like caramel waterfall. The peacefulness subsided the slight guilt I felt for manipulating baba to allow me to marry kashan. But... Now..... Now it all seems like a facade that I have to pull up for the people. MY smile may look real but I know how much my face hurts from smiling so bright. My dress is perfect but I don't know why I feel ugly wearing it. My makeup yet again done to perfection but I can still see the ugly me and not the makeup. My hair is done in an elegant design and left open. All in all I look pretty to the world's eyes but my eyes they can still see the broken,used and ugly girl. The dress and makeup don't make me feel wort
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