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I leaned on the kitchen cabinet and brainstormed what can really scare a guy that I am not sure what he is. I opened the drawer and pulled out a knife. “You want to use that to kill me” he was sitting on the dining table “No, to scare you” I walked closer and went behind him, you know what the annoying part was that the guy didn't shudder. Not even when I pressed the knife on his neck. “Go on, slit my throat” Winter Cameron was sold by her father to save her mother who died anyways. To the devil himself Xavier Hades. Winter was a carefree, queen bee who loves everyone that ever set foot on the planet earth. she just can't bring herself to hate anyone. She is smart, beautiful popular and the heartthrob of anyone and everyone that went to Ridgewood highschool.WHILE Her suitor and soon to be king of the dark world was a billionaire while waiting for his bride to become of age so he can finally take what's his but he has to do some despicable things to her that makes her hate him instead. BUT HE CAN'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. "My house, my rules" "Xavier you don't get it do you" Since he wasn't too focused on my body, his head was way too far up his asshole to see, I stepped out of the shower, still naked of course and ended up right in front of him "I don't want to be in your house" I poked his chest then walked out of the bathroom it wasn't long before I felt him pull me back.

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111 Chapters
“Don’t worry baby you are going to be just fine” Nathan whispered to his wife who was lying on the hospital bed just four months into her pregnancy, the doctors insisted she had to stay there in case of any other emergency as she had already had two hemorrhagic incidents that almost led to her death. Nathan and Blaire had been waiting for a child for as long as five years into their marriage, but all Nathan could wish was that the baby would just go and they could try again when his wife was better. Nathan pulled his jacket tighter around his shoulder. Winter was approaching quickly, and it was almost as if the bleakness of the weather was a prelude to his fate. He kept him asking himself what had made him not bring the car out instead of walking to the hospital. He passed an alley; taking a glance at it, he sighed. He was gradually reaching a grim part of his life. He could feel it creeping up his neck like a slimy snake in a poorly designed tunnel. When he looked away, he thought he
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chapter 1
Waking up in the morning is getting old. It is the same old thing all over again. When will there be a hint of excitement in my life? Just dragging myself out of bed and into hell is something I wouldn’t picture myself doing if I had an imaginative spirit. I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed at the beauty… the beauty of my eye bags. I wish I could not look tired all the damn time. Today was the day before my eighteenth birthday. I totally love my birthdays, I love them because... well they are my birthdays and my father said I should love them before I couldn’t anymore. He is a weird man. He has this habit of sugarcoating what he really means in even worse scenarios. My father usually buys me a cake, and it’s just two of us binge-watching romantic comedies. I love the fact that he falls asleep before there is any kissing. I smiled at myself in the mirror. What is this weird life I live? Why does it always feel like my life is part of a horror movie but I am the side character
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chapter 2
“Winter, I am so glad you could make it. You look so good,” Jason said, raising his drink in the air and smiling brightly. I didn’t know his smile could get any wider. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was bisexual, because at times he acted like a hormonal guy that wants to be in everyone, but then other times he would throw comments on how tight another guy’s jeans were. That means he is gay, right? I am really not the person to judge. “Hey winter happy birthday,” some random guy called out to me. It’s the thought that counts. “Umm, today isn’t my birthday, it’s tomorrow but thank you, at least you remembered it’s this month,” the guy smiled, obviously embarrassed, and walked away. “Well, that was awkward,” I whispered to Zoe. “Don’t mind him, let’s dance” Chloe and Zoe pulled me to dance. I hate dancing. I can’t do it. I never have, and I never want to. Especially not to celebrate anything. I don’t know what I expected when I agreed to come to this. What exactly was my plan for
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chapter 3
My mind woke up finally, which meant it was either I was alive or somebody was here to take my spirit to heaven... or hell. I don’t think I deserved hell; I was such an angel while on earth. I played by the rules. Never did anything that was unbecoming of me. There was a cold draft around me. Is this how cold heaven was? You are going to hell. My past selves appeared in front of me, laughing sadistically. “Shut up,” I replied, and they disappeared. From my eyelids, I could see white lights that came and went like magic. I slowly opened my eyes and then blinked a few times. I saw a blank ceiling in the dark. My head is pounding. My body is cold. When I looked around me, I found someone sitting at my side. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. It was probably Xavier, but I couldn’t be too sure. The person was sitting down with their legs crossed and their hands outstretched, thumb and middle finger pressed together, in some kind of Buddha style. The things that were going throug
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chapter 4
Xavier basically ripped me away from my breakfast. Very rudely might I add. I kept looking at Reka to help me, but she didn’t seem to understand me. Some handmaiden I had. When we got outside, I scanned the house carefully for a full two minutes. Not because I didn’t understand the structure of the house and it was horribly built, no of course not. I scanned the house for two minutes because that is how long it took me to go around the house with my eyes without missing a detail. My “boyfriend” is rich. I almost fainted at the thought of it. He definitely had a good-paying job here on earth, or demon cash was equivalent to six thousand dollars and he spent three thousand demon cash.“Let’s go. You seem to think time waits for you, Winter. It does not.” he said, “are you not the slightest bit afraid of being late?” He asked. Maybe only in the deepest part of my heart, but I have never been a fan of school anyway, so it really didn’t matter if I missed the whole day.“No, not really.” I
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chapter 5
“Hey, I didn’t see you for our drink.” I heard someone say beside me, of course, he was in my class. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to still talk to me after doing what he did. Drinking with another girl, laughing, ruffling her hair… Yeah, I caught it all. Disclaimer, I was about to be extremely petty.“Oh, I am sorry. Are you done with her already?”“Huh?” he blinked in shock. He clearly didn’t understand what I meant.“I saw you with the girl, Alec. Are you boyfriend and girlfriend already? You don’t have to deny it, or do you wanna say you were drunk, and you didn’t know what you were doing and who you were with?” I raised my brows at him. Honestly, I didn’t care about him being with her. I don’t know it would take a long time before I actually have the chance to invest my feelings in anyone. I have never really had a crush on anyone, male or female.“While you went to talk to those guys, I went to the bar, and she approached me.”“Shh, no one’s listening to you.” I rolled my e
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chapter 6
“What happened to you back there?” Chloe and Zoe said. After school, that was the only time they saw me since Xavier tried to blow my eardrums earlier. I felt a bit bad that I tried to avoid them.“What happened earlier?” I asked them, playing stupid.“Don’t play dumb. You were yelling and gripping your head and it was scary, Winter.” I stared at them for a while still acting confused, then I finally parted my lips in realization.“Oh, uh, it was just a minor headache. It happens all the time.” I said, hoping that they would buy it, but they didn’t. They looked at me with their arms crossed over their chests like I was telling them a lie, which I was.My life is becoming increasingly difficult now that I have met Xavier. Couldn’t they just buy it and allow us to move over with our lives? I wanted to tell them so badly, but I couldn’t imagine what Xavier will do to me next if I did. “Why am I being looked at like that?” I asked, shaking my head while smiling. It still didn’t look like t
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chapter 7
We finally arrived at our destination, which appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dense trees. Xavier had plans to sacrifice me to his father, I was very sure of it. I could hear my past selves laughing at me. Despite his towering stature, I refused to become a victim. How would I do it, though? He could easily end my life with a simple snap of his fingers. “What? Do you want to kill me or something?” I asked when I felt him close to me. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I need to know. I looked back at him and saw his face scrunched up in confusion. No doubt he was asking himself, ‘what the hell is wrong with this lady?’ “Winter, If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it already. I HAVE done that. So, no, I do not want to kill you. We are going to have dinner here.” “I don’t see any pizza. Why are you the one being cheesy?” I rolled my eyes at him. Now that I think about it, I should have come up with something better to say. “Don’t say that aloud again,” Xavier replied. “
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chapter 8
The fear was starting to seep in slowly and definitely. The scariest part was how he was so nice and angel-like one moment and the next moment he was actually demon-like, evil and rude. I heard the chirping of birds around me, which meant he had started time again.I am convinced now. I haven’t really doubted it, I just thought it would bring some fun to my miserable life if I pushed his buttons time and again. William and Jeremy came later on with an enormous basket full of food. They set it down and were about to leave when I spoke up.“Are you not you joining us?” I asked them. Please join us. If you don’t, Xavier might be provoked to kill me again.“No, your Highness.” they replied together and walked awayI faced Xavier with a questioning look. “What?” he asked.“Is there a way you can stop twins from talking at the same time?”“Chloe and Zoe?”“No, William and Jeremy.” they are too alike.“William and Jeremy aren’t twins. They aren’t even brothers. But unfortunately, it is not in
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chapter 9
Xavier placed a plate of the most delicious looking chicken sandwich I had ever seen in front of me. It took me everything not to grab it and stuff the whole contraption into my mouth. You know, it meant I was actually accepting his help. I am stuck up just like that. He also said something along the lines of I would have to learn better manners. Now, not that I was agreeing with him about anything, I just wasn't sure what part of him I should defy at the moment. I'm not queen material, I'm not, but he didn't have to rub it in my face if he wanted a girl with a fancy British accent he should have gone to bloody Britain instead of coming to America to disturb my family. "What are you doing? I didn't get out of bed for nothing. Dig in," he said, urging me on with his very intense stare. I took one half of the sandwich, then looked at him slowly. "Go on, are you scared?" "Um," I stuck out my pinky, which now that I am thinking about it, I would much rather have joined my past selves in
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