Can't Help Falling in Love (Book 1)

Can't Help Falling in Love (Book 1)

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
95 ratings
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Sixteen years back, my family said he is like my brother. Ten years back, my friends said he is my crush. Eight years back, I confessed my love for him. Six years back, he left me, breaking my heart into pieces. Now, we met again on the day when my marriage was announced with someone else. This re-encountered made me realize that I still love him because I can't help falling in love with him again & again & again. Welcome to the story of Pravi and Aarvik.A love story that accidentally happened without the character's Knowledge. A love story which is forbidden by the families because of 2 reasons:1) Age Gap2) Well, why don't you go through the story once to know about it. Book 1) "Can't Help Falling in Love"-Completed; Book 2) "I Belong to Him"-Completed; Book 3) "My Mysterious Lover"-On Hold

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kavya sheth
Book is amazing where is the book of arbaz nd oorvi?
2022-07-19 18:27:16
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Priyanka Jangir
your stories are very interesting. could you please me where i found your book 'I belong to him'?? i really want to read.
2021-11-11 23:34:44
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Sweety Bhadoria
when will mysterious lover updated????
2021-06-15 00:36:34
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Tina Gupta
this book was amazing
2021-05-25 10:24:56
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Holly Zavala
great stody
2021-04-22 09:17:25
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Ishita Jain
It's an amazing story 😍
2021-03-16 23:43:05
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Awesome. I like the story plot. Not the usual happy endings- but intense and worthwhile
2021-03-03 20:14:11
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Ayushi Jain
osmmm part
2021-01-06 13:20:35
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Shraddha Singh
This is just amazing story i love yo read every single part of this story❤️❤️❤️ waiting for next series
2021-01-01 20:59:53
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Priyanka Swain
AWESOME story ❤❤❤❤❤
2020-12-31 23:04:42
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Avni Mahajan
best book❤️😍😍😍 loved it ❤️❤️❤️
2020-12-31 15:23:24
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Rishita Sanghvi
My Favorite writer. Thanks for the best book😍😍😍
2020-12-30 01:28:10
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Riya Singh
loving the story very much❤️❣️♥️
2020-12-27 22:13:03
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Shivani Arora
i love your story v much.. love ur writing style...
2020-12-24 22:35:05
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Naina Mourya
wonderful 😊
2020-12-11 00:12:00
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110 Chapters
Chapter 1: And We Met Again
Author Note: Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline. The following are my books which are completed until now if interested do give a look over them. Her Unloved Mate Winning My Mate Back I Belong to Him Can't Help Falling in Love. My Bride is Not a Human
Read more
Chapter 2: Beginning
Pravi POV (Sixteen Years Back)..Hello everyone, I am Pravi Basu. I am 8 years old. I have just completed my 4th standard final Exams. And this is my story. So welcome everyone. I stay in London.
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Chapter 3: I Will Not Fall in Love
I have seen in many movies; Villain tries to spy on the hero in the same way. Since no hero is present here. I have to take the responsibility to save everyone from the Villain. I started opening my shoes. ‘Achha bachhu. Abhi btati hoon’, I threw my shoes toward it, but it reached nowhere near that drone. In fact, it hit on Eklavya's head..“Prav
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Chapter 4: New Chapter of Life
Another side...Pravi was waiting for parents..
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Chapter 5: Pinky Promise?
Pravi POV...I saw dad and my brothers leaving for London in the evening. I don’t want them to go but work is also important as per mom. I started crying, hugging maa. When Maa was wiping my tears and was saying all sweet things. My eyes landed on him, who was staring
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Chapter 6: Life goes on
Random NightPravi's POV  “..what?”, I heard mom’s voice. It seems like she is speaking to someone over the call. I opened my eyes and spotted mom near the window. “Is marriage a joke? How can she even think of divorce?”, She whispered yelled. I have no idea what is she talking about & with w
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Chapter 7: He is my Crush
"OR you have already someone in your life.", Rose said and crossed. "Someone about whom you used to keep daydreaming."."What? Hell no", I shouted at her face and saw many faces started staring at me. "I am sorry.", I apologized to them. "God. Stop assuming Rose. I have no one in my life, you know that, right?"."Then you have to tell me what you keep thinking all the time?", She said firmly. I can see the determination in her eyes. And there is no way she is going to leave me without knowing about it.."Promise me you will keep this secret up to you."."Pinky Promise baby.", She smirked as a notification that she won. Bitch. I sighed and started narrating everything from the beginning until now. I am glad that she heard everything i.e. what do I feel, what do I think about it, and everything without disturbing me in between. The moment I ended, her question surprise
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Chapter 8: I don't want any weakness
Finally, that day came, and I was hoping for Aarvik to be online. But with my bad luck, his message was waiting for me..."I am good, Pravi. How are you and everyone in your family?""I am sorry, but I cannot be available at that time. I have some work to do. Your tiny head may think that Sunday is a holiday for everyone. But not for us. A soldier is never on Holiday."..I was kind of pissed off after reading that message and replied nothing on it. And made a mental note that I won't talk with him ever again. I returned mom's mobile to her...Later on, at night; I grabbed her mobile to check his messages. I hate myself for not having self-controlled at all. I wanted to stay away from my mom's phone and teach him a good lesson. But there I am, desperately looking for his message..."It's okay. Everyone here is doing great, including me.", I finally replied fro
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Chapter 9: Don't call me his sister
I didn't know what does he mean by that line? Does that mean he will stay forever single? Does it mean I don't have any chance with him? 'Shut-up Pravi.', I mentally scolded myself..."Why do you want to stay single? Did someone break your heart?", I asked..."No, Pagal. It is just I have seen someone (He was talking about his mother, about which I had no idea about it) losing herself completely when her husband died. And I think I am not strong enough to lose anyone now. You can call me a coward on this matter.".."Oh. Is she dear to you?".."Very."..1 Month Later.."Pravi, Raksha Bandhan is in next week. Are you purchasing Rakhi or will make it by yourself?", My mother asked when she saw me watching Television. Well, those who are not aware of this festival then, let me tell you that this is a fe
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Chapter 10: His Past-Part 1
"I am completely fine. It just I dropped my phone and dad had sent to for repairing", I lied..."Really? Why are you using a fake Facebook Id then? What's happened to your real Id? Are you telling me the truth, Pravi?".."Of course, I am. Stop doubting me as if I am a criminal.", Though I am afraid from inside with a thought that what if he caught me then? "So, were you worried about me?", I was also monitoring the door because no one whose when mom will come here like a spy and catch me red-headed? God. I will be doomed..."Yes. I was worried about my sweet little sister.".."I am not your sister.", I immediately snapped at him. "I will not talk with you ever again if you ever call me as your sister. Bye Good night". I log out of my Facebook Id and cleared the history of my phone. But It seems like sleep was far away from the eyes...Aarvik PO
Read more Protection Status