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Chapter 11
  "Wife, you thought you were so smart. I know you're the one who's been messing with my things and it's my turn to play games. As a punishment, I'm not going to take just anything from you but what you value most. After all, it is my right as your husband." He said to her horror.  "Husband please leave me alone, I promise I'll be a good wife and I'll never trouble you again." Princess Suying said realising she was totally helpless. Prince Yanxun did not listen, he laid on top of her and the lights went out. She screamed and that was the end of the shoot.  After the lights came on,Yin Mian pushed Lu Xianjian away from herself. She would not give him a chance to misbehave with her. Hua Vao had called the driver while Yin Mian was in her dressing room. As soon as the driver came, Yin Mian quickly walked out of the premises but she was not fast enough. Lu Xianjian ran after her and grabbed hold of her arm.  "Lu Xianjian let go of me,you're hurting me." She complained. Hua Vao managed
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Chapter 12
  "Auntie, are you feeling better now?" The girl asked so sweetly. Yin Mian smiled. "Yes,and it's all thanks to you." Yin Mian told her. "This little child was the one who called me and told me what happened and I quickly rushed home,we owe her a great deal." Chen Qiangu said. "You're such a beautiful angel,the one who gave birth to you must be truly blessed. Where's your mum? I want to meet her and express my gratitude." Yin Mian said and smiled as she patted the girl's cute face. "My mummy works in your house." The girl replied. "What is your name?" Yin Mian asked. "My name is Yiren, Wei Yiren." The girl disclosed.  "Wow! You have such a beautiful name. Well it's nice to meet you Yiren and I am Yin Mian, you can call me auntie Mian." Yin Mian said, hugging the child. "I also like your name, it's beautiful but you're prettier than your name." Wei Yiren said. "How sweet." Yin Mian said, smiling and wondering where this little drop of sunshine had been.  "Auntie Mian, is it true you'r
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Chapter 13
  The result is positive.Yin Mian could not believe it. The daughter she had been searching for all along was right under her nose,in her own house. It was almost unbelievable. She thought her eyes were deceiving her and she read the results again but it showed that both their DNAs matched perfectly. This was a dream come true,she had actually wished for a daughter that was exactly like Wei Yiren but it turned out Yiren was her own daughter all along.  She went to Yiren with tears in her eyes and told her the truth. "Yiren don't call me auntie anymore, call me mum." Yin Mian said in tears. "Mum? But why?" Wei Yiren asked. "Because I'm your mum, I gave birth to you and I lost you when you were still a baby. Someone put you in an orphanage where you were adopted and later kidnapped by that wicked lady,she's not your mum. In fact, she's not related to you at all." Yin Mian explained. "But why didn't you tell me?" Yiren asked. "I just found out, dear but will you trust me and come home wi
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Chapter 14
  They tied up all the workers and went to Chen Yiren's room where Yiren was playing with her grandmother.  All of a sudden, a hand grabbed hold of both Yiren and Yin Mian's mother, the door of the room had been left open so they had not taken notice when the kidnappers had entered the room. They both tried to free themselves from the grip but instead, their mouths and noses were covered with drug laced handkerchiefs.  Yiren fainted and she was quickly carried up and they were about to leave the room. Yin Mian's mother, who had not fainted yet but was feeling very drowsy, couldn't even stand up from the floor. With all the strength left in her, she managed to crawl to the door and stretched forth her hand.  She grabbed hold of the leg of the kidnapper that had Yiren but he kicked her hand away and left.  "Yiren!" She screamed and fainted. Meanwhile, the hearing was very spicy. As usual, Lu Xianjian's crafty lawyer did everything in his ability to make sure that his client won the
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Chapter 15
  Yiren's cheeks were so red yet,she refused to cry. "That should teach you to hold your tongue." Andrea said as she bent down close to the child.  Yiren was not scared or deterred. She looked Andrea straight in the eyes and spat on her face. She slapped Yiren again but the seven year old girl refused to shed a tear. "Tie her up,she looks small but she's dangerous and don't let her out of your sight." Andrea said ready to take her leave.  A full fledged investigation had been going on concerning the disappearance of Chen Yiren. Yin Mian was worried sick and President Chen was her only support. Lu Xianjian for once was also feeling worried about Yiren and Andrea was there to comfort him as though she was the good girl. Meanwhile, she was the enemy.  Exactly two weeks after Yiren's disappearance, Yin Mian had an accident. Chen Qiangu had not been at home and Yin Mian's mother and a maid had gone shopping. During the past few weeks, Yin Mian had become a shadow of her former self, she
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Chapter 16
  The next morning, while the men were sleeping, she tried to untie herself but the rope was too tight. She finally decided she had no other option, she had to hurt herself. She hit her head against the wall until she began bleeding from the side of her head and then she screamed. "Ouch! Wake up you psychos,I'm hurt. My head is bleeding, I feel really dizzy and faint." The men woke up and saw Yiren bleeding. "Oh no! Bring a first aid box and some medicine. If the boss finds out, we'll be in serious trouble." One of the kidnappers said to the others.  "Hai go get the first aid and medicine while Duyi go get some food for her." Chang,the first kidnapper who had spoken before, said. The other two left to go do their errands while Chang kept a close eye on Yiren. "Oh! I'm fainting, my head hurts. Why are those fools taking so long? When your boss comes, I'm going to report all of you to her." Chen Yiren complained.  You don't have to be so nasty,they are on their way."Chang told her. "My
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Chapter 17
  "Yiren don't say that, it's not your fault." President Chen tried to console her. "No daddy, it's all my fault. It's only because of me she's in this condition, she was worried about me and I've caused her so much pain but not anymore. Mummy please forgive me, forgive your daughter just this once and open your eyes. I promise I'll go away from your life after that and I won't trouble you anymore." Yiren kept saying, still in tears.  A teardrop fell from Yin Mian's eye and for the first time, she moved her fingers. "Daddy,mummy she's... she's moving her fingers." Yiren announced happily. "Doctor! Doctor!" Chen Qiangu called and the doctor came. President Chen and Yiren were made to leave the room while the doctor attended to her. The doctor later came out and said. "There's been a lot of improvement in her condition, it's like she suddenly has the strength and will to live and she's trying to fight death because she wants to live. If she keeps improving like this, it won't be long be
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Chapter 18
  Within a week,Yin Mian was completely OK and was ready to be discharged. Her baby was given to her,he was so healthy and vibrant plus he was very cute and really resembled President Chen. Yin Mian was proud of herself for having achieved so much,being a famous actress and having such a wonderful family that loved and cared for her very much, especially President Chen. It was all thanks to President Chen, she promised herself she would continue to love him forever, even in another lifetime.  When she got home, she got a bigger surprise. She was thrown a surprise welcome back party with all her friends, family and well wishers present. Yin Mian saw Hua Vao again and both hugged each other. It had been quite some time. Hua Vao had actually traveled abroad right after the movie and she had just been informed of her friend's delivery and all the preceding challenges she'd overcome and she had come to celebrate with her. Hua Vao didn't come alone,she was at the party with her fiancé and s
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Chapter 19
  "Madame something's gone wrong, the brakes have failed and the car won't stop." The driver said as he persistently kept on trying the brakes. Yin Mian was scared. "What is going on?" She asked, frightened. Due to fear,the driver couldn't keep his focus and the car began to sway around the road.  The driver could no longer control the car and it kept on swaying. Yin Mian screamed,she was so scared. On impulse, she opened the car door and jumped out of the car. She fell on the road and her head hit a post,she fainted instantly. The car continued to sway with the driver in it and eventually left the road and fell into a nearby lagoon.  People gathered around her at the accident scene, and the police were soon contacted. Lu Xianjian happened to be passing by and saw people gathered around a person. He was not one to stop and look at accident victims but the face the rear view mirror showed was unavoidable, he couldn't almost believe it. He swiftly came out of his car and pushed throug
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Chapter 20
  "What do you mean by that? I know you and I have our differences but pretending not to know me is not cool." He said and moved closer to her. "Go away! Stay away from me or I'll scream. Help me! Someone help me!" She screamed and the doctor came in. "Please help me, this man. I don't know who he is and he's trying to come close to me." Yin Mian told the doctor. "Doctor, what is wrong with her? Why is she acting this way?" Lu Xianjian asked the doctor, he was confused.  "Mr Lu, I suggest you step outside for a bit,I'll join you soon." The doctor said, and Lu Xianjian left the room. About twenty minutes later, the doctor took Lu Xianjian to his office and explained the situation. "Doctor what's wrong with her?" Lu Xianjian couldn't help but ask. "Mr Lu, please calm down and let me explain. You see,your wife is suffering from Amnesia. That is,memory loss. Due to the serious head injury, her brain was affected and she's lost her memory completely. She has no memory of you or anything el
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