Beloved Huntress

Beloved Huntress

By:  H. Latham  Completed
Language: English
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One vampire. One Vampire hunter. A forbidden bond. Isabelle Howell seems like your average everyday girl, but I'll let you in on a little secret. She's actually a Slayer and a very good one at that. She spends her nights tangling with the somewhat unsavoury supernaturals that roam the earth, feasting on innocents. Committed to her job and unknown hero to the average humans who walk around blissfully unaware. Isabelle is over the moon when she is given a high priority assignment, something she has waited for, for so long. The chance to prove she can handle herself, the chance to work her way up to the elite team and go on the really dangerous assignments. Her target, you ask? Cassius Lockwood. Powerful pureblood vampire. As handsome as he is cruel. The blood- fiend, well known for his merciless ways. His reputation doesn't put her off if anything she finds the challenge exciting. That is, however, until she has him (or who she thinks is him) cowering before her. At a time where she should be thrilled, it just isn’t right and what he says to her will haunt her for the rest of her days.

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87 chapters
Chapter 1
The music thumped through the club, vibrating through everything and everyone in fast-paced pulses.Strobe lights shot around the darkened room and the close-knit bodies on the dance floor writhed against each other in time to the beat.The main smell in the club was alcohol and the strange smell from the smoke machine that would occasionally go off, coating the dance floor in a thick cloud.Isabelle watched from the sidelines, gently swaying to the music, drink in hand.She felt good tonight.Her tight red cocktail dress was attracting a lot of attention, but not quite the attention she was looking for.She held her clutch close to her side as her keen eyes scanned the dance floor.She knew he was here; she just needed to find out where.She checked her watch.3:00 am.Damn.She'd have to speed this up a bit, there were only about two hours until sunrise and only an hour until the club closed for the night.'<
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Chapter 2
A loud knock at the door startled Isabelle awake. She must have fallen asleep after having her long hot shower, as she was still towel-clad and the TV was still on but was on some strange early morning shopping programme. Izzie yawned and stretched before forcing herself to get up. She glanced at the time on her phone and saw that it was only eight in the morning. Who the hell would be bothering her at this time? She swung open the door, not caring that she was still just wearing a towel. Jake was standing on the other side of the door, his smile faded a little when he saw what she was wearing. "Did I - come at a bad time?" he stuttered a little. "Yeah, actually," she folded her arms across her chest, really unimpressed with his presence, "I was sleeping. You know, you did only drop me off here like four hours ago." "Sorry," he gave her a sympathetic smile, but then held up a brown envelope that she hadn't noticed he'd
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Chapter 3
Cassius Lockwood.Patriarch of the notorious pureblood vampire family.A prime target for the hunters for many years.He was ruthless.Domineering.An overall psychopath.He had recently managed to worm his way into the good graces of the two most powerful vampire families.The Redfern and Blackwell's.Which was really bad news for... well... anyone that wasn't a vampire.The slayers know that their plan was to eradicate any other supernatural species so that they reigned supreme.Which was fine, saved the slayers a lot of work in a way, but they then wanted to enslave humanity.Literally use people like cattle; maybe keep some as servants to them.That was what they were fighting hard to stop.Bringing down Cassius Lockwood could be the first move in knocking down the Redfern and Blackwell families. Cassius had more influence in the human world, as he has business deals left, right and centre with dif
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Chapter 4
"He was right there!" Izzie exclaimed as she popped another piece of popcorn into her mouth.They'd made it back to her place, and were sat on her couch with their movie time snacks. The movie was yet to be picked but the snacks were going down well. "I know he was," Jake sighed, dunking a marshmallow into his hot chocolate and letting it sit to melt, "But why? Why was he right there? Where were his guards? Why the hell was he shopping for himself?"The questions were valid, and there didn't seem to be a logical answer to any of them.Izzie didn't understand any of it. His presence at the supermarket went against nearly everything she had read about in his paperwork.He was far too rich and powerful to be going out anywhere without guards, let alone to a lowly supermarket."I don't know," she said, with the excited glint in her eye that he knew all too well "but we're going to find out." "Well, we aren't right now," he argued, "What film
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Chapter 5
"Sorry, sir," Darius held up his hands and rose from his seat, motioning for his guards to move away, "No disrespect intended."Then he walked away.He fucking walked away!They were so close to the plan coming together.Izzie swung around, ready to clout whoever it was right in the face.She froze as her eyes locked with the eyes like steel.Cassius Lockwood stood before her, towering over her, and looking less than impressed.Her target.Was right here.Looking her in the face.His face was hard and unreadable as he looked over her.Then without another word, he turned and walked away.Now her own target was walking away!What the hell was happening?"What's going on? Where did he go?" she heard Jake's voice come through the earpiece, shocking her with its sudden intrusion.She didn't respond.She was very aware that she could possibly be being watched.She glanced across to wh
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Chapter 6
"What the hell happened?" Jake hissed angrily as she caught up with her outside the entrance to the club.Izzie just shook her head.She supposed she should feel guilty for getting distracted and just leaving Jake, but it was for good reason. She had thought she had her target... she had also thought wrong and made a huge mess of things.Beloved.The word just seemed to circle her mind, popping up in every thought she had.It couldn't be true.He was just trying to get himself out of a bad situation, and it had worked.He'd gotten away.No one had ever gotten away from her.Never.She always prided herself on that fact.Now in one single night, she had lost two targets in quick succession."Izzie!" Jake pretty much shouted and she realised he'd still be speaking but she hadn't heard a single word of what he was saying.They were walking back to the car."Sorry," she mumbled, feeling a little guilty,
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Chapter 7
A few days had passed since Izzie and Jake's conversation.The whole Beloved thing was still playing on her mind, but not as much as it had been. She had spent the last few days at home, catching up on sleep and re-reading Cassius Snr's file. She also had taken the time to get her much needed housework done. She had been neglecting it for work, but with laundry piling up and a sink full of dirty dishes she had decided it was time she tackled that.She had done her best to keep her mind off of Cassius, but he kept sneaking back in when she let her guard down.Why did he hav
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Chapter 8
Everything seemed to happen at once.The far window of the living room shattered, showering the room in glass as a black figure dove through, rolling to an elegant crouched stop on the floor. Izzie was already moving away from the wall, out of reach, drawing both her daggers from their sheaths and dropping into a defensive position.She met the gaze of her intruder. Two murderous red eyes locked with hers. His face was twisted into a gruesome snarl as he bared his
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Chapter 9
The drive to Jake's wasn't exactly long, but it felt like an eternity as she kept watch out the window, looking for any lurking glowing eyes.All of the stuff she felt she needed was packed up in a single suitcase in the back, along with her trusty weapons bag.She'd only packed clothes for a few days tops, one pair of pyjamas and a few essential toiletries.She didn't exactly plan on moving into Jake's house, so she packed light.Jake had tried to convince her to br
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Chapter 10
A few days had passed and she had settled in well living with Jake. It was actually quite nice living with her best friend, the only argument they'd had was what they were going to eat each night.Though Izzie had been adamant about only stays for a few days, she didn't exactly feel ready to go home just yet, so had asked Jake if she could extend her stay for a few more days.He had been ecstatic and agreed almost immediately.She got the feeling that Jake was quite lonely, which saddened her.Read more Protection Status