Slave of the Mafia Boss

Slave of the Mafia Boss

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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Sebastian Darksky was a very popular singer. He had everything in his life. Money, cars, mansions and luxurious life. But what people didn't know, he wasn't a free man. He was owned by a heartless man who was controlling his life. Sebastian was a gay but he was never allowed to open that secret. He wanted to love someone and wanted to be loved by someone. But he wasn't allowed to have a relationship with a gay.He wanted to run far away and live his life the way he wanted. But it was impossible for him.

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48 Chapters
 TRISTAN'S POV:-Life, life is beautiful. Life is gorgeous. It is a precious gift from God. Most precious and very lovely. I had seen so many people crying and complaining to God for whatever they do not have, but did they ever think about thanking God for whatever they have. If you do not have money and cars and a luxurious life, still you have life. You should be thankful that you still have your life. You sh
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TRISTAN'S POV:-I ran away from my home. It was not home for me anyway. It was a prison for me. Where Hector used to keep me caged. I knew if I stayed in Queens any longer, I would get caught and Hector would not kill me. He would make my life even worse. I ran towards the forest instead of the main roads. I knew Hector's dogs would soon
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SEBASTIAN'S POV:-Finishing the last concert of the ending winter season, I finally sighed. It was finally the time I would be free for thirty days. Ten years of constant work, without any vacations. It was frustrating. I jumped off of the stage. It was my birth month. And I wanted to spend my day alone, as I wanted it to be. As I wanted
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 SEBASTIAN'S POV:-I groaned lowly and tried to move but failed miserably. Hearing some unknown sounds around me, I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes widened as I found myself tied with bed. It was a very huge bed. A huge sized elephant would sleep on it peacefully. In fact, I could say an elephant could fuck his wife on that bed. It was more than just huge. I looked around and found a cuffed woman on the same bed
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TRISTAN'S POV:-I stepped out of the room feeling so angry. That man had a nerve to ask me anything and that too in a demanding tone. I did not want to hurt him, so I stepped out of the room. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to eat something. Only way to get rid of my anger was to fill my stomach with food. I grabbed the pasta that m
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 SEBASTIAN'S POV:-For the first time in my life, I had felt like I was actually free. That I was allowed to do anything. Like no one would stop me from anything. I was allowed to go anywhere. To do anything. They had given me my clothes they were told to buy for me.  Read more
TRISTAN'S POV:-After my work and all the meetings, I went back home. I wanted to take a shower. Also wanted a quick release. The day was frustrating and stressful. I entered the house and everyone zipped up their mouths. It felt like they were trying to hide something from me. I just rolled my eyes at them all and went into my room.
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SEBASTIAN'S POV:-I woke up abruptly when I felt a sharp slap on my ass. I screamed loudly and looked around with my sleepy eyes. It was him. He looked angry. Very angry. I gulped in fear and started praying for myself. He looked like a mad man out of control. He slapped my other ass cheek and I screamed in pain. It was like he wanted to see me
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 TRISTAN'S POV:-Sebastian was laying on his stomach. Once I was done with tying and cuffing him, I sat on the bed and rubbed my hands on his ass. He was in deep sleep but still he moaned. I smirked mischievously hearing his pleasured moans. He woke up when I slapped his ass hard. I moaned loudly and looked around with his sleepy eyes. His eyes widened in fear as he looked at my face. He gulped hard
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