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Axe Noir, omega and second in the line of succession to the throne must marry Erwin Feret, alpha and current heir of the enemy kingdom due to the outbreak of war. Axe is everything an omega of his time shouldn't be: bold, independent, with strong opinions and total fighting prowess, he is an insolent omega, and that drives Erwin crazy. Erwin is an alpha raised in a toxic, alphaist environment, adapted to do what he wants, carefree and living his love affairs. Both as different as they are, they are destined to fall for each other, even if at the beginning they are only driven by desire, they may unknowingly be about to live the greatest love story of all time. That is, if war and lies don't destroy them first.

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15 Chapters
KINGDOM OF ASMAX:Axe always knew his fate would be doomed from the moment his caste was decided by the goddess Luna and the god of wolves, to be born omega in a world like the one he had been born into was too much, even as the prince of a nation, it did not remove the curse of his lineage.OMEGA, it seemed a bad word that carried the soul, the coldness that constituted to be nothing more than the possession of the superior beings, the ALFAS, barbarians in their majority, full of unhealthy intentions, guilty of the greatest disasters, creators of calamities.Now, embraced by the cloak of the night, with the bright and splendorous goddess as a witness, he looks up and sees what could be said to be one of the few ancestral entities that inspire him faith.The god of the wolves, the father of all his race, to whom for years the subjects and the royal family have paid tribute, Fenrir.The king among kings, god of gods, who marks the beginning and the end, who puts them on earth and gives
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"I felt the sonata of the horn last night, I imagine they have already made a decision regarding the political agreement."The silence at the table was simply icy, even the cutlery went to complete silence, the servants seemed to hold their breath, and the aromas of everyone mixed together was almost unbearable, Axe for a second wished he was anywhere else but there, as uncomfortable as he and his wolf could be, his scent was at the surface, his nerves and anger had not diminished and were making him almost impossible not to give off pheromones everywhere, right now they could pretend to be in a garden full of roses, He had never wanted to escape with such desperation, he had not been able to sleep all night, and Igna, his wolf did not stop moving around the spaces of his mind, he honestly doubted he could rest properly in what was left of his life, that together with his reduced appetite, perhaps would make him die of exhaustion before reaching Craenia.Morning had already arrived an
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SEA OF THE DEADMARITIME BORDER BETWEENCRAENIA AND ASMAX.Long ago, when he was a little boy, his father once told him that there were always sacrifices to be made, and that in the face of these, when life puts you to the test, there were only two options, go straight ahead or turn back like a coward, or a wise man.«Everything will be fine, calm down», whispered the she-wolf calmly wagging her tail, lying on the ground, Axe could observe her in some kind of meadow in his mind, like a personal oasis, he took a deep breath, trying to concentrate on her beautiful white fur and blue eyes, «I am with you, live or die, but always together, remember», Axe nodded, it was a real thing.Once the pups reached the age of twelve to fifteen and manifested what would be their caste for the rest of their lives, they would work on contacting them with their inner wolf, until there was such a strong connection that they would act as one, even taking a life oath in which the wolf and human pledged to
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KINGDOM OF CRAENIAOFREAFÉRET CROWN PALACE"It creates me immense pleasure to have you here, in the lands of Craenia, may the great Moon praise your presence here, prince omega Noir." recited Eric Arnaud Féret, current monarch and alpha leader of all Craenia, with a venia that Axe swore made the old wolf's back ache, but it was no less elegant than the one he himself would have made, wolves were superior, different and exquisite.Axe had had so many opportunities to travel, which allowed him not only to know foreign cultures, but also races: felines, birds, among other shapeshifters that had taught him many things, however, wolves were better preserved, they seemed to have a pact with life and the god Fenrir himself, which could be considered satanic, allowing them to age slowly, and in spite of everything, mostly, in good condition.Axe had to recognize that Eric, as well as his own father and so many other alphas, were a clear example. Eric's voice was the closest thing to an old r
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Axe entered the rooms and sighed heavily, he had been there only five minutes compared to everything that awaited him, just the first day, he said to himself, and already I want to go back, go as far away as possible and never come back, yes, that was exactly what he would do if the reasons to stay weren't bigger, he ran his hand over his neck.His body ached, his she-wolf seemed to have entered some state of tranquility, thanks to Fenrir, he had had enough of her for the rest of the day, the distant growl in his conscience told him that Igna was not far away at all, he smiled, and tried to make a bun, which fell like a waterfall as soon as he let his hair down.He looked around, the room was spacious, bright, but so plain that the humblest huts in Asmax would be offended, he took off his boots and let his feet kiss the floor, it was wooden and felt cold against their soles, the curtains were red, so bright you could tell they were bathed in frezca blood, he touched them: they were no
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KINGDOM OF CRAENIAMONARCHY: FERETThe sun has risen again over Craenia, after a long day filled with presentations, news, and a night that, according to many, passed too quickly. The sun has made its presence known alongside beautiful white clouds that rest in the blue sky, accompanied by the vast and calm sea.In the palace, it is considered a day like any other. The servants, up early, carry out their tasks while the king, who seems to have some strange pact with the sun, appears in the hallways as soon as it rises. It's as if being in bed until seven in the morning is sacrilege, a stark contrast to the queen, who always tries to rest as much as possible.After so many years serving the Feret monarchy, the majority of the servants knew that she didn't spend her time sleeping but rather reading and looking out at the horizon through her huge and ornate balcony, which was filled with butterfly flowers brought from the Caribbean island of Bacub, and blue roses imported from the northe
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Karel knows that things were not going well for Erwin in any way. The alpha seemed like a caged animal, furious and at the same time resigned, as if the weight of his existence alone was enough to choose to lie down and try not to die enduring such a thing. In fact, if the beta didn't know him well, he might not have noticed it at all. First of all, the previous day hadn't been the best.Before they confirmed that the prince of Asmax had arrived in the lands of Craenia, until that precise moment, Erwin Feret had fought with all his might to convince his father and king not to go ahead with the marriage, using strange excuses related to "The independence and the own right of a strong, attractive alpha like himself to choose his own destiny, and the sacrilege of marrying someone at his age with a whole future ahead" to which Eric paid no attention at all and simply silenced him with a icy look that almost made Karel choke on the juice he was drinking at the time.However, everything was
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"Oh, my dear Erwin, the Moon Goddess is making you pay for all the sins you committed in a thousand lifetimes with this marriage. The devil came out of hell to greet mortals, he has black hair, he smells delicious and he is your future husband. Congratulations, crown prince, may the Moon bless your union with a long and happy married life."Erwin rolled his eyes and took an apple from the nearest table, red as his mind among so much chaos. The alpha growled, lately it was all he did, growl like an animal unable to communicate. He ignored Karel's poorly disguised laughter, the beta was enjoying himself immensely, the aroma of coffee told him so, yet he tried to keep his own at bay, and take it out on the apple by taking a few hungry man bites, getting up and walking around the room, like a caged beast, scheming madness and with a thousand ideas swirling around in his mind."The omegas in Asmax are somewhat different, I have to find some way to change his upbringing, make him more civil
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"Do you like to ride?."The voice reached Cedric's ears young and rich, he even swore that at times he thought he had imagined it, something that ended up being completely discarded once he looked up. The bright orbs, a lively green, observed him with attention and genuine curiosity. There was the second in line to the throne, and if he remembered correctly, a beta. Cedric inhaled the scent, "coffee".Cedric's wolf, Igor, stirred and raised his head in the darkness of his mind, seeming intrigued by the aroma and the sweet touch, which was very strange. It was as if someone had dropped a ton of honey into a freshly brewed cup of coffee, the kind that makes you grimace with the first sip. However, against all odds, it stirred interestedly in his wolf, while the young man gave him a playful look with those lively eyes and brown hair. Cedric frowned as he remembered his question, and smiled."I like to ride, many things actually," he smiled arrogantly, hungry like a wolf even if he just w
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"Omega Noir." said King Feret a little astonished at the sight of the prince, looking the young man up and down and vice versa.Axe despite any discomfort that was coming his way shook his head slightly in greeting and gave him a smile, locking his omega in some lost spot in his head for some peace, the alpha detailed the bkack-haired man who was approaching at a measured pace looking beautiful and perfect."Good morning, omega Noir.""Good morning, King Eric,"he returned the greeting looking around the dining room where the servants moved silently and the table was partially occupied by manuscripts and many scrolls."Would my presence be welcomed by you. I still haven't managed to taste a bite, even if I woke up early in the morning."Eric blinked several times under the omega's watchful eye before nodding."Sure."his lips curved into a smile.Axe concluded that it was a little less unpleasant for him that way, as a rush of saltpeter and the unmistakable scent of the sea hit his nostr
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