Contest of Crowns

Contest of Crowns

By:  Freya Lyons  Ongoing
Language: English
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The royal house of Medora sets up an international contest. The winner gets to marry the crown prince and one day rule as his queen. But with the entire world watching, and several other women trying to sabotage you, falling in love isn't easy. Jane didn't take the contest seriously at first. She never even thought she would get in. She is introduced into a new world filled with ballgowns, secret romances and of course: Prince Sebastian. Can she fall in love with someone so different than her? Or will the dark side of this new golden world get to her first?

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    15 chapters
    Chapter 1
    The first place I read the news from was Buzzfeed. I wasn't really one to follow the news much. If the story was big enough it would find its way to me through my friend group or my parents would mention it during dinner. This time I wasn't near either of those people however, I was on a train, heading back home. They had posted a picture of two people. The man was o
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    Chapter 2
    I woke up the next morning with the test still open on my laptop. Faye was an absolute trooper when it came to alcohol, even though she was much smaller than me, and didn't even have a hangover. With a bowl of oatmeal, we continued the test.  Write
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    Chapter 3
    I tapped my fingers on my thighs, a nervous tick I had developed during my theatre days. My parents had the radio on some random station that only played the poppiest of pop songs. I heard Ariana Grande singing about women somewhere in the back of my mind, but nothing really came through.Apparently, there was no need to fly me anywhere. A boat would be departing from a ha
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    Chapter 4
    I liked Tessa. Like me, she was far more of a realist than the other girls, who seemed to think that they had an actual chance against fifteen girls who already knew everything there is to know about the Prince. I ended up spending most of our time on the ship in the company of Tessa. She was from Phoenix, Arizona and didn't like the 'cold weather'. It was nearing th
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    Chapter 5
    It took us another hour to get through the city. The closer we got to the castle the smaller the streets became. There was a wall separating the inner city from the rest, once we passed through there were no more crowds trying to catch a glimpse of us. The streets had been cleared. The van that was filled with the journalists had left us a while ago, probably to take
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    Chapter 6
    "We're ready for you." It was a young guy that said it, with blue eyes and messy brown hair. He looked like he was around my age, or maybe just a little bit older. I nodded and followed him in.The ballroom was grand, with white marble and gold everywhere. The ceilings were painted in a way the Sistine Chapel would have been jealous of. It was clearly used for parties, but
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    Chapter 7
    Free vacation, free vacation, free vacation.I had to keep repeating it for myself. I was standing in front of a large mirror in my room, wearing Medoran clothes for the first time. I had expected to have to dress a bit fancier, I was expecting a full Kate Middleton moment, but nothing like this.

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    Chapter 8
    Outside the sky was already pitch black, but there were no clouds tonight. The stars almost shone as brightly as the dress I was wearing. It was way too much of a showstopper, I truly did not have the outlandish personality to back it up. I was envious of Tessa. Her mentor had decided on a black dress. She looked great in it because Tessa had a body any girl would be
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    Chapter 9
    "Oh." My vocabulary seemed to be limited now that I was suddenly faced with royalty. "My apologies. I did not know.""Do they have a royal house where you are from?" He asked me in return, probably to try and keep the conversation from drying out.Read more
    Chapter 10
    I never got to dance with the prince, which was only slightly disappointing. I meant what I had said to his brother. If I did not feel a connection I would not go through with it. Gwen, however, reassured me and the other girls who did not get to dance with him that there would be more balls, and more times to dance.The following morning we got another shocking announceme
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