Sweet Submission

Sweet Submission

By:  baoxian23  Completed
Language: English
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Complete!!!!!! She grew in wealth without the love she needed the most. In a world with customs and traditions, her upbringing was her destruction. She was trained to make men bend their knees at the sight of her smile yet she bores pure innocence. Then, she was sold to the highest bidder for what her family calls an initiation before she turns a woman. What would happen to her? Would she fall in love to the enigmatic prince who bought her? What would happen if she delve herself on her darkest desires? ...... Hot breath tickled my nose and the smell of my favorite vanilla potpourri filled me. I opened my eyes. Gray met me, like a cluster of angry clouds. "Good morning," the guy whispered in my face. His proximity made me hold my breath. The guy won the bidding and I wasn't wrong. His stare held intensity. He backed down, going to his seat, across from mine. My head snapped to the side; the morning lights seeped through the window beside me. White cumulus clouds parted as the plane flew us above the horizon. I must be asleep for too long that they were able to transfer me from the helicopter to the plane. I snapped back my attention to the guy, "What's your name?" I asked the first question that popped in my mind, being able to let go of the building tensions. "I'm An--" A chuckle escaped from the guy. "No need for proper introductions but as you initiated. I am Yulian." He scratched his chin, looking for my reactions, his thick accent indicated Russian descent. "And you, milady is going to be Mi Eliza, my wife." "Wife? But--" I stopped couldn’t able to form the right words to say. "For a year, yes."

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47 chapters
If you can run away, run now, run fast, and don't let the slithering shadows catch you.In this reality, we see the perspective of our lives based on the cage we are held captive in; the limited space of the ceiling from the floor to the walls. And the idea of freedom tastes like sweet nectar from Eden. But then not because you can dance around freely means you are at liberty, sometimes we were just too blind to see the invisible boundaries set by societies' manipulating hands. Read more
You should remember, we all create our own misfortunes.The voices of the crowd became a horrific tune in my ears. My heart wouldn't stop galloping, the craziness was going around in my head, running amok. That was it, I was about to get doomed. My short-lived life would be over. If only the auctioneer could forget about my number but it would be a miracle. The event was called for my sake, the initiation before I fully turn into a grown woman, or that was how the men in my family see it-- a mere training. But it was all lies to cover up their imprudent imposts."N
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When faced with choices always choose the lesser evil. A minute has passed and the conversation curved into an awkward silence. My voice was caught up somewhere and I was unable to form audible words. The guy not more than thirty with a godlike appearance bought himself a bride and he wasn't being cheap about it. He wasted a big sum of money on purchasing me and my body. The thought would have never crossed my head if not for the fact that I was the one who has been bought. I had no clue of his identity nor anything to do about him. However, he reeked of regal air, something that told me he could get any girl he want
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The danger is almost always invisible to your eyes, like the devil hiding behind the shadows of the apple tree. "What if I don't want to sign?" I asked in a tepid voice. I was growing afraid of the situation in front of me. It was far from what I was expecting and it slowly planted a seed of doubt for the training I had undergone. What if I fail? Though pain and torture were included in my unusual upbringing there was some weird inclining in the pieces of paper in my hands. The words that were
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Reality is your dream, becoming a nightmare. "Don't just suck! Play with the darn thing. Give it some love. Feelings! Emotions! That face, fix it right this moment, show that you're enjoying it! My child, how would you please young master with that kind of stoic face?" Read more
Secrets are the daggers we give to others.Two hours. It had been two grueling hours but I haven't uttered a single word to Yulian. I was still flustered from our previous endeavor if you could call it like that; I wasn't sure what had happened--to me at the very least. It was more of an impulse than anything else. I acted out of instinct that I hadn't thought of the repercussions of my undoing. I was new to all this; was I doing it wrong? I had no idea. It was easy to describe myself as an idiot and shameless. Stupid
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Soon you’ll realize that happenstance is a greater part of destiny. "Wear your mask." Yulian smiled wryly. I bent my head to the side; bewildered by his request. I had no idea what he was talking about. "There," he said pointing to my hand.I opened the clutch bag Venecia had given me before we left Crestwood Manor. Inside was indeed a mask, a beautiful Colombina with black crested jewels matching the color of my dress. "It's stunning," I beamed admiring the piece of ornament that glinted over the moon creating Kaleido shapes."Let me help you," offered Yulian taking the mask from my hand. He went to my back and clasped each elastic cuff between my ears. "Mi Eliza, just stay within my reach."I turned my back facing two stormy eyes, "I will."He nodded, "Good." There were hesitations in his voice, suggesting he didn't want me to be there. That he was forced to do it. "My family is very eccentric; just don't be afraid of them. I will stay with you the whole time. Trust me, it’ll be ove
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You have to remember; you only see what your eyes let you see. And sometimes darkness is your eyes' way of protecting you from all the horrors of the world. It doesn’t take sight alone to see clearly.The tension was lingering in the air and none of us wanted to point it out.It was the blind guiding the blind. Yulian wouldn’t utter a single word and I dropped engaging on my second try. There was this fear in his eyes from the warning he gave me. The kind you see in those who don’t know what was about to happen but expects the worst. He was clearly afraid but as
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Real monsters are not the ugly ones with fangs and claws. Real monsters are ordinary people. And that’s the most frightening thing about them.“Please let me out of here. Please!” I cried desperately, pounding my fists on Yulian’s chest but he wouldn’t let me go. His grip only tightened with every hit I make. “I will do anything just get me out of here, I beg you please,” I pleaded endlessly.How? Of all the places he could have been. Why do we need to cross paths?

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 It wasn’t the memories of the experience that could make or break you, it was the person that makes you remember that experience. And unless you are willing to put matters in your hands, you would never make them go away.“Good morning Miss, how are you feeling today?” Korina beamed smiling sweetly. “Do you still have a temperature? Let me check on you just to be sure.”Read more
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