The Vampire Prince Obsession

The Vampire Prince Obsession

By:  Diana Wolfe  Completed
Language: English
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One day while walking home from her , innocent beauty Rosaliyah Thomas finds a wounded young man bleeding and hiding from his enemy. When Rosa tries to save his life, the handsome pale eyes Adonis with a body to die for bit her neck and fed on her blood. Next thing she knows, Rosa’s been kidnapped from her broken home and is on a private jet with that man heading to the Carpathian Mountain. He introduces himself as Armand Makkari and it turns out that she had save the life of a vampire prince. Not to mention he wants her to become his bride? Warning: Obsessive blood vampire royalty who will do everything and anything to claim his lady love in every sense of the word. Contain strong language and 18 rated scene. Read at your own discretion #Updatestarton03/12/2020

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77 chapters
A/N: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! When you buy the chapters, please just buy chapters with title only. If there's no title, please don't buy, not yet because its only a sneak peek and not complete. Please be patient and I do hope you enjoy this story. I won't drag it too much, no worries about that. PS English is not my first language so I might do grammatical error from time to time so please be patient with me and I'll do my best to fix it asap. Plus, don't forget to check my book The Billionaire Broken Wife ;) Love, Diana ... Carpathian Mountain - Poland A dark figure sat on a throne within a run-down castle. His eyes, pale blue glows in the darkroom with only the light of the moon giving life to the balcony across the throne. It reveals a cracked wall and marbled floors that have not been cleaned and a few cracks robbed the historical drawings of its beauty. The hair of the pale eyes man was short and barely visible in the shadow. Only the end of his hair that was exposed to the
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Chapter 1 : Dream a little dream of me
“Thank you so much Rosa. Get some good night sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”Rosaliyah boss, the owner of Ben’s Grill and Bar waved goodbye at her as he left with his wife to go back home and meet their kids. All that was left was her, Clara and a few cooks in the kitchen while both girls swept and mopped the floor of the dining room.The bar was packed today with people filling the bar to watch the big game through Ben’s projector, projecting towards the blank white wall that was able to entertain 15 tables in the room. Tips was great but not enough to cover the hard work of waiting the customers whom mostly are huge men, bikers sometimes and college boys that stays a few miles away from the bar in their hostel.It is expected that drink and food spills will stain the floor every now and then and mopping it at the end of the day would be a pain in the ass. Thankfully, her uniform was just a simple black jersey with shorts short t
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Chapter 2 : Reality
 “Hello, earth to Rosa?” Rosa blinked and gasped softly when she notice that the floor has already been mopped clean and all the chairs have been flip and rested on the table. She turn her gaze to Clara.“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to leave everything up to you.”Clara chuckled and sat on one chair that hasn’t been arranged. “It’s alright, babe. I notice you were rather distracted. What is on your mind, Rosa? Were you thinking about that dream again?”Rosa sighed as she nodded with a tired smile.“Yeah, the same dream I’ve been having for almost a month. I don’t know what’s going on with me. It’s robbing me of my sleep and making me...”“What? Horny?” Clara grinned and when Rosa looks shock, Clara laughed. “Clara!”“What? I was just kidding but truth to be told, you holding on to your virgin
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Chapter 3 : Flashes
A/N: Edited...After sending both of her twin brothers to kindergarten, Rosa went to town to do some grocery shopping for home. The sun was shining, the air was slightly cool and everyone greeted her and she to them seeing they all knew her family and grew up with her in that small town.Payment came a bit early this month since her mother’s medicine needs to be restocked and her boss was kind enough to provide her with that. It’s hard these days to find a boss that is willing to provide so much to his or her employee and Ben and his wife did just that for Rosa.She enters a grocery store and start picking out fresh ingredients and  few chicken thighs so she would be able to make crispy roasted thigh with beautiful gravy and fresh veggies. It’s not always they would be able to enjoy such hearty meal but seeing she did bring some extra cash with her, she thought that it would be nice for the family to eat good today.Leaving the store, her eyes per
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Chapter 4 : Night Changes
Sitting on the edge of the bed, right next to both of her brother lying sick with fever, Rosa sighed and shook her head. Life never seems to give Rosa a break. There was no Tylenol, nothing that can help both of his brothers and now, at the time where she finally has her off day, both kids have high fever and yellow snot coming from their nose.She has no choice but to go out in the middle of the night and make a quick stop at 7/11. What a pain in the ass her Wednesday night has been.“I told you not to play in the rain, Tony. You’re sensitive to it. Look how worried you make me and mama. You too, Joey. Following your brother like that. You guys are driving me crazy.” Rosa says angrily while clutching either curve of her waist. She resembles more of their mother than their sister with the lack of presence their mother has  been. Not that it was her fault.“We’re sorry, Rosa. We didn’t mean to make you worried. We promised we won’t do it again.” Antonio says to
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Chapter 5 : Exposed
A/N:Edited...“I’m sorry about my house. It’s really small but pretty comfortable.” Rosa was panting as she helps the man to walk to her house. She was so busy bringing him in she didn’t notice him staring at her. His eyes was like daggers, looking deep into her and taking in every details of her face. Deep inside, he knew who she was. Tis' was the reason why he came to Vacherie in the first place. He had bitten her, given her the Sacred Kiss and now, he can’t let her go...Her house was indeed small and there’s barely any space for the two of them to walk together. He notice her struggle in trying to bring him and truth to be told, he was already a tad strong after drinking her blood. Not just any blood, the blood of the woman who was destined to be his. The Sacred kiss was unintentional.His vision was blurry and his thoughts was messed up from the pain of the poison secretly laced in his drinks. It wasn’t the pain that got to him, the fact tha
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Chapter 6 : Nice to meet you
A/N: Please take your time to like (depends if you like the story only) and comment. I reallllly need to know the directions of this book so far. Is it good? Is it bad? Jesus, I'm scared😂🤦🏻‍♀️😭 Your comments is very much appreciated. Thank you 😘Love, Diana...Rosa sat in her room and contemplated on preparing the big guy a meal but back to his earlier choices of food, she decides to just make a hot chicken soup with scallion, pinch of white pepper and fried onion as garnish. It’s an amazing soup which her co-worker in Ben’s, Mr. Kim aka the sous chef in the restaurant had taught her. It’s a warm treat for her mother to indulge throughout the cold night. She puts the bowl on her study table which she hasn’t use for a long time but thank God she has always keep her table neat and tidy. She even prepare the bed and smoothen the blanket and pillows for him. He had just finish taken his shower
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Chapter 7 : Taken
Her alarm will be going out the window. Soon, she tells herself. It’s a constant reminder that she barely have enough time for herself and it’s all about taking care of her family and work at Bens and probably will be doing it until the end of time.She has no complaints about helping her family, she loves them very much but there's a part of Rosa that yearns to leave town. At least for a little while just to experience the world outside and taking in those breath of fresh air.She sit up on her bed and yawn . It was the best sleep she has ever had. She barely remembers what happened the day before but when she sees a torn cloth with blood lying near her study table, she finally remembers what had happened to her.She quickly stands up and ran to her bathroom and went to other rooms as well in order to search for Armand, the man who she had saved last night and seeing her family was still asleep and not a sound can be heard in their room, she figures
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Chapter 8 : Claimed
Her head was pounding, her hand was aching and only then Rosa realize that both of her wrist was tied to something long and hard. She slowly opens her eyes and cry out in fear seeing she was on a king size bed with tons of animal head splatter on the wooden wall. Guns on the wall across of her and right on the top of the wall escalate her fears even further.Deer antlers, bears head, even bear rugs on the wooden floor and every part of the room screams high level of testosterone and her small itsy-bitsy body couldn't handle any of that. It looks like a room where Gaston would sleep in. Not the right time to bring out her Disney reference but the place itself screams like a scene from Beauty and the Beast.The window outside shows that it was already night time. It was already dark and no doubt her family must be very worried about her.Rosa tries hard to pull the cloth tying her hand to the bed post but the strength that was put to tie the damn fabric was too mu
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Chapter 9 : Home
The shine from the sunlight through her window pane was enough to make anyone blind. Her face was all scrunched up as she slowly sits up from her comfy bed. Nevertheless,  her sleep was so good that this sleep was the best she has ever had. Too bad all that comfort has to be put on hold seeing she has to come to work early that morning. She stretch her body, yawn with  a wide smile but a breeze of cool air hitting her skin made her shivered. Quickly, she pulls her comforter over her small body and moan at the warmth of the thick blanket. Her exposed shoulders, neck and knee down felt good.Wait...what?Comforter? Comfy bed? Her bed practically has springs coming out of it and only her trusty cello tape could help her tame the curly metal and shove it back into the mattress her parents once shared. Again, how does her room become air-conditioned? Not to mention the unusual vibration and having the small meals in her tummy going up and down every t
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