Coastal Love

Coastal Love

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't make me spread your legs roughly little one. Keep them open for me, you want this right? Tell me if you want to stop okay?" He asked with his sexy voice, I was nodding my reply. ****** Marissa was a true Cinderella story, where her mother died and her father remarried and she had two annoying ugly hearted sisters. Her father was lost in his work. Never care for her, she was no longer daddy's little girl. She finally moved out of the house, out of the toxic environment. And leave her dearest dad behind. She had given up on him, as she was no longer someone he holds dear. She found herself living in a small seaside town to find peace and love and her happy ever after. She was a hopeless romantic, who reads to many romance novels. ****** Nate was mending his broken heart at his brother's beach house. He always loves the little sleepy coastal town. All until one day he met a suicidal young woman. She constantly bothered his mind, with her sexy images over and over again. She was too young for him, she was just barely legal. And she turned out to be a hopeless romantic. He needed to stay away from her. But obviously couldn't, as they constantly wanting each other's company.

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37 Chapters
1. Leaving Dad
"Dad! Please you have to believe me! It wasn't me. I didn't do it!" I cried to my dad. He wouldn't even believe me now."I expect better from you, they're your stepsisters, they're younger than you. Do you actually think that they would be capable of doing this? That's it you're grounded. I'm going to work."
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2. A New Beginning
I met Mr. Barnaby right away when I decided to call him after my meeting with Archie. Turned out Archie had already called him first. I was starting to fall for this laid-back coastal living now."Ms. Henderson." He greeted me as we met on the front porch of the cottage."Please, call me Marissa
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3. The Unwanted Savior
"Shit! Miss, what the fuck are you doing? This is freaking cold water. You could get hypothermia." I could hear a man calling out for me.But I was feeling so at peace as I let myself go, and walked further deeper sinking myself into the ocean. I started gulping on the water. I couldn't care less. My ears were ringing as I got deeper into the water, I opened my eyes only see the darkness. I was smiling into the deep dark seawater, then I could feel my chest burning as I couldn't take a breath. I was relaxing my self and taking
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4. Sightseeing with A Stranger
"Nathaniel...""Nate, just call me Nate. So let's order first okay. We can talk while we eat." He interrupted my opening conversation.We sat on the window booth with the beautiful sea view in front of us. "So, you don't talk and look like the locals. You're here on vacation?" I decided to open
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5. My First Kiss
We finally arrived at my place. I was not ready to let him go just yet.Wait what?We reached my door and I decided to invite h
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6. His Story
Nate's POV.Today was a very weird and surprisingly pleasant one. I definitely didn't expect to save a suicidal teenager on my usual morning run. I had been staying at my brother's beach house for a couple of days now.
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7. The Next Morning
I woke up feeling so happy. I was never this happy in my eighteen years of existence in this world. Nate kissed me last night, I had my first kiss last night. It was just like in my books. The way he touched my lips with his, the way that his hands hold me close to him. I was smiling wide, I was so giddy inside ready to start the day.Last night I couldn't sleep and I ended up reading my romance stories. Which then makes me more aroused. It was like he had awakened my other senses. I usually wonder how it would feel, but last
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8. The Proper Date
I finally got off the chair and locked my door. I was smiling so wide, I was wet and sticky and was so fucking happy.The day went by so easily. I reached the bookstore half an hour before the store was open. Archie greeted me with his smile, he was giving me instruction for my work. It was easy, and quite simple making me sighed in relief.
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9. Sexy Coffee Invite
I was like a deer, waiting to be pounced by its predator. He was looking at me full of lust. I was so nervous, I didn't want to disappoint him. I have never done this before."Come here baby, I've been wanting to kiss you properly all night." He grabbed my waist and pulled my body flat to his. I whimpered in his arms, he was looking at me as he cupped my cheek and crush his mouth to mine.
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10. Morning Sunshine
I was hot, it felt like I was sleeping next to an oven. Then I felt the oven moved.Wait what?"Morning sunshine." I could feel
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