Second Chance

Second Chance

By:  Chidot  Completed
Language: English
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Elena the only daughter of a business tycoon meets and falls in love with the son of a carpenter. Her mother was a socialite that wouldn't settle for less including a poor son-in-law. Elena falls pregnant and she has to make a choice between her husband and twins or lose all Anthony gets tired of Elena's inability to take a stand for their marriage, which her mother was hell-bent on destroying. He makes a decision that separates a mother from her child, a wife from her husband. Innocent lives must suffer the consequences of their action

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32 chapters
Meeting him
Meeting himElena's pov**************Finally, my days as a student of St. Xavier University was over. I graduated with third-class honors which was not too bad considering that I was not too keen on getting a degree, all I had wanted was to design and make clothes. However, my father Mr. Desmond Badmus would not hear of it. "My only child and daughter would earn her degree first." He had insisted. "I want you to be a lawyer just like me, you can pursue your passion in fashion as a hobby." Father continued as he persuaded me to do as he wanted. I agreed to fathers demand, you see, I didn't have the will power to stand my ground. My parents knew my weakness and it was easy for them to get me to do as they pleased, especially my mother who ran my life as if it was hers to live.Meanwhile, in school, I had waited patiently for the chaos that came with students leaving the hoste
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Meeting her
Meeting herAnthony's pov****************Becoming the best graduating student at St. Xavier University was a dream come through for me. It had not been easy from the start as I had to work harder than most students, coming from a poor family with limited resources made things more difficult for me."I can't afford to send you to the university." My father had said to me the day my West African Examination Council (WAEC) result came in and I made a distinction in all the subjects. I watched his face contour in pain and frustration as he spoke those words to me.I had been heartbroken but not surprised because I knew he was barely making enough to feed us as a roadside carpenter and my mother's work as a janitor in a private secondary school at Ajegunle was even more minimal than what my father earned.After I graduated from secondary school I spent the next two years working
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Ask me out
Narrators pov****************Elena felt disappointed, she had hoped that he would ask her out to a date or at least make an advance towards her. But he had seemed aloof throughout the journey to his home, he didn't seem a bit interested in her and this was the first time she had experienced such an attitude towards her. Men usually fell on their feet and confessed their undying love for her from the first time they met her. She knew she was very beautiful at almost 5feet 11inches tall, with an oval face and smooth dark brown skin. She always wore her hair in curls which added an irresistible charm to her looks.When he said his goodbye and alighted her car, she squeezed her eyes shut and lay back on her car seat, willing herself to gain composure. It baffled her to think that she just met him and he already ruffled her without even trying. She was surprised when he came back into the car, the way he called
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At home
At Home**************Elena's pov**************It felt surreal that I had a date with Anthony the next day. As I drove home I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear, it would be my first after almost two years. The last date with Mike, the son of my father's childhood friend, left a sour taste in my mouth. He reeked of arrogance and wouldn't stop paying me compliments for my looks, though I didn't mind the compliment I was baffled at how he smiled and flirted with females we came in contact with."I'm just trying to be nice." He said over and over again. Trying to make light of his behavior, I endured the night for the sake of my father and to avoid my mother's nagging.Though father understood why I wouldn't date Mike when I told him, mother threw tantrums. She pleaded and tried to make excuses for Mike but I knew she didn't choose him because he was going to be a good husband to me
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First Date
First Date***************Narrators pov***************He stood at the cafe door patiently waiting for her, she was already 10 minutes late.Anthony made up his mind that even if she doesn't come, he would understand. Their meeting each other had been a coincidence and whatever spark he felt they both had must have diminished for her. However, he waited and hoped it wasn't the case. He wanted to know her better, she had been on his mind all day long. Though he didn't have much money to offer, he knew he had the emotional support and care to give, and someday he would have the money too. He hoped to get a good job soon.Anthony glanced at his watch again, he had been standing here close to 30minutes now and people were beginning to stare and this made him uncomfortable. He began to give up, "she probably wouldn't come, what was I thinking" he admonished himself.Read more
Is this love
Is this love****************Anthony's pov*****************I felt dejected and unworthy when Elena didn't show up on time. I wondered if I had been over my head thinking she would love me or even have an interest in me. She was beautiful, rich, and probably had everything she wanted, even male admirers. I felt like kicking myself in the guts, how could I be so foolish, a girl like her could not be single, or could she. I paced the lawn of the restaurant, as different thoughts came to my mind. I wanted to call her number but stopped midway, for the first time in my life I didn't know what I would say to her. So I decided to wait for her and when I lost all hope of Elena coming I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and there she was standing before me looking elegant and graceful. I forgot my worries and apprehension, I wanted nothing more than to be with
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His home
His home*************Elena's pov*************The day went fast. After breakfast, I went up to my room to start preparing for my visit to Anthony's home. He had wanted us to meet again after our date and I couldn't have asked for anything else. All I wanted was to be close to him always.I quickly showered, moisturized, and applied my makeup. I took my time to ensure that I did a good job on my face and what I saw in the mirror pleased me.My blue jumpsuit was carefully laid on the bed and at the foot of my bed was my high-heeled white shoes. It pleased me a lot that Anthony was tall and I could wear my heels without making him look smaller than me."Are you going somewhere?" My mother asked as she walked into my room. I wasn't expecting her and also I did not want her to know where I was going. Intruding on my privacy never bothered her, she walked in and out of my room wheneve
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I want you
I want you******************Anthony's pov******************When I saw Elena standing close to her car, clutching her bag in one hand and trying to put a call through her phone in the other hand, while a young boy stood facing her, I felt my heart skip a bit. My immediate thought was that she was in danger and being harassed by the young man.However, when I got closer to where she was standing, I noticed it was Haruna standing close to her looking smitten by her. I didn't blame him though, I was also smitten and mesmerized by her. "Hello beautiful," I said tapping her on the shoulder as I came close to where they were standing."Anthony." She replied and turned to face me, I could see the relief wash through her, and the way she called out my name seductively as if caressing the words made my body react with want."Is Haruna bothering you," I said to
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Anxious***************Narrators pov****************"Who is she?" Josh asked as he walked around the pool table. He needed to pot the last ball to win the game."Who?" Anthony understood what he meant by the question but ignored his friend. He didn't want to talk about his relationship with Elena especially since he wasn't sure about his stand with her. They had been inseparable this past month, they went for quick strolls, dates and made passionate love but he still didn't know where she lived. He had asked her to introduce him to her parents but she gav
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Positive*************Elena's pov*************I woke up feeling worse for wear, my head pinned and my stomach felt bloated. My first thought was that I might be coming up with the flu but when nausea hit me hard and I threw up, I immediately changed my mind. I surely had malaria and not the flu, or so I thought.I managed to have a bath before going down for breakfast, mother had asked the servant to get me otherwise I would have preferred to stay in bed.
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