By:  Suzy Kim  Ongoing
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~All I want is Her~ His Name is Nathaniel, A business tycoon. He's freaking Rich and handsome, he looks just like a Greek God. He gets whatever he wants, he has the right to anything he chose but to her, it's a crappy idea to think you own everything. A Second class ballerina, she's beautiful, bold and, crazy. She's called Sharon, the real definition of crazy, her craziness has no limits. She thinks it's all about her beauty, she thinks he wants her because of her beauty unknown to her that she's a property he invested in. The very first time they met, he said to her; "I want you" "Lol, you gotta be kidding me right? Do I look like an item on sale?" "To me you're an item and I meant it when I said I want you" "Look around us, you could buy anyone one want but not me" "I'm not buying you, I own you and there's nothing you can do about it" "Are you..." "Take her into the car, handle her gently cos she's mine"

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    ~1~Getting to know Sharon~
    Sharon I was sitting on the long bench in the practice room, whilst peering blankly at the sky before getting interrupted by the creaking sound from the door."The director is here and you're still sitting down" Min Ju, the idiot girl from Korea howled at me, I flashed at her and she stares away immediately."You're all dismissed" The lady wearing a flayed trouser and a white shirt declared openly leaving everyone to wonder."For what?""I thought we came here for practice""I came here leaving behind important things to do"Grumbles and muttering crammed the whole practice room and I just clasp my hands over my tummy waiting for the right moment to meddle."If you don't want to get dismissed, you might as well stay here forever" she sizzled and walked out, I winced when she slammed the door so hard."Eyy, are you o
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    ~2~Caught unexpectedly~
    SharonI was stupefied and gaped at him whilst gulping nervously with my fingers fiddling with each other. I don't even know what to say."I'm short, I wear a frowning face and I have a bad character" he claps his hands and crack into laughter."I didn't say you have a bad character" I disputed, unfit to look into his eyes"Oh really, guess I have bad hearing too" he snickered."I said you don't have any good character" I retorted bluntly."You""I'm sorry sir, she's just too silly and it's also not good for you to waste your energy on her. She's clueless and doesn't know how life works, forgive her please" Daniella interrupted, begging with him with a different cajoling strategy.But wait, would he have slapped me if she didn't stop him? Oh shoot! Daniella should have just permitted him to try his worst and he'll have seen a different Sh
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    ~3~Don't be a third wheel Sharon!~
    SharonI spin to the other side trying to pretend not to know him as I put back the kitty head."Buttercup?" He calls out, strutting in front of me."How may I help you, sir?" I croak my voice so he wouldn't discover it's me."You can't help me in any way Sharon,  stop hiding I know it's you" he snickered softly and strode closer to me."Gosh, how did you find out it was me?" I pout my lips annoyingly."Your phone was the first thing I saw, what are you doing here?" He eventually asks what I hoped he doesn't ask."Can you come again?" I needed time to think about what to say."What are you doing in front of Camilla's company?" He asks, yelling into my ears."Camilla? Which of the Camilla?" I queried, twinkling my eyes."Baby" my system stopped working when I heard her voice."Butterc
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    ~4~Time to get a new fiancee~
    MarianneI was about to wear my bra when the door sprawled open with my fiancee standing in between the doors.My whole system stopped working as I set my eyes on him, he was holding a bouquet and a cake in his hands.The cake dropped making a loud banging on the floor, I winked at my secretary to get out and I rushed into my closet to change into something.He wasn't there when I came outside as I run after him. "Baby" I called out in the most pathetic tone."You must be insane for calling me baby, just look at yourself!" he yelled, his whole face turning red."You don't have any right to insult me, it was a mistake and you won't even give me a chance to ask for forgiveness" I groan, crossing my arms over my chest and leaned on the wall."I disagree to believe that you're Marianne, I caught you naked with your secretary and you still have the guts to talk back"
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    ~5~She passed out~
    Nathaniel"A beautiful night, Hi Nathaniel" for seriousness sake, seeing me for the first time and calling me by my name?How absurd?"Hi" I replied coldly, wearing an emotionless face."Why are you acting so cold? I'm Marianne Maureen" she smile flirtingly, stretching her hand for a handshake."We could do that later" I shunned."Are you sure you came here for business?" I questioned, gazing at her body."Yea, yes sure I came to talk about business" she stutter, feeling uncomfortable."Okay, I've heard a lot about your company and the only reason I agreed to meet you was because of your company animating skills" I wouldn't call this a compliment."Wow, I'm glad to hear that as the company's chairwoman" she giggled excitedly, winking along."Oh you're the Chairwoman?" I knew but pretended not to know."So, here's wha
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    ~6~My brothers WiFi~
    Ethan"Let's take her to the hospital" I requested, running out of the restaurant and she followed behind.I drove as fast as I could but to my surprise, there were no hospitals around."Turn to the right corner, there's a hospital at the end road" her voice was frail and she was panicking.I pull over in front of the big hospital and carried her in with the help of the nurses.**"Calm down mom, she'll be fine" I found the perfect word to console her as she wouldn't stop pacing around to and fro."I know, but she was okay a while ago" she sniffled, holding her waist.A few minutes later, the doctor walked towards us and we both meet her halfway."What's wrong with my daughter?" Her tone was loud and it was disturbing the others, I held her hand and turned to the doctor."The lady you brought in is fine, she's okay except for the fact that she doesn't rest. She hurt her head bu
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    Sharon"Well done Sharon" he swatted his hands and I fixed my gaze on the walls, unable to face him."I didn't hear anything, anything at all" I tried to lie but he knew all along that I was strutting."Just don't worry, did you need anything?" He asks, glancing at me as he rolls on the bed."No, I d.." " You need something" my subconscious chastised and I clenched the hem of my bathrobe."Your WiFi isn't connected and I need it to…"To surf the internet till 6:00 am? You made a mistake tonight dear sis, go get me your phone and laptop" he requested but I stood stupefied, unable to comprehend what he just said."It's not a must you turn on your WiFi, I don't need it anymore" I hum, swiveling my eyes."The doctor said you don't rest and we used
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    ~8~Karma doesn't takes long anymore~
    SharonI was confused and tired, feeling slight pain from my head. With this, I don't think I can go anywhere.After a while, I was done eating my breakfast and was too lazy to take the dishes to the kitchen as I fall on the bed tiredly.IrisI paced around the restricted room to and fro and my friend's stared at me awkwardly."When will she be here?" Betty broke the silence and It was hard for me to reply."Iris, why you go dey act like say you be the Miss perfect? (why would you be acting like you're Miss perfect)" I turned to Chioma, who spoke In a language I barely understand."You should know your place Chioma or whatever your name is? You were all here when I called her, let's wait for her" I half yelled, crossing my hands."Miss perfect" she mumbled again but I decided to ignore her.An hour later"Listen up guys" I called everyone together."Let's wear our mask, the CCTV won't be able to discover us that w
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    ~9~Ladies don't touch him~
    Sharon"I knew I'll be happy once I come here" Daniella mumbled and chuckled loudly."You're here too?" I raised my brows at Jason."Yeah, I met her on the way and she was kinda down about something" he tweaked the edge of his nose shyly."Oh, you both came here for a purpose" I pout my lips whilst shaking my head."What to do? I'm grounded and I can't go anywhere" I sat on the doorsteps, panting slowly."What happened?" Daniella asked, referring to my head."This? I don't know, I passed out yesterday night and ended up getting hurt" I replied perfunctorily."We would sort ourselves out, take care babe" Daniella waved and they both smile whilst trying to leave."Wait" I shouted at them."I'm coming" I raised my hand in the air and rushed inside.I trace my eyes around my wardrobe to find something casu
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    ~10~ The time is near~
    AvaI thought the door sounded because of the wind, my phone slipped down from my hand as I set my eyes on Nathaniel.My goodness!He was standing in between the doors with his eyes looking like it was about to pop out and I could feel anger in his face.What to do? I stood lifelessly whilst clutching my hands in between my thighs and I stared downwards.He should at least say something, he's just standing there like a statue."Get out" my heart beats as if it was going to burst anytime from now and his voice felt like it pierced through my skin.I tottered outside and before I could take more steps away, the door behind me was slammed so hard and I regretted going in there at all.Elina (Sharon's adoptive mom)"Be careful ma'am" it was too late and the glass cup slipped from my hand.Goodness, I don't feel comfortable
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