Wings, Beasts and Claws

Wings, Beasts and Claws

By:  Iris Willow  Ongoing
Language: English
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After ten years of pain, abuse and humiliation, Amara has finally left the Du Pleasant family estate with her twin brother. The only problem is that she is stuck competing for the attention of the Crown Prince of the Fafner Kingdom. Living within the highly guarded Royal Palace among other Noble Ladies that wish to become Queen, Amara does the bare minimum and bids her time until she is eliminated as a candidate. Sadly, everything she's not doing is the correct answer to each and every test that all Queeness' need to pass and remain in the competition. What will Amara do when she starts to feel the things for the Crown Prince after swearing off all forms of love? How can she make His Majesty lose interest in her when they keep crossing paths? And who is behind all of the sudden poisonings of the other candidates and their maids and guards?

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50 chapters
Ch. 1 : The Queeness Competition
I sat in my room feeling bored as I re-read some of my old books, deciding whether it would be tossed aside for donation or kept for later enjoyment. I was nearly done taking down most of all my books from my bookshelf, placing the ones for donation in a wooden crate while my more treasured tomes were being gently tucked away in a small luggage case. I paused when an old dark blue leather book caught my attention.Read more
Ch. 2 : United At Last
The next few days flew by and I was soon waiting for the carriages that would take my sister and I to the Fafner Royal Palace. Our luggage was piled up and separated near the front door with a maid standing watch against both walls. I was still waiting in my room while my sister very loudly talked and passed out in the hallway. She finally stopped when the family butler came to get her, telling her that both carriages were here as well as her handpicked Knight.Read more
Ch. 3 : I Am A Delphia
When we finally arrived at the Palace we were quickly escorted to the Queeness Palace, a Palace maid guiding us to our private rooms on different wings. Rosanna was verbally grateful to be living away from me as she followed her Maid to the north wing. While I smiled and silently followed my guide into the south wing. Ivy and Arden walked with me, wanting to see where my rooms were before settling into their own. Gratefully, my rooms were the last ones at the very end of the south wing, with large wooden doors that were adorned with intricate designs.

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Ch. 4 : Meeting the King and Queen
The silence that followed only lasted a short while before a maid found us, bowing to the Prince before urging us to join the others in the ballroom. She noticed the blood streaks on my arm and helped clean them up, offering a few tissues to Rosanna to help her still look presentable. Once we rejoined the rest of the Queeness’, His Majesty disappeared down a smaller pathway and through a side door followed closely by his Knights.Read more
Ch. 5 : Broken Sword
After me meeting with the King and Queen I was sulking in my room, feeling so utterly pathetic for letting myself get sucked into my memories in front of others. Especially His and Her Majesty. Ivy wouldn’t stop bringing it, saying how she was so moved with my tales of my mother and how happy my childhood had been. My brother on the other hand was drowning in his own embarrassment, trying to shift all the cringey feelings onto me by teasing me.Read more
Ch. 6 : Dance of Honor and Pride
I don’t know how long I spent outside crying my eyes out like a lunatic. But when I was finally calm enough, I got up from the ground and gathered my dirty shawl, tossing the wooden sword aside as I made my way back into the Palace. As I snuck back inside I wrapped my bleeding hand with my shawl, fighting back a yawn as I made my way down the hallway. But as I neared my door I froze, feeling the presence of someone nearby.Read more
Ch. 7 : Festival Day One
The morning of the first festival day brought on a surge of chaotic excitement that affected everyone. And soon the news of who was going to open and close the first day of the festival spread across the Palace. Those Noble Ladies spent the entire morning shouting commands at their Handmaid’s as well as the Palace maids. They were urging them to get things for them, changing their minds about their performance outfit and crying a river when the tiniest things were out of place. Ivy, Arden and I just enjoyed the free show, quietly laughing at the manic range of emotions that was running through the two dancers of the day.When the sun was high in the sky, we were all escorted to the large open plain on the farthest edge of the Palace grounds, on the other side of the Central Palace. Banners, flowers and ribbons of all colors were blowing in the summer breeze from the posts of every shop and game stand. There were hundreds of Shifters walking around too, all full of smile
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Ch. 8 : Chance Encounter
Of all the people to run into... I thought to myself, standing there stunned as Calix clung to the Crown Princes’ neck. Wait… did Calix say Uncle?“Where have you been Calix?” The Prince asked him, looking down at him with a warm smile. “Your mother told you to stay near the library.”I couldn’t focus on Calix’s answer as I stood there, suddenly distracted by the Prince.He’s very handsome… How come I’m just now noticing this? My mind wondered, recalling the past few moments in which I was near the Prince.He was tall, with broad shoulders and well defined muscles that could be seen beneath his clothes. There were solid black markings on his arms, spaced out and scattered around him. This made him seem mysterious in a way. He also had an air of authority to him that mixed with wisdom and something else that I couldn’t place. The way he was s
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Ch. 9 : A Dance of Flames
The next few days of the festival passed by in a near blur, with Ivy and Arden enjoying the daily changing booths and activities. We tried many different treats and poked fun at each other while we played different games. Ivy burst into tears on the third day when I had shown her the new and simple outing dresses I had bought her. And my brother managed to sell a few more trinkets that I had snuck away from the Du Pleasant estate, adding more to our travelers fund. Little Calix even joined us a few times, introducing us to his mother who was the Crown Princes’ adopted cousin.She was a beautiful woman named Lanalee with straight coffee brown hair that she kept in a neat shoulder length cut. She had the same amber eyes as her son, but her facial features were a lot more delicate and curved than his, making me wonder what his father looked like. She was also very kind and open to us, telling us stories about herself and her son when they traveled around. She had let slip
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Ch. 10 : Attack of the Knight
The last day of the festival was opened by Rosanna, and she, like nearly every other Queeness, dressed in the Royal Fafner family colors of red, gold and grey. Her dress was of smooth glittering red silk that was adorned with gold. And a pale grey scattering of jewelry glinted off her body as she danced. Thankfully she didn’t embarrass herself like some of the other Queeness’ and actually stuck to her family’s Pride Dance. But the dress itself was enough to wonder what was going on in that head of hers.It was far too tight in some places and showed quite a bit of skin too, not leaving much to the imagination. Of course this made it so the men in the audience cheered and whistled loudly for her, no doubt garnering some amount of points for this challenge.After Ivy, Arden and I made it out of the arena we met up with Lana and Calix by a drink booth. We then followed the ever energetic eight year old throughout the festival, watching different side sho
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